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Alexander Kuprijanow
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Hello there,

I recently managed to get a huge, cheap lot of Doomtrooper cards on eBay, keen on playing it with my gaming group. The only difficulty I discovered is that after learning the rules (which really are easy to get into) you have to take a lot of time for studying all the cards and the different effects they have on the game and on each other. Of course, the info I found on the net was quite helpful, but it did not change the fact that one would have to design decks in order to be play the game. Yes, it is the basic premise of a CCG but I felt it could be altered a little bit.

I think that even after all these years, Doomtrooper is a great game, just like most of the card games of the 90s-CCG-Era like Netrunner, On the Edge, Wyvern, Battletech, etc. It deserves better than being stored in folders or being used as bookmarks. Maybe one could create some kind of a "House Rule Variant" which would allow to make the game more accessible and enjoyable even for those people who aren't into deckbuilding or collectable card games at all. After all, most people I know do enjoy a good boarding game here and then, be it something with fantasy, science-fiction or a military conflict.They just don't wanna fiddle around with the interdependence of the cards in their to-be-buit-decks instead of actually playing the game.

My question now: is there a possibility for the Doomtrooper CCG to be played as a ~boardgame version in which all the players learn the rules, then start by playing draw their cards from a shared deck(or several shared decks). My knowledge of the Doomtrooper gameplay is still somewhat limited, for I have read only the basic rules and some deckbuilding suggestions from the internet. However, I know that there are several variants for older CCGs which use the mechanic of drawing cards from a shared deck/several decks instead of building decks. For example there is the great ARDA variant for the Middle-Earth CCG. I also have found some rule variant for the Star Trek:The Original Series CCG (Fleer) here on BoardGameGeek in which all players use a huge pile of cards, separated into 4 decks to draw cards from, preferrably using all the cards that were made for the game.

My basic notion is that every card type
(Equipment, Warrior, Special, Arts, Missions, Ki-Powers, Warzones, Dark Symmetry, Fortifications, etc.)
gets its own draw pile or something like that.When I draw up to seven cards I simply draw any combination of cards from all these draw piles out there.

Maybe one could combine Ki-Powers + Arts; Equipment + Beasts + Fortifications; Warzone + Missions + Alliances into three different draw piles.

Concerning Warriors, each player could get their own deck of any one faction (Mishima, Capitol, Cybertronic, Bauhaus, Brotherhood, etc.)
There also could be a Dark Legion draw pile and an Neutral Warriors draw pile for everybody to draw from.

Example: player A would play Imperial, player B would play Brotherhood and player C would play Cybertronic. Each of these players would get their "own faction deck". They all would draw cards from shared decks of Specials, Weapons, Arts and Dark Legion. Specific cards would be included in their specific faction deck (Imperial or Mishima only).

This modification even allows more than one player to play Warriors from a single factions simply by sharing the deck. If more than one player desires to play from the same faction, let them - the two Imperial players simply sit down next to each other and draw cards from the same shared faction deck.

Players would take turns to draw cards, play their actions, and then pass on to the next player sitting left to him.This could go up to 6-7 players. Since the game is designed to avoid timing problems, there would be none, with each player given the possibility to react to card played by another player (combat modifiers, etc.).

Inactive players could also trade cards with each other in exchange for other cards of the same category (Neutral, Arts, Special).

We would just need some rough guidelines what to put into which draw deck and how much cards there should be in such a draw pile.

Does anyone have an idea for such a variant ?
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