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Subject: Earth 00000394 Game 7 summary (Spoilers) rss

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Ness Lionheart
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Hello folks just thought I should put up my first game summary because I think it's awesome that every board is numbered and it's cool that we can share our stories about each Earth. First off I would like to mention that it seems that the way my group of friends has played is somewhat differently than other groups out there. We started out the game with 5 people me, my two brothers, and two of our friends. But considering that our friends aren't really the sit down once a week and play a game type, we decided to let other friends play but continue to use one of the original names. For example, let's say one of the original names is "Matthew" but "Matthew" is not available but "Vince" is, we let "Vince" play as "Matthew". We got to do it this way because the only people that are available to play always is me and my two brothers. Now before of you guys comment and saying that we play wrong, It hasn't seemed to bother our game at all and the game is still amazing.

Now Game 7. We have unlocked the "First time a player is eliminated",
"A player signs the board for a second time", "The 9th minor city is placed" and "Three missiles used in a single combat roll" packets. We had 5 players for this round Me, my brother Gil, my brother Serge, our friend Peter and friend Bobby. This was our first 5 man game since game 2 because as I said before not everyone is available but we have been getting by on 4 man games. We all roll a die and my brother Serge gets first picks followed by Peter, Bobby, Gil and of course dead last pick Me. Serge picks Die Mechaniker faction because of my win using them in game 6 because they are such an awesome defense faction. Peter picks Enclave of the Bear Faction, Peter is also one of the original players so it was cool he was in to play this round. Bobby who is kinda new to Risk but quick to get a handle on things picks The Mutants faction. Gil who has yet to win a game picks The Saharan Republic which is tricky because they are the Bringer of Nuclear Fire faction. Now I was left a choice with Imperial Balkania or Khan Industries. I went with Khan because it still only has one starting power on it. I figured if I earn a star I'll get a missile power or even if I lose which is very likely because of my brothers game styles who like to double team the last game winner, Ill get a knock out power to continue the power of the Khan. Because this was a 5 man group I was not able to distribute the last 4 scar cards I have left which is 3 Bio-hazard Scars and 1 Bunker Scar.

This was also the first game we had with Draft Powers. I explained the rules which is fairly simple but somehow Serge didn't get the concept and made a crucial mistake with his first pick, he drafted first turn. Peter went and drafted first Placement which screwed Serge because Serge and Peter have a feud over Australia and this left Peter placing his Base on his major city in Australia and making Serge place his base in Central Africa because 2 bases cannot start in adjacent spaces. Figuring that all I was going for in this game was a red star or a lost I place my Base in Greenland. Bobby playing as Jesus places his base on Argentina. Finally Gil places his base on Scandinavia which was tricky because on our Earth Russia is the fallout territory and Gil was not the Mutants.

Serge expands and conquers Africa. I expand into Iceland because there is a Mercenary Scar on it. Gil expands and conquers Iceland. Thus what I predicted I would be the first to be attacked. Bobby expands to Conquer South Africa. Peter Expands to Conquer Australia. Serge expands to get Middle East which has a Bunker scar on it and fortifies Africa. My second turn I attack Iceland again and lose 2, This served to be my theme for the game rolling low. Gil does not attack my weak base and just fortifies his positions. Bobby continues to Expand north taking Central America and fortifying Brazil. Peter expands into lower east Asia. Serge attacks and conquers Gil at Western Europe for what he says was just for a card and fortifies Middle East. Now I was left with a option either attack Gil while he was weak or fortify I figured since one of my original options was just to lose the game so I can get a knock out power, I went on the offensive and went 1 for 1 twice for Iceland still unable to conquer it. Gil fortifies and realizes has not enough power to attack Serge and decides to fortify his positions. Bobby Keeps expanding north and gets more North America and fortifies Brazil. Peter fortifies and get some minor cities in Asia.

Serge with his first major attack of the game attacks Peter and conquers him all the way to his base in Western Australia. I keep going on the offense and attack Iceland but again lose 2 I realize I'm screwed which was not such a big deal. Gil fortifies and gets back Western Europe. Bobby goes in for his first attack and takes me out completely out of North America including my base, resulting on my first knock out (wont be my last). Peter forced to use his 2 bonus coin cards attacks Serge but is only able to get to Indonesia. Serge a little weaken by Peter's attack comes back and conquers Australia and Fortifies Indonesia. I JOIN THE WAR! and place my troops at Western United States and decide to forget about my base and let Gil and Bobby fight for it, I attack South and get as far as Peru. Gil fortifies Iceland and his parts of Europe not able to expand to Russia yet. Bobby places all his troops and comes back to attack me again but leaves me with only one territory so I cant Join the war Again. Peter retaliates against Serge and conquers half of Australia.

Serge forgets about Australia and focuses on the amount of troops that Bobby has on Brazil he fortifies West Africa and conquers minor cities in Asia. At this point of the game I realize that no Event cards has been played yet so I go strictly for cards not a bad strategy in retrospect. Gil still unable to really do anything goes ahead and uses all his men to conquer Russia finally conquering Europe. Bobby realizing that he needed to take me out of North America for his bonus knocks me out for the second time. Peter fortifies his positions but is unable to get back his base which wasn't all bad because he owned New Guinea which has a fortification on it he puts all his troops on New Guinea.

Serge once again goes for Australia and fails. I JOIN THE WAR! in Kamchatka and attack for a Card. Gil fortifies and attacks Green land and loses 4 he leaves himself weak. Bobby fully Conquers North America Peter attacks Australia and conquers it he wont lose it again. Serge attacks a Weak Gil for a card and fortifies Middle East. I keep attacking and conquering west for cards but I'm also forced to use them because I'm so weak in troops. Gil tries to take back Europe but fails and ends up losing Russia due to radiation. Bobby turns in 4 cards for a star Bobby Attacks Iceland and conquers it and goes for Scandinavia which holds Gil's Base. Realizing he is going to win Serge, Peter and Me use our missiles to prevent the game ending blow. Bobby is left weak and loses Iceland as a result of him being a mutant and Mercenary scars have exact opposite effects.

Serge Retaliates to gain back Australia but fails and attacks Brazil leaving Bobby a bit weaker and was able to conquer it. I continue to go west just getting cards. Gil expands to get back Iceland and fortifies. Bobby fortifies and attacks Brazil to get back South America. Peter attacks my scrap territory making him a bit stronger. Serge uses all his troops to try once again to take Australia he leave Peter weaker but still unable to conquer. I use my cards for 10 troops and go west I realize I need to get Brazil in order for Bobby not to win next turn I conquer west all the way to Brazil. Gil unable to so anything really just fortifies. Bobby tries to conquer me at Brazil but fails losing 4.

This would be that last order of turns. Serge attacks me at Brazil attempting to eliminate me from the game but failed to realize I still owned Kamchatka but he does succeed in taking me out of Brazil. My last turn I just fortified wasn't much I was gonna do with 4 troops in one territory. Gil unable to do anything just fortifies he is left with only 2 parts of Europe. Bobby decides to forget about Brazil and just go in for the win he turns in his cards for troops and from Greenland conquers Iceland, Scandinavia and Russia for the WIN!

BOBBY WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bobby playing as Jesus signs the Board and Founded the Major City "Legend.....Wait for it.....Dary" on Eastern United States.

If you guys want to see the Earth# 394 I have it uploaded and updated as Game 5 but after game 10 I will upload a more updated picture.

Final Thoughts about Game 7: This was by far the longest game we had played of Risk: Legacy. Just about over 3 hours. Which I find is rare considering that if your lucky the game is kinda easy to win. But between the stubborn style in which my brothers play with, It shouldn't be a surprise. As far as a 5 man match goes I'm not so crazy about it. It so much going on its hard to get a groove going. I personally feel that a 4 man match is more balanced. It was great to see a relative new player win with no assistance. Also the Draft Cards completely change the game. Bottom line this game is awesome and I'm sure you guys agree otherwise you wouldn't be reading this. I will put our game 8 next week hopefully if we get a crew together. Thanks for reading Risk fans!!!
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