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Subject: Facing, missile ranges and chariot pass through rss

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Andrew Williams
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I have a few questions after playing through a couple of games.

Rule 6.63 says that a unit may not change facing after moving into
an enemy's front hex. Does this restriction apply for the remainder of the
turn, or only as long as the unit remains in that same hex?

Missile Ranges.
Rule 7.14 says that a unit may always fire over one combat unit.
The 'Expertise Level' notes to the Sekmem battle, in which there are both
LI-B and LI-S, state that all missile units can fire over one unit. But slings
(and javelins) have a range of only one hex, so how is that supposed to work?

On a related note: why do slings have such a poor range in this game?

Chariot Pass Through.
As a way of causing casualties through missile fire, it seems rather dangerous for the
attacker. Imagine a single CH-2 attacking a single target CH-2, and ending up two or
more hexes away (to leave room for other chariots to attack the same target). both CH
have composite bows. The moving chariot gets its one shot at its target. Possible result
are as follows:
2 hits (0.1 probability), 1 hit (0.8), 0 hits (0.1). Expectation value: 1.0 hits.

The defending CH-2 gets to shoot twice, once for Entry Reaction (7.44) and
once for Retire Reaction (7.41) as the attacker moves away. Possible results are:
2 hits (0.28), 1 hit (0.54), 0 hits (0.18). Expectation value: 1.10

So the attacker is slightly worse off. It's only better for the attacker if he remains
adjacent to the target after the pass through, when he only gets
shot at once during entry reaction. I can accept that, though, since it seems the
best tactic is to pass through, stop just behind the target, spin around (assuming that's
possible, see first question above) and shock attack the target's rear.

It gets worse when a line of CH-2s attacks a line of defending CH-2s. Even assuming
the attackers stop immediately after the pass through, each gets shot at three times:
entry reaction from the target CH and its neighbour, and entry reaction from
the neighbour as the attacker moves from the target's hex into an adjacent hex.
All three shots are at one hex range. The possible outcomes are:
3 hits (0.34), 2 hits (0.44) 1 hit (0.19) 0 hits (0.03), expectation value: 2.1

If the attacker moves one more hex beyond the defender, he gets shot at twice more
(Retire Reaction from both the original target and its neighbour).

This doesn't make sense to me. Two lines of chariots passing through each other should cause
roughly equal casualties, with the attacker coming off slightly better, since presumably
his chariots are initiating the maneuver, while the defender is reacting and may be caught by surprise.
It seems that the problem lies with the fact that the attacker's chariots are moved
one at a time, so each defender gets multiple shots. And if the attacking line moves beyond
the defending line by two or more hexes it gets shredded, which doesn't seem right either.

All IMO, of course.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or comments.
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