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Subject: the Warehouse-Part IV-The Sleeper..Sleeps rss

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William Gaskill
United States
New Jersey
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Simmons woke early much refreshed now that
the Necronomicon was encased in 6" thick Iron
4 floors below.He hoped to get some information
from the Warlock who just might feel more like
talking ofter spending the night bound to a
chair in the Warehouse Office.

He ordered his usual from the Chinese Restaurant
and then got a double Take Out order figuring
the Warlock might be in a better frame of mind
if some food was offered.

Pickman joined him just as the cab drove up.
Darrell briefed him on questioning the Warlock,
wanting him to play the "bad cop" to his "good
cop".After that they rode in silence until Simmons
couldn't stand it any longer and ask Pickman
how the rest of the evening with Wanda went?

Pickman just smiled and said she wanted him to
paint her portrait.He said he told her he already
had a commission to do a group scene but if she
wanted to be in it she could. The conversation
was interrupted by the cabbie breaking hard and
cursing as an another car nearly cut him off.

When Pickman didn't continue the conversation
Darrell had to prompt him on how did the session
go.He said he took her back to his basement room
but when she saw the other models she just ran off.

Pickman just shrugged at Simmons hints for more
information and handed out the 2 Fortune Cookies
from Brunch.Darrell signed & opened his it said "
nothing!it was blank.Pickman broke his open &
it read"A visitor comes from afar".

The cab stopped suddenly about a block from the
Warehouse as a mob was in the Streets
Pickman & Simmons got out & the cabbie did
a quick U-Turn and took off.

Darrell soon spotted one of his hired security
and called him over.It had been some sort of
brawl where the whole neighborhood had just
emptied into the street looking for a fight.
They were now just milling around but you
could feel the tension building.

Simmons and Pickman pushed through the
crowd walking to the Warehouse.Upon entering
they noticed the office door that had been
locked was now open.

Both men ran to the office to find the Warlock,
still bound to the chair which was now tipped
over on the floor.The Warlock had worked loose
the gag from his mouth which now was frozen into
a scream...he was quite dead.

Pickman observed that it appears that the Warlock
had summoned help and called up something
that didn't want to be bothered.Darrell swore
at the lost opportunity to question Warlock
but a check of his clothing did reveal some
possible clues(cashed in the Warlock for 2 clues).

Simmons opened up the Warehouse door to
get his 'security force' to help with the body
when all Hell broke loose.The street mob had
been stirred to action & Darrell was pushed
back inside along with several members of
the gang trying to stave off the rioters("Riot in
The Streets" ).Simmons took several hard hits
and was forced back into the office.(failed
Tasks & lost 3 Stamina)Pickman bolted the door
and pulled out the first aid kit (2 Trophies spent
to recover all Stamina).

The fighting outside the office was still ongoing
and Darrell returned to the fray.(attempted "Riot
in the Streets again" This time quickly investigation
the fighting all around him he focused on the
ringleaders & using his Enchant Weapon spell was
able break the mob's nerve and they fled.
(succeeded Tasks got 2 Trophy Card,1 common item ,
1 Unique & a Elder Sign).

The security Gang now having the upper hand
and more than a little unnerved by Simmons
use of magic quickly rounded up the rest of
the mob and left the Warehouse.The fighting
had smashed several crates and when he
and Pickman investigated found a .45 automatic
and a real artifact The Lamp of Alhazred.

Both Pickman and Simmons were feeling the
effects of the long day but as they hadn't had
a chance to really do any investigating in the
Warehouse decided to try one last area of
the building to explore.The Cataloging Room
("The Hedge Maze Card") had not been looked
at yet and it was near the office area so they
went to check it out.

The room was a warren of stacked crates
and upon entering noticed the Sinister Shadows
that seemed to recede from the investigators
as they proceeded(succeed 1st Task ).Simmons
focused in on a scratching sound and chased
off a pack of rats (Succeed 2nd Task).Both he and
Pickman ducked around a stack of crates as
something like an indistinct shadow passed by,
then seconds later were able to get out of
the way when the crate at the top of the stack
gave way and splintered at their feet.(succeed
3rd Task-got 2 point Card,Unique Item,Common
Item + Elder Sign).

Upon investigation of the crates spilled contents
Simmons picked up a strange Alien Statue and
a shot gun.He marveled at the fire power someone
had hidden away in the Warehouse.I was almost
as if they were stockpiling it for some future event.
He would need to think on that some.He was now
sure some "Arcane Art" was behind all all this.(New
Mythos Card).

Leaving the Warehouse Pickman shuttered and
noted he thought his "Visitor from Afar" had
arrived(Hound of Tindalos placed on "We Need Help
Card per Midnight effect from previous Mythos Card).

The ride back to Darrell's hotel was uneventful
till Pickman asked to be let out out at the Grove
Cemetery.He said he had arranged to meet some
old friends who were visiting New Haven.

Simmons although grateful for Pickmans help
still could not shake the thought that the man
was a little weird.Then again he himself spent
a lot of time looking into things that no ordinary
person would think existed.

Upon arriving at the hotel he noticed things seemed
to be in chaos.Several people who he recognized as
members of the staff ,including the bartender
were leaving with suite cases.Asking for his key he
inquired of the harried looking assistant manager
what was going on?The man ranted about damn
superstitious immigrants quitting as they think
the hotel is cursed.He told Darrell that an
employment agency has promised to find new
workers but until then guest were on there own.
The kitchen & laundry was closed.

Simmons felt some small satisfaction seeing the
smug assistant manager reduced to such a
harried state but perhaps this had gone too far.
He asked the man if he could do him a small favor
and watched the "you must be kidding"expression
fade as he laid a $5 bill om the counter.Darrell
told him he needed the old book that he had placed
in the hotel safe mailed off to Miskatonic University
and gave him Dr.Warrens address.Pocketing the
money the assistant manager assured him that
he would get right on it.

Simmons then claimed his key and walked up
the four flights of stairs,as the elevators were no
longer in operation,to his room.He had some thinking
to do before he could give himself over to sleep.

Darrell slept late the next morning and had to
dress quickly to get down to the Chinese
Restaurant to meet Pickman.Pickman however
never showed so Simmons ordered his Take Out
and went out to catch his cab.He asked the
cabbie to wait some in case Pickman was just
running late,maybe the man had partied a
little much with his out of town friends.

To pass the time he fumbled around hie Take Out
bag to find his Fortune Cookie.Breaking it open
he read"The end is near"Darrell briefly pondered
if this was or was not that was a positive thing
but he had been in New Haven a week now and
knew he was running out of time to wrap things up.

Before he could draw any conclusions the cab door
opened and Pickman entered and told the cabbie
to get going.Darrell looked at his friend who
instead of his usual dapper appearance was rather
disheveled,his shoes were caked in clay & his
trousers looked like he been crawling around in
the mud.It had obviously been quite a night.

Simmons offered him some Take Out but Pickman
informed him he had had had a late supper and
was stuffed.Darrell also notice his friend smelled,
it was a sweet,almost putrid odor and he tried to
recall when he had smelled some thing like it

They were almost at the Warehouse when
Simmons remembered,it was a couple of years
ago when he was taking pictures of when
they disinterred the Harris body and when
they opened the casket the smell of the grave mold.

Before he could frame a question to asked Pickman
about this the cab pulled up to the Warehouse and
Pickman was off to open the door.

Entering the Warehouse Simmons told Pickman
they might cover more territory if they split up
and sent Pickman off to check off to the 2nd floor.
This was true but mainly it was due to Darrell
wanting to get away from Pickmans "ripeness".

Darrell spent some uneventful time exploring
but the heard Pickman yell for Help and ran to
see what was wrong(went to "We Need to find
Help"Card to free up locked Red &Yellow die).
Bursting into the room he tripped over a large
section of shelving and went down hard.
Recovering he regained his feet only to go down
again this time tumbling over Pickman who was
on his knees frantically trying to rip out more

Simmons grunted picking himself up yet again
and shivering in the now frigid room he demanded
of Pickman what the Hell was he doing?
(passed 2nd Task)

The response was Pickmans gesture to the far
side of the room,following the gesture Darrell
notice a lean gray form materializing from the
corner of the wall.

Simmons instantly recognized a horror he had only
read about a Hound of Tindalos emerging from
the rooms corner angle.He also understood
Pickmans actions,the shelving was obstructing
this side of the rooms angles.He immediately
began to help Pickman tear loose the remaining
shelving to expose another corner.With a
final tug the shelving tore loose and Darrell
and Pickman cowered on the floor as the hound
fully emerged from the corner flowed over them
and exited through the just exposed corner.
(defeated Monster & succeed in taking Adventure
Card-got +2 trophy card,common item,spell
plus unlocked Red & Yellow die).

The two men shakily got back up looking around
the room Pickman spied a bottle of whiskey and
Simmons in examining the flotsam of the ripped
shelving contents found a scroll with a Cloud
Memory spell.

Both men returned to the office and tried to
settle their nerves.Simmons again ran through
the information he had gathered and began to
see some patterns.(cashed in 8 Trophy points +
the 2pt Hound to buy an Elder Sign-now have 9)

Darrell studied the curators map of the
Warehouse again and noticed along the South
side of the building originally had windows
that at some point been bricked over.On a hunch
he & Pickman headed for the south side corridor
(Move to "Stay away from the Windows")

Pulling out the .45 and using the Lamp of Alhazred
to provide additional light(put Red & Yellow dice
in play)he moved down the corridor just avoiding
a patch of rotted flooring and sensing a dark
presence hid behind a broken statue until the
dark guardian had passed.He then proceeded to
investigate the brick work and things began to
come into focus.(Succeed in All Tasks-got 2 Trophy
Card+ 2 Elder Signs-now have 11).

Now Simmons knew where he had to go the
lower basement which had been sealed off
as it was flooded.(move to "The Koi Pond" ).
The passage to the lower basement was
dank and suddenly the dark presence that
had been dogging them attacked.Darrell
had the feeling of being watched so he
was ready as the ropey tentacles encircled
him.He pulled out the small Alien Statue and
using the talisman drove the Dark Young back.
(put the Red die in Play).Pickman wordlessly
offered him the Whiskey Bottle and Darrell drank
deeply to steady his nerves.(used Whiskey Common
item to avoid Dark Young Sanity loss)

With the monster out of the way he with some
effort broke through the locked doors to
the lower basement.A few minutes studying
the fetid waters told him what he needed to
know.(succeeded in all Tasks-got 1 Trophy card-
1 clue,1 Common item,2 pt Monster & an
Elder sign-now have 12).

Leaving the lower basement he noticed on the
stairs something reflecting.It proved to be
an expensive Cigarette Case,Simmons recalled
that the deceased Warlock fingers had been
stained with nicotine...yes he was on the
right track now.He pocketed the case for luck.

The two men returned to the office the lower
basement encounter had been exhausting
and Darrell needed time to recover .
(stay at entrance & recover 1 Stamina for free).

By the time the men had calmed down and
rested it was time to catch their ride.Locking
up the Warehouse Simmons knew that indeed
the end was near and a he felt "A Heavy Burden"
still had to be overcome.(new Mythos Card
adds to Doom Track & cultist placed)

Pickman however was in good spirits on the
ride back he pulled out a small bone and began
to gnaw the rather stringy meat attached to it.
Saying all the activity had given him an appetite.
Simmons asked what was he eating and Pickman
just replied tastes like chicken,He again asked to
be let off at Grove Cemetery.

Darrell returned to the hotel and confirmed
that the assistant manager had sent his book
off to Dr.Warren.He was also informed that
the hotel's laundry was back in operation
and that things should be back to normal
in a couple of days.

Simmons walked up the stairs to his room
knowing that for him things would never
return to normal.He gave himself over to
sleep at once.Tomorrow would be the day
of testing he just felt it.

Darrell arose early to restudy the curators
map and his case notes comparing the two
brought revelation....had it been that obvious
all that time!!Simmons quickly dressed and
went out to catch his cab.He didn't bother
with stopping at the restaurant as he wanted
the slight edge his hunger would give him.

Pickman looking slightly more presentable from
yesterday was waiting for him.During the cab
ride Pickman told Darrell this was probably
going to be the last day he would be with him
as he had promised his out of town guest a
return visit.Darrell said he understood but he
expected today would resolve his investigation
anyway one way or another.

Simmons filled Pickman in on what he expected
and upon reaching the Warehouse they proceeded
to the main assembly room,where old exhibits were
disassembled prior to storage.It had been too clean
and organized for Darrell to seriously check out
before but now he knew.(move the "Storage Cabinet

Simmons clutched the Warlocks cigarette case
for luck and repeated the passage he had
memorized from the King in Yellow(plays
Lucky Cigarette Case & King in Yellow to
put Yellow & Red dice in play).Sliding the door
back revealed a cultist who attacked instantly.
Simmons struck him down without mercy.
(1st task completed)

Focusing on the room he found the large
storage cabinet he was looking for,
(2nd Task completed).With Pickmans Help
(Stamina on Pickman to turn Peril to Lore)
he searched the cabinet finding some strange
matter on its floor .Simmons probed the floor
which gave way to reveal bone remains
wrapped up in parchment.(3rd Task Complete,
get 2 Trophy Card,1 Unique item,1 clue and
Gate to City of The Great Race.)

Dragging the body of the Cultist back to the office
Simmons and Pickman finally piece together the
warehouse puzzle.(Stayed at Entrance to use
7 trophy Card points & 3 Monster points to buy
final Elder Sign,which put 13 on Cthulhu Card vs
only 6 on his Doom Track =Investigator VICTORY)

The cultist clothing contained a key with an address
a few blocks down the street.Darrell and Pickman
checked it out finding it to be abandoned but
inside were the missing artifacts.

Simmons examined to parchment and discovered
it contained a spell called God from the Sea
and instructions on the ritual to summons
this being which involved the sacrifice of the
various artifacts that had been stolen.

Darrell quickly moved to clean things up burning
the evil parchment and crushing the old bones
to dust.He made arrangements to pay off his
security gang after they disposed of the dead

He thanked Pickman and asked him if there was
anything he could do to thank him for his help.
Pickman requested the copy of Nameless Cults
they had found in the storage cabinet.Darrell
hated to part with Mythos Tomes but he knew
that the University had a copy and Pickman
had earned it.They said goodbye and offered
to keep in touch,this somewhat made Simmons
uneasy but he shrugged it off.

The only thing left was to inform the curator
that his problem was over.Meeting the man
for dinner he gave him the key to the house
the artifacts were in and told him that he was
right it was a private collector who had arranged
for the items to be stolen.The man had agreed
to turn them over in exchange for total
secrecy about the whole affair.The curator
overjoyed to get his artifacts back bought the
entire story.

Simmons checked out of his hotel and caught
a night train to Arkham.The gentle swaying
of the train soon put him to sleep......until
he woke up screaming.

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Andy Andersen
United States
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