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Subject: Arkham, february 19th of 1926 rss

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Tiago Perretto
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Thinking about my next move.
So, if my only options are these, then I shall...
Note: Mainly a job of google translator with a good deal of edit. So, please be kind!

"The daughters of the forest tell me that the evil that lies beyond the hill of the world. They feel it, but do not understand it. It is the unnatural. They pointed me the way through the twisted elms, that the animals avoided. Yesterday I was not able to invade the dark hardwood. But if I, a shaman of the tribe, is to reject the passage of the forest, which one will be able travel it?"

Extract from the journal of Akachi Onyele.


Game: Arkham Horror , with the expansion Dunwich Horror

Investigators: Lola Hayes, the actress (Libonati), Jim Culver, the musician (Libonati), Sister Mary, the nun (Leo) Hank Samson, the farmhand (Peter) and Akachi Onyele, the shaman (I)

Ancient One: Ghatanothoa

Spoiler (click to reveal)

Special Moments: The vision of Lola. The terrors of Dunwich.

Description: Akachi went to speak with the spirits of the woods. It was an ancient forest, unknown, but the voices sounded familiar notes and exposed secrets that demanded sacrifice, something that she was used. She followed the path indicated, going beyond where the leaves rustled.

Lola Hayes, with a life trained to live under various types of masks, learned to see beyond the disguises. Shee entered the palace of mirrors, driven by curiosity, feeling a sense of inner trembling akin to just before the curtains open. The shadowy form coalesced in the sight of Lola, who was unable to close her eyes. The she never saw nothing more, the horror burning through her retina up to her soul, leaving only an empty shell and a silent scream.

Hank Samson, with his lovely hard-head, facing the dangers in the best way to stay humble and correct: unknowingly. But even his youthful joy in everything he did began to fade when people's stories were full of whispers and conversations discussing matters of the things of shadows that Samson did not liked.

The empty seats at the mass bothered Sister Mary, but the absence was not the reason for the discomfort. The reason was what was causing the gap that grew each day: houses being boarded up, closed, and families going to try life elsewhere. Some spoke the her about their fears and intentions, others just ... disappeared. Father Michael said that the herd could spread across the field, but the roaring of the storm always brought him back. Mary also felt that her unrest was misunderstood by father Michael: she feared not the herd loose in the pasture, but was the storm itself. Samson, however, was her bracing in turbulent times and never faltered. Mary liked to listen to music in the park and went there with Samson.

Jim Culver did not play the trumpet for the approval of the public, but never refused the applause. Though the audience wane; the city suffered. This is when music is needed - in joyful times even the wind sings. He tried a more lively tune, but it sounded false and Culver changed the tune. The weather called for a little blues and that's what he played.

The night, after all, was approaching.


The game started in a cruel fashion: a portal and a monster appearing in the first encounter of the game. And in the third round Lola met the visage of Ghatanothoa and was devoured. Jim Culver took his place and did a good job. Hank Samson wasn't reduced to the role of monster basher, also engaging in the task of sealing the portals. Sister Mary by those strange ways of the games, was the most powerful fighter - she had the Lord on her side after all. But the movement somewhat restricted prevented her from dispatching more threats. This became worst when the investigators failed to solve a Rumor, adding riots to the streets.

Dunwich remained infested throughout the game, so by the middle of the game the beast itself woke up, and twice helped speed up the Doom Track. Ghatanothoa was enjoying itself. There were four portals sealed and Sister Mary had enough clues to seal another, but found the biggest challenge of his life: walk two blocks. And no force on Earth or Heaven could helped her reach the portal to the Another Dimension.

Ghatanothoa woke up while Mary walked the Dreamlands (without a gateway to get her out of there). Hank had enough clues to seal a portal to Lost Carcosa, but was halfway out in the moment of the awakening.

The investigators put up some fight (not epic though), but Ghatanothoa was taken only up to half of the Doom Track before all the investigators were dead.

Nothing new: a new defeat. But it wasn't the last one.


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