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Subject: BeerMe's D&D: ToC Game 6 rss

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JJ Belyeu
United States
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Hello to everyone and welcome to BeerMe's Drunk & Disorderly Tournament of Champions for Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition!

This will be a six-part sessions report dealing with all of the races in the current TI3 universe (official only, no homemade races). It will take place over four 3-player games, one 4-player game, and a final 6-player game using the five previous winning races and the one "Wild Card" race. All non-championship matches are completely random and all will use the same variants to help create a more uniform system.

Here is the catch though. I will be the only player in every game. I originally did this to help familiarize myself more with the game and it's unique rogue's gallery, but I realized maybe others could benefit from this too, and decided to do a series of session reports to give my insight into what I have learned over the course of these games.

If you are looking for the other games in my Tournament of Champions, please follow the links below (they will be updated as I submit more sessions):

Game 1: Nekro vs. Muatt vs. Creuss (Here)
Game 2: Hacan vs. Saar vs. Xxcha (Here)
Game 3: Winnu vs. Arborec vs. Naalu (Here)
Game 4: Letnev vs. Jol-Nar vs. Yin (Here)
Game 5: Sol vs. Mentak vs. L1z1x vs. Yssaril (Here)

CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: N'Orr vs. Nekro vs. L1z1x vs. Winnu vs. Saar vs. Jol-Nar

Or you can find all my Solo Session Reports at my geeklist:

BeerMe's Drunk & Disorderly Solo Session Reports


One final note, here are the variants I will be using for every game, including the championship.

Shattered Empire Strategy Cards (minus a couple...see below)
Trade III
Assembly II
Mechanized Units
Racial Technologies
Wormhole Nexus
Distant Suns
Final Frontier
Artifacts (I use all 8 artifact tokens, instead of 1 per player)
Space Mines
Tactical Retreats
Preliminary Objectives
Mecatol Rex Custodians
Shock Troops
Sabotage Runs

LONG GAME - 13 Points

I am not using Leaders or Voice of the Coucil because I don't like them. So there.


The time has finally come, and six races are primed to see who is fit to lead the galaxy!

The Championship match is now underway!


Game Setup

Jol-Nar (Green) Starting Preliminary = Commander - "I have all 5 Dreadnoughts on the board."
N'Orr (Grey) Starting Preliminary = Researcher - "I control 4 planets with Technology Specialities."
Nekro (Red) Starting Preliminary = Invader - "I control a planet controled by another player this Round."
L1z1x (Black) Starting Preliminary = Infiltraitor - "I destroyed an enemy ship in a system adjacent to their Home System."
Winnu (Purple) Starting Preliminary = Enemy - "I destroyed 2 Cruisers this Round."
Saar (Orange) Starting Preliminary = Antagonist - "I control a planet in a system adjacent to an enemy Home System."

Stage I Public Objectives (Objective / Turn revealed)
I control 5 planets outside my Home System. (Start)
I have 5 Technology Advances. (Round 2 Strategy Phase)
I now spend 10 Resources. (Turn 8)
I have controlled Mecatol Rex this entire Strategy and Action Phase. (Turn 10)
I won a space battle against at least 3 opposing ships this Round. (Round 5 Status Phase)
I now spend 10 Influence or 10 Resources. (Turn 26)
I now spend 10 Influence. (Turn 29)
I took control of 3 planets this turn (I think it should be Round). (unrevealed)

Stage II Public Objectives
I now spend 20 Influence. (Turn 36)
I control the Mecatol Rex system and 3 adjacent systems. (Turn 42)
I control 11 planets outside my Home System (unrevealed)
I have 5 Technology Advances of the same color. (unrevealed)
Imperium Rex (unrevealed)
I now spend 12 Trade Goods. (unrevealed)
I control all the planets in the Home Systems of 2 other players. (unrevealed)

Round 1 Strategy Phase

*Jol-Nar - Production (4)
N'Orr - Leadership (1)
Nekro - Warfare II (6)
L1z1x - Trade III (5)
Winnu - Assembly II (3)
Saar - Technology II (7)

* = Speaker Token

N'Orr Round 1 Summary

The N'Orr are a race that made it to this Championship game by luck, drawing the Wild Card spot and never winning a game. I had great hopes since the N'Orr are definitely not a race to be trifled with. They, however, have the most terrible Round 1 of any race in any game of Twilight Imperium I have ever seen. While attempting to take over the Bereg/Lirta IV system, they lose 2 Ground Forces (GF) to Radiation and then a Cruiser, a Carrier, and 2 more GF from a 2 Fighter Ambush. This is followed up when they lose another GF taking Primor, but at least they capture the planet. Of their Starting Units, the N'Orr are left with a PDS and a Space Dock. Fortunately for them, Production allowed the N'Orr to build another Carrier and 2 GF.

Winnu Round 1 Summary

Winnu picks up 4 planets in their first Round, Perimeter, Wellon, Arcturus, and Sumerian. Along with all that, they claim 2 Trade Goods (TG), a free Cruiser from a Hidden Factory, and the artifact Ancient Shipwreck. When triggering Assembly II, Winnu chooses to give the Speaker Token to L1z1x and resolve their own Political Card, Subsidized Industry. After some wheeling and dealing though, N'Orr secures the vote and places a Space Dock on Primor. The Winnu have had a good start, but need to keep up the momentum when gathering planets or risk falling behind.

Jol-Nar Round 1 Summary

The Jol-Nar expand quickly and pick up 5 planets. Sem-lore, Garbozia, and Rigel I-III all become Hylar planets while they only lose 1 GF. Using Production, the Jol-Nar pump out another Carrier and 4 GF. This primes them for Round 2 and making a mad push for the remaining planets nearby. They need to move quick though because they are surrounded by special systems, and making a route to Mecatol Rex or simply out of their small corner will get difficult if their neighbors close in.

L1z1x Round 1 Summary

Though the L1z1x only manage to conquer 3 planets this turn, they still luck out. Industrex holds a 3-Fighter Ambush but the L1z1x Dreadnought easily wipes them out before they cause any damage. Lisis/Velnor are also sweeped into the L1z1x fold, and an Industrial Society is found on Lisis providing a free Space Dock for the 1x. Through Trade III they aqcuire the N'Orr "2" Contract and the Nekro "1", and also hire the Mercenary Kav-lik in their Home System (HS). A slight misstep occures though when they try to take Wellon and the Ancient Shipwreck from the Winnu. The single Winnu Cruiser in the system manages to kill both Kav-lak and an L1z1x Cruiser with a GF aboard. The Winnu lose the Cruiser in the process, but retain the planet with a single GF. L1z1x now has 2 Space Docks on the board, and both are semi-protected by the nearby Supernova, giving them less fronts to worry about.

Nekro Round 1 Summary

This Round is a perfect example of how effective the Nekro can be, and how deadly. Using Warfare II and the High Alert Token they are able to attack Winnu on Perimeter by use of the Beta Wormhole. It should also be noted that the N'Orr placed both Beta Wormholes during Galaxy setup in an attempt to lure the Nekro to the other side of the board. This notion is in vain though, as Nekro uses it's newly acquired Statis Capsules (from killing a Winnu Fighter at Perimter) to invade the N'Orr Home System after N'Orr loses most it's starting units in Bereg/Lirta IV. The Nekro suffer no losses taking both N'Orr planets, and even gain another GF through Dacxive Animators. Nekro copies Deep Space Cannon (DSC). In addition to the entire N'Orr system, Nekro also captures Vega Major and Minor. Nekro now has a lot of wiggle room, but is spread VERY thin and will need to build quickly.

Saar Round 1 Summry

Saar starts off on the wrong foot, and loses 3 GF trying to take Abyz and Fria. Radiation kills the first 2 and a Hostage Situation takes the 3rd. Fortunately they manage to claim Hope's End without more losses and researches Floating Factory when they trigger Technology II. Just like the N'Orr, Saar will have some serious ground to make up in the coming Rounds. And with their neighbors the Winnu and the Jol-Nar having such a lucky first Round, they will need to do it quickly.

Round 1 Status Phase

L1z1x - No objective completed (0 VP Total)
Winnu - Completes Preliminary Objective (killed 1 L1z1x and 1 Nekro Cruiser) and draws their Secret Objective. Conquerer - "I control all the planets in an opponent's Home System." (2 VP Total)
Saar - No objective completed (0 VP Total)
Jol-Nar - Qualifies for "I control 5 planets outside my Home System." (1 VP Total)
N'Orr - No objective completed (0 VP Total)
Nekro - Complete Preliminary Objective (controls 2 planets controlled by an opponent) and draws their Secret Objective. Technocrat - "I control at least 6 planets with Technology Specialities." (1 VP Total)

Round 2 Strategy Phase

*L1z1x - Warfare II (6)
Winnu - Production (4)
Saar - Bureaucracy (8) + 1 Bonus (Command Counter(CC)) Reveals "I have 5 Technology Advances."
Jol-Nar - Trade III (5)
N'Orr - Diplomacy II (2) + 1 Bonus (Trade Good(TG))
Nekro - Assembly II (3)

N'Orr Round 2 Summary

N'Orr starts the Round by triggering Diplomacy to safeguard Primor from invasion. Being their last planet, the N'Orr are really backed into a corner. They follow this with the Action Card "Rise of a Messiah" to add another GF to their tiny force. This trend continues as they decide to dig in and activate the system, building a PDS on the planet and a Cruiser using the secondary of Production II. This finishes off the N'Orr for the Round, and leaves them without a whole lot for the coming Round 3.

Nekro Round 2 Summary

Nekro takes note of the bunkering tactics of the N'Orr and decides to fortify their own position. At Tren'lak/Quinarra they build a Space Dock, 1 Space Mine, and a Refinery. I later realized this is an illegal placement of a Facility, but allowed it to stay since it wasn't the Nekro's own Home System they built it in. They also build 1 Carrier, 1 Mech, 1 PDS, 2 Cruisers, 2 GF, and 2 Fighters in their HS through the secondary of Production and activating the system. Triggering Assembly II, they take the Speaker Token and choose Winnu to resolve a Political Card. Winnu chooses Dispute Resolution, making the races elect 2 planets to revert to neutral. The Representatives, and the votes are below:

Representative/# of Votes/ Planets Chosen

An'grag (N'Orr)/ 4/ Sem-lore, Capha
Deluin Fillac (Jol-Nar)/ 3/ Primor, Capha
A6AH3 (L1z1x)/ 0/ Abstain (chooses Primor/Sem-lore with ability)
Berekar Berekon/ 11/ Primor, Capha
Elder Gurno/ 0/ Abstain

With 18 votes for Primor and 14 for Capha, the 2 planets revert to neutral, costing L1z1x 1 VP and the N'Orr their last planet and Space Dock. A6AH3 kills Deluin Fillac.

Winnu Round 2 Summary

Winnu starts the Round by building 2 more Carriers and 4 GF with Production II. Then, they start expanding by activating Abaddon/Ashtroth/Loki and Arinam/Meer. They manage to successfully take Arinam, Meer, and Loki, but the other two elude them. Saar Settlers are found on Abaddon and Ashtroth holds 3-Hostile Locals that thrwart the Winnu GF. Otherwise, that wraps up their Round. Winnu still holds quite a good portion of the map, but took a big hit this Round, and will need to try and recover before the other races can capitalize on their loss.

Jol-Nar Round 2 Summary

Jol-Nar does almost nothing this Round because of their limited Command Counters. Using Trade III, they gather quite a few TG, and build a Space Dock on Sem-lore. They also build 2 Dreadnoughts and a Cruiser with the secondary of Production. That pretty much finishes off their Round though, and leaves a lot to be desired. By not taking more planets they have kind of fallen behind the curve.

L1z1x Round 2 Summary

Another Race with a very short Round, the L1z1x only take 4 Turns. One Triggering Warfare II and placing the High Alert Token in their HS, another to activate and invade Capha (Which they later lose from Dispute Resolution). The third is used activating Lisis/Velnor and building 2 Cruisers and 2 GF, and the final Turn is simply them Passing. Not a very prosperous Round, but they at least manage to field the 0.0.1 (secondary of Production) and move it into a forward position around Capha.

Saar Round 2 Summary

The Saar move more units into the Abyz/Fria system and take over both worlds, finding the Lazax Armory on Abyz. This coupled with the new Space Dock they build at Hope's End puts them into a fairly good board position. They have an advanced position right next to Mecatol Rex (MR) and plenty of more planets to take with 2 Space Docks on the board. Otherwise though, they are still dramatically far behind on the planet count, and will need to move quickly before falling another Round behind.

Round 2 Status Phase

Nekro - Qualify for "I have 5 Technology Advances." (2 VP Total)
N'Orr - Scuttle their last 2 Ships and resign from the game.
Jol-Nar - Qualify for "I have 5 Technology Advances." (2 VP Total)
L1z1x - No Objective completed (0 VP Total)
Winnu - Qualify for "I control 5 planets outside my Home System." (3 VP Total)
Saar - Completes Preliminary Objective (controls Abaddon thanks to a Settlers Token) and draws Secret Objective. Expansionist - "I control 8 systems outside my Home System." Exhausts Hope's End, and receives 2 GF, since no prior GF were present.

(Sorry for the blurry photo, and please ignore the H.A. Token)

Round 3 Strategy Phase

*Nekro - Leadership (1) + 1 Bonus (CC)
Jol-Nar - Production (4)
L1z1x - Technology II (7) + 1 Bonus (CC)
Winnu - Bureaucracy (8)
Saar - Diplomacy (2)

Nekro then plays the Action Card "Trade Stop" and forcibly breaks all Trade Agreements.

Nekro Round 3 Summary

Nekro takes a staggering 7 Turns this Round, thanks to Leadership and the now wide open expanse of the board that is uncontested since the N'Orr left. They manage to pick up Tsion, Bellatrix, Lirta IV, Dal Bootha, Xxehan, and Quann. All told, they lose 2 Cruisers and 1 GF. All of that is from losing to the same 3-Fighter Ambush that crippled the N'Orr on Bereg. Luckily though, Gen Synthesis brings the GF back to life on Mordai II, and they find a Hidden Factory on Quann, giving them 4 Fighters to guard the system and it's Wormhole. Nekro then rebuilds it's lost Cruisers at Tren'lak/Quinnara, along with 2 more GF. The Nekro are quickly becoming a huge threat to the rest of the races as the expand uninhibited by other players.

Saar Round 3 Summary

Using Diplomacy, the Saar set out to complete their Secret Objective as quickly as possible. They start by annexing Lesab. This allows the Nekro to finally take over Bereg though. From here, they also take Tiamat/Hercalor, and move units into the nearby Asteroid Field, after researching Chaos Mapping earlier in the Round. This brings their system count to 5 and with a lot of room to grow.

Jol-Nar Round 3 Summary

Jol-Nar has another tough Round here. Trying to capture Arnor/Lor, they lose 2 GF. One to Biohazard and one to a 1-Hostile Local. This leaves both planets empty and unclaimed. When trying to take Tar'mann, they lose 2 more GF to a Hostage Situation, and don't claim that planet either. After all the failed invasions, Jol-Nar finishes off the Round by building 2 Dreadnoughts and 2 GF at Sem-lore.

L1z1x Round 3 Summary

A lot of progress is made by the L1z1x this Round when they conquer Faunus and Saudor, gaining 4 TG and discovering an Alpha Wormhole near Saudor. They also pick up Inheritance Systems and Nano Technology by using Technology II, and complete their Preliminary Objective by activating Perimeter and killing a Winnu Cruiser and Fighter. L1z1x is doing well but will need to fortify it's planets quickly, before their neighbors close in.

Winnu Round 3 Summary

Starting the Round with Bureaucracy, the Winnu exhaust most of their planets to qualify for "I now spend 10 Resources." Doing so, they reveal the Public Objective "I have controlled Mecatol Rex this entire Strategy and Action Phase." They also reinforce their HS with some Fighters, and manuever ships to Mirage to help hold their borders. Researching Lazax Gate Foling from Technology also allows them to get a headstart on qualifying for another objective next Round.

Round 3 Status Phase

Nekro - Completes their Secret Objective and qualifies for "I control 5 planets outside my Home System." (5 VP Total) Also Exhausts Tsion to gain 2 TG.
L1z1x - Completes Preliminary Objective (described above) and draws Secret Objective. Forceful - "I control the Mecatol Rex system, have a Space Dock, and at least 4 Dreadnoughts there." Also qualify for "I control 5 planets outside my Home System." (2 VP Total)
Winnu - No Objectives completed. (4 VP Total) Exhausts Mirage to gain 2 Fighters and places a GF on Mecatol Rex.
Saar - Qualifies for "I control 5 planets outside my Home System." (3 VP Total) Exhausts Hope's End to gain 2 more GF.
Jol-Nar - Completes Preliminary Objective and draws Secret Objective. Industrial - "I control Mecatol Rex and have all 5 Dreadnoughts and all 3 Space Docks on the board." (3 VP Total)

Round 4 Strategy Phase

*Nekro - Leadership (1)
L1z1x - Production (4)
Winnu - Assembly II (3) + 1 Bonus (CC)
Saar - Technology II (7)
Jol-Nar - Trade III (5) + 1 Bonus (CC)

Nekro Round 4 Summary

The Nekro really use Round 4 to show how efficient Cruisers and Stasis Capsules can be. They conquer Mecatol Rex using 2 Cruisers and 2 GF, copying Lazax Gate Folding from the Winnu GF on the planet, and building a Space Mine in the process. They then use the same setup of 2 Cruisers, 2 GF to take Tar'mann from the Jol-Nar, and copy XRD Transports. On top of these 2 planets, Nekro also gains Thibah and manages to get 2 Dreadnoughts, a Carrier, 5 GF, and a Mech onto the board.

Winnu Round 4 Summary

After taking Perimeter back from the L1z1x, the Winnu decide to take the Speaker Token as well, and choose Jol-Nar to play a Political Card. Mass Mobilization passes unanimously and all the races get to place 4 GF spread among planets they control. This helps the Winnu tremendously as they will soon need them to help gain Ashtroth and Abaddon. Afterward, the Winnu activate the empty space tile adjacent to the Saar Home System, only to find a Supernova there. This failed manuever was in hope of taking Lisis II/ Ragh next Round, but ended up costing them a Carrier, 2 GF, 2 Fighters, and 2 Destroyers. This also gives Saar a fantastic defense from future invasion attempts.

L1z1x Round 4 Summary

L1z1x finally finish collecting their local planets during Round 4. They gain Centauri/Gral and find 2 TG and a Beta Wormhole, and eventually take Capha back to gain the planet and the Artifact. Otherwise, L1z1x spent the Round building loads of units. 2 Cruisers, 2 Carriers, 3 GF, and a Mech all came out of Lisis/Velnor this Round, and definitely helped round out the L1z1x forces.

Jol-Nar Round 4 Summary

A very no-nothing Round from the Jol-Nar leaves much to be desired. They research a couple of Technologies through the secondary of Tech. II, build only a few units, and don't acquire any new planets. Having lost one of their Dreadnoughts to the Nekro at Tar'mann leaves them short handed, and needing to rebuild to complete their Secret Objective, but they use almost all their Resources gaining Tech. With the Nekro now breathing down their necks, the Jol-Nar seriously need to bolster defenses and gain more planets it the hope to last much longer.

Saar Round 4 Summary

Saar continues to grow by claiming Lazar/Sakulag and Mehar Xull this Round. They also activate the empty space between Lazar/Sakulag and the Jol-Nar Home System and find an Alpha Wormhole. With the newly formed Supernova guarding most of their planets, the Saar are really free to start expanding even more than they already have. Their manuevers this Round will complete their Secret Objective for them and they will need to start gearing towards the Public Objectives if they really want to push ahead.

Round 4 Status Phase

Winnu - No Objective completed. (4 VP Total)
Saar - Complete Secret Objective and qualify for "I have 5 Technology Advances." (6 VP Total)
Jol-Nar - No Objective completed. (3 VP Total)
Nekro - No Objective completed. (6 VP Total). Places another GF on Mecatol Rex and scuttles their Carrier in Vega Major/Minor.
L1z1x - Qualify for "I have 5 Technology Advances." (4 VP Total)

Round 5 Strategy Phase

*Winnu - Technology II (7)
Saar - Leadership (1), and plays the Action Card "Multiculturalism" and copies the Nekro "Tech Copy" ability for the Round.
Jol-Nar - Warfare II (6) + 2 Bonus (2 CC)
Nekro - Bureaucracy (8) + 1 Bonus (CC), reveals Public Objective "I won a Space Battle against at least 3 opposing ships this Turn (Supposed to be Round I think)."
L1z1x - Assembly II (3)

Saar Round 5 Summary

Saar has a mediocre Round but manages to gain a couple strides. The first is their third Space Dock, which is built in the Hercalor/Tiamat system. The next is gaining Type IV drive by attacking the Jol-Nar at Sem-lore. Unfortunately for the Saar, they lose 3 Cruisers in the process and don't kill 3 Jol-Nar ships. This means they just handed Jol-Nar a Public Objective to qualify for. The Saar finish the Round by building 2 Dreadnoughts. 1 Destroyer, and 2 Fighters at Lazar/Sakulag.

L1z1x Round 5 Summary

L1z1x has a very short Round, taking only 4 Turns, but definitely makes good use of them. First, they begin to put the pressure on Winnu in Wellon by moving 2 Cruisers and 2 GF into the neighboring empty space. They luck out and find a Derelict Ship there too, and gain a free Cruiser. L1z1x also builds 3 more Dreadnoughts at Lisis/Velnor, and takes the Speaker Token using Assembly II. Winnu is chosen to resolve a Political Card and they reveal "Mutiny". The Reps and votes are below;

Menda Mendala (Winnu)/ + 10 For (targets Saar, kills Melkov)
Melkov (Saar)/ n/a (KIA)
Yaluga Huin (Jol-Nar)/ + 6 For
Wendigo (Nekro)/ n/a (+ 3 Action Cards)
44G51-0 (L1z1x)/ + 3 For

Vote Passes and the Jol-Nar, L1z1x, and Winnu all gain + 1 VP.

Jol-Nar Round 5 Summary

Jol-Nar finally go on the offensive and begin pushing back against the Nekro. They attack full on in Tar'mann and handily beat the Nekro, without losing a unit and preventing the Nekro from growing stronger. Jol-Nar also picks up Primor, and it's much needed GF generator. They recover their lost Dreadnought by rebuilding it at Sem-lore and wrap up the Round having added 2 more planets and an Artifact to their empire.

Winnu Round 5 Summary

Winnu also makes progress in gaining the rest of their local planets this Round. Abaddon and Ashtroth are both taken by the Winnu as they begin to start gaining momentum. They also gain XRD and Micro Tech this Round. Unfortunately, L1z1x decides it's time to research War Suns, and this could quickly become a problem for the Winnu.

Nekro Round 5 Summary

From the moment L1z1x gained War Suns, they had a Nekro target painted all over them. Nekro gains the technology by attacking into Centauri/Gral with a Carrier loaded with 4 Fighters and 2 GF. L1z1x responds with a "Friendly Fire" Action Card, but still loses the Space Battle. They do retain both planets in the system though, and Nekro only copies one tech (War Sun). This begins the Nekro building extravaganza. Playing the Action Card "Good Year" nets them an amazing 13 Trade Goods, and allows them to build both their War Suns. One in their Home System, along with 4 Fighters, and a Cruiser. The second at Quinnara/Tren'lak with 4 more Fighters. On top of spending all those resources building units, Bureaucracy reveals "I now spend 10 Resources or 10 Influence" and Nekro is able to immediately qualify for that as well.

Round 5 Status Phase

L1z1x - No Objective completed (5 VP Total)
Winnu - Qualify for "I have 5 Technology Advances." (6 VP Total)
Saar - Qualify for "I now spend 10 Resources." Exhausts Hope's End. (7 VP Total)
Jol-Nar - Qualify for "I won a Space Battle against at least 3 opposing ships this Round." Exhausts Primor. (6 VP Total)
Nekro - Qualify for "I controlled Mecatol Rex this entire Strategy and Action Phase." Places 1 GF on Mecatol Rex (7 VP Total)

Round 6 Strategy Phase

*L1z1x - Technology II (7)
Winnu - Production (4) + 1 Bonus (TG)
Saar - Bureaucracy (8)
Jol-Nar - Diplomacy II (2) + 2 Bonus (2CC)
Nekro - Leadership (1)

Nekro Round 6 Summary

The Nekro begin the Round by assaulting Tar'mann again, but this time with a much larger force consisting of 2 Cruiser, 1 War Sun, 4 Fighters, and 4 GF. The Space Battle costs them all 4 Fighters, plus 1 of the Cruisers but they still pull out a win and copy Nano Technology. Planetary Bombardment wipes out all the Jol-Nar GF, and Nekro has enough GF of their own to overrun the remaining Mech Unit. Dacxive Animator provides them with additional GF once the Invasion is over, and they now firmly on the planet. This second victory gains them Type IV Drive. The remainder of the Round is spent picking up more planets including Tequ'ran, Torkan, El'Nath, and Mallice, followed by ample building from their Space Docks with the now limitless Resources they possess.

Jol-Nar Round 6 Summary

After being beaten at Tar'mann, the Jol-Nar lose their original target for Diplomacy II and instead use it to annex Cormund. They also gain Arnor and Lor this Round which add much needed Resources and Influence to their tiny empire. Some rearranging of units takes place and the Jol-Nar end their Round having accomplished quite a bit, but still look inadequate when compared to their neighbors.

Winnu Round 6 Summary

Building is the name of the game for Winnu this Round. That and securing the assets it controls. They finally move more units to Wellon to help hold that against a 1x attack, and 2 Carriers are moved to Mirage to begin taking advantage of the Fighter generation. Using Production, they build 4 Cruisers and a Mech Unit at Perimeter, along with a Space Mine later in the Round.

L1z1x Round 6 Summary

Using Technology, the L1z1x finally gain Type IV Drives to give their Dreadnoughts the movement they need to invade Mecatol Rex. Unfortunately for them though, during the Invasion Combat, both their own, and all the Nekro GF die, leaving the planet still in Nekro hands. After that embarrassing battle, the L1z1x start to gear up for an even larger assault on the planet next Round. 8 Fighters and 2 Mech Units are built in various systems to help defend and attack. This set back on Mecatol Rex ends up costing them a lot in the end by the fact that it will take them into the next Round to complete their Secret Objective.

Saar Round 6 Summary

Triggers Bureaucracy for their first action and reveals "I now spend 10 Influence." Manages to qualify to "I now spend 10 Resources or 10 Influence" but has to exhaust quite a few planets to do it. The Saar have their eye on the prize though this Round, as they are trying to outpace the Nekro in VP. During their next action, they attack the Jol-Nar Home System which is now only guarded by 2 PDS and 3 Cruisers. They win the Space Battle, but didn't bring any GF or Mechs so the Jol-Nar are still able to qualify for objectives this Round.

Round 6 Status Phase

L1z1x - No Objective completed (5 VP Total)
Winnu - No Objective completed. Exhausts Mirage. (6 VP Total)
Jol-Nar - No Objective completed. Exhausts Primor. (5 VP Total)
Saar - Qualifies for "I won a Space Battle against at least 3 opposing ships this Round." (9 VP Total)
Nekro - Qualifies for "I won a Space Battle against at least 3 opposing ships this Round." Places 1 GF on Mecatol Rex.(9 VP Total)

Round 7 Strategy Phase

*L1z1x - Bureaucracy (8)
Winnu - Trade III (5) + 2 Bonus (2CC)
Saar - Production (4)
Jol-Nar - Leadership (1) Plays the Action Card "Signal Jamming" on Tar'mann.
Nekro - Assembly II (3) + 1 Bonus (CC)

Jol-Nar Round 7 Summary

Fortunately for the Jol-Nar, the Saar move out of their Home System early in this Round. Having completed the objective they were after, Saar no longer has interest in the system. Jol-Nar uses this opportunity to field the J.N.S. Hylarim, and to move in other units as backup. The Jol-Nar see the timing is right and attack Abyz/Fria, having covered their flank by locking Tar'mann with the Action Card they played. Their massive 4 Dreadnought, 1 Carrier, and 2 Mech Unit fleet easily captures Fria, but Abyz actually repels their attacks. Bombardment misses entirely and their Mech rolls a 6 and a 7, only killing 1 Saar GF. The Saar forces though, rolls 2 9s, killing the Mech Unit outright.

Nekro Round 7 Summary

Using the Action Card "Transport", the Nekro free a couple of their GF from Tar'mann to be put to use elsewhere. Another Round of Nekro expansion ensues as they gather up Corneeq, Resculon, and Zohbat this Round. They also position most of their forces from Mallice adjacent to Mecatol Rex, in a risky move activating the adjacent empty space. They luck out though, when the Final Frontier token reveals Nothing of Interest. Using Assembly II, they finish the Round by taking the Speaker Token, and Beelzebul finally makes an appearance, killing all the Reps except A6Ah3 of the L1z1x.

Saar Round 7 Summary

The Saar take only 3 Turns this Round. 2 are spent building the 20 Fighters and 2 GF that now occupy their Asteroid Field, and the third is simply to pass. Nothing much else to say.

Winnu Round 7 Summary

Using the Action Card "Silence in Space", the Winnu capture the Saar Home System avoiding combat with the lonely Cruiser the Saar left in defense around Hercalor/Tiamat. This finally completes their Secret Objective and will allow them a powerful position inside the Saar empire for next Round. They also fortify near their own Home System by moving ships into the empty space adjacent to it, and find a Derelict Ship for a free Cruiser.

L1z1x Round 7 Summary

Bureaucracy reveals the first Stage II Objective this Round, "I now spend 20 Influence." The L1z1x can't qualify for it however, though they do manage to qualify for "I now spend 10 Resources." And they finally manage to capture Mecatol Rex this Round, getting one step closer to completing their Secret Objective. The rest of the Round is spent either building or manuevering units.

Round 7 Status Phase

Nekro - Qualify for "I now spend 20 Influence." (11 VP Total)
L1z1x - Qualify for "I now spend 10 Influence." (7 VP Total)
Winnu - Qualify for "I now spend 10 Influence." Also finishes Secret Objective by controlling the Saar Home System. (9 VP Total)
Saar - No Objective completed. (9 VP Total)
Jol-Nar - Qualify for "I now spend 10 Influence." (6 VP Total)

Round 8 Strategy Phase

*Nekro - Bureaucracy (8) Plays the Action Card "First Strike"
L1z1x - Diplomacy II (2) + 1 Bonus (CC)
Winnu - Warfare II (6) + 2 Bonus (2CC)
Saar - Assembly II (3)
Jol-Nar - Leadership (1)

Round 8 Summary

This is another short-lived last Round, as the Nekro start it off (because of their Action Card) by revealing another Stage II Public Objective. This proves somewhat fruitless however when they reveal "I control the Mecatol Rex system and 3 adjacent systems." Instead, they qualify for "I now spend 10 resources." This brings their VP to 12 and they already qualify for another 1 VP Stage I Objective, but will have to wait until the coming Status Phase to claim it. Saar is the closest to them on the VP scale but would need to claim another 4 points.

Several attacks are launched at the Nekro Home System, but all are repelled by the War Sun, Fighters, and newly build Alastor that occupy the system. The final scoring is slightly surprising though, as the L1z1x actually jump to 11 VP in the end by completing their Secret Objective and the new Stage II Public Objective.

Final Score

Nekro - 13 VP (7 Stage I, 1 Stage II, 1 Artifact, 1 Preliminary, 1 Secret)
L1z1x - 11 VP (4 Stage I, 1 Stage II, 1 Artifact, 1 Preliminary, 1 Secret + Mutiny)
Winnu - 11 VP (4 Stage I, 1 Stage II, 1 Artifact, 1 Preliminary, 1 Secret + Mutiny)
Saar - 9 VP (5 Stage I, 1 Artifact, 1 Preliminary, 1 Secret)
Jol-Nar - 7 VP (5 Stage I, 1 Preliminary + Mutiny)



I know I said that the last game was my longest game yet, but this one easily surpassed that. Lasting 8 Rounds, 45 Turns, and over 60 hours for me to play, this was by far my largest undertaking. A couple more fun facts:

The map used all but (IIRC) 10 of the Distant Suns Tokens.
All Special Systems except Ion Storms were present on the board.
All but 7 planets are represented on the board.
Each "player" averaged a total playtime of 11.5 hours. The N'Orr were of course, much lower.
The game took up so much table space, I had to use a cardboard box as a side table for the dice rolls.
My hand written, turn-by-turn sumary is over 10 pages front and back.
The Nekro PDS defense, at games end, covers an astounding 16 hexes.
The most advanced tech researched was Advanced Fighters, by the Saar.
I knocked Faunus off the table 12 times.
My dog ate one of my D10.

This game had a lot of firsts for me. I had never seen a Race completely wiped off the board until this game. Which is unfortunate too, because I was actually really pulling for the N'Orr.

Thoughts on N'Orr

They had fantastic board position, enough room to grow with lots of planets, no real special systems blocking their movement, and a way to distract the Nekro with the Wormholes. This all kind of came crashing down because of the Distant Suns tokens they encountered and their crumby rolls. The N'Orr really are not a bad Race. Getting them up and running in the beginning is really the hardest part, since they start with no blue or Yellow Tech, and almost no manueverability. Getting them Resources and Carriers is something that should be focused on early. But with a really good Flagship, decent Reps, and mediocre Racial Techs, they still probably fall near the middle or lower middle of the Race standing as far as I'm concerned.

For my thoughts on the other races involved in this Championship Match, please check out my other games and look for the Afterthought at the bottom.


Thank you to anyone and everyone who took the time to read any or all of my Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition Tournament of Champions games. I hope you will continue to join me as I play through my Drunk & Disorderly Solo Session Reports, and keep an eye out for my next big undertaking, Descent: The Road to Legend!
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Adam Mitchell
United States
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I wish to register a protest on behalf of the Clan of Saar! If you hadn't arbitrarily switched to the long war, they could have won this one!

Aside from that, great job and thanks for the informative and entertaining session reports!
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JJ Belyeu
United States
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Solan wrote:
I wish to register a protest on behalf of the Clan of Saar! If you hadn't arbitrarily switched to the long war, they could have won this one!

Aside from that, great job and thanks for the informative and entertaining session reports!

Arbitrary? Haha, I think NOT! What is more EPIC than playing to 13 VP? yuk

All that aside, I agree completely. The Saar strive on a quick victory, before other races can race to catch up and cover the same ground that the Saar can during early Rounds. Along with that, I think the L1z1x would have possibly won due to a shorter game and more aggressive play.
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Mike Reilly

New York
New York
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Wow - I know its a year later, but let me say this looks anything but drunk and disorderly. It is in fact quite orderly, I reckon.

Very cool stuff. Glad to see the Nekro won. I'll be playing them tomorrow.

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