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Subject: World #6968 Games 1-5 (SPOILERS?) rss

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B. Nahkalaka
United States
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World #6968 has come to life...

Myself and three good friends came together yesterday to join in the birth of our Earth...

Game #1:
Me - Khan Ind.
N - Imperial Balk.
C - Enclave of the Bear
Is - Die Mech.

N claims W. Australia, I follow up with South Africa, C takes Japan, and Is takes Central America. N takes Australia and he fights C for the rule of Asia most of the time. I took Africa quickly and expanded into South America. After a few turns Is faced an untimely knock out. I was about to win my next turn, I controlled Is HQ, and had 4 resource cards. But N managed to power his way into Africa and steal the win.

Pack #1(player eliminated) opened.

Montreal(Mj) founded in Western Australia.
Bradyville(Mn) founded in S. Africa.
Sane founded(Mn) in Iceland.

I was quite, quite surprised we opened a pack after the first game!

Game #2:
Me - Saharan Rep.
N - Enclave of the Bear
C - Imperial Balk.
Is - Khan Industries

I take the W. United States, N begins his pattern of W. Australia, C takes Africa, Is goes for Asia. N quickly gets trapped in Australia but manages to hold on. I make my conquests across most of the Western World uncontested, but C takes Africa and Europe and takes Is HQ and manages to pull a pretty quick win.

Africa named Tierra del Fuego(Land of Fire)
Hogwarts(Mn) founded in Irkustk(sp?)
El Dorado(Mn) founded in Central America
Toronto(Mn) founded in E. Australia

Game #3:
Me - Enclave of the Bear
N - Khan Ind.
C - Die Mech.
Is - Imperial Balk.

I take Scandanavia, N again takes W. Australia. C takes somewhere in Africa, Is takes the Western US. N and C maintain the "Middle Eastern War," where their two armies tended to find a stand-off. I was barely able to hold Europe, Is took most of the Western Hemisphere, however I believe N took Is's HQ and managed to turn in some resource cards to take a 2nd win.

Pack #2 (sign board twice) opened!

Australia named Southeast Canada
Machu Piccu(Mn) founded in Peru
Bikini Bottom(Mn) founded in Madagascar
???(Mn) founded in Great Britain

Game #4:
Me - Enclave of the Bear
N - Khan Ind
C - Imperial Balk.
Is - Saharan Rep.

My favorite game by far. I took Argentina, N took W. Australia(surprise, surprise), C took Africa, Is took Irkutsk or somewhere around there. First off, the "Middle Eastern War" continues to rage between the two powers C and N. In my opinion they're the two better players. I expanded into most of the western hemisphere but I was still surprising weak and unable to amass a good force. At that point I had my HQ, plus a starting Star, and I believe managed to turn in some cards for a star. As the N and C battled and got nowhere, I managed to be sneaky little me and slip through the Alaska-something line and take Is's HQ for the win.

Comeback City(Mj) founded in Argentina.
C-stan founded in Central Africa.

Pack #3 opened(All minor cities founded)!!!

Game #5:
Me - Die Mechaniker
N - Saharan Rep.
C - Khan Ind.
Is - Imperial Balk.

I took somewhere in southern africa, N took W. Australia(5 in a row), Charlie took northern Europe, Is took Kamchatka. N completely swept Is right out of Asia, in like two turns. C hid in Europe and built up a massively scary wall. I took Africa and Is tried to regroup in North America. Eventually C turned in cards for a 28 reinforcement turn and went wild, taking out Is and taking his 7 resource cards. The next turn he did the same, trying to take N out, and almost succeeding. He thought he couldn't win and was just trying to go out with a bang, but I thought otherwise. I wasn't going to tell him that though. The next turn I turned in 4 cards for a star and slipped into Is's base. Game over. I had my HQ and had already completed a one star mission.

City of the Gods(Mj) founded in Venezuela.

Me - 2 wins
N - 2 wins
C - 1 win
Is - 0 wins

All factions but Saharan have a win. Imperial Balk. has 2.

3 Coins:
Central Africa

2 Coins:
South Africa
Western Australia
North Africa

The Quality of the pics should be better the next time around. Sorry about that.
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