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Subject: Earth 4449: Game 9 - (spoliers listed at top) rss

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Follow the start of the WAR here ----> Game 1, Game 2, Game 3, Game 4, Game 5, Game 6, Game 7 and Game 8

Welcome Back to Earth 4449!

Here are the current Standings:

Nathan – 3 Wins
Dan – 2 Wins
Sam – 1 Win
Erik – 1 Win
Nick – 1 Win


The following packets have been opened:

Elimination packet
Play all 9 minor Cities
Bonus German packet
Sign the board twice
3 Missiles


Player 1 – Nathan (me)
Player 2 – Sam
Player 3 – Dan
Player 4 – Erik
Player 5 – Nick

Game 9

Countries with 4 coin's each


Countries with 3 coin's each

Western Australia
Western United States

Countries with 2 coin’s each

East Africa
Northwest Territory
Central Africa

Pick/Start Order

I don’t recall what order everything was picked but everyone ended up with the following.

1) Sam – Mutants
First Turn
Third Placement
6 Troops
2 Coins
Radar Specialist

2) Nick - Imperial Balkania
Green: Draw a resource card if expanding 4+ territories
Blue: Draw a resource card if expanding into an empty city
Second Turn
First Placement
10 Troops
0 Coins

3) Nathan – Saharan Republic
Green: Maneuver at any point during your turn.
Blue: You may place some or all of your recruited troops into one unmarked, unoccupied territory.
Third Turn
Fifth Placement
10 Troops
1 Coin
Bomb Specialist

4) Dan - Enclave of the Bear (Rolling a natural 3 of a kind and defeating one unit, kills off the rest of the defenders troops and you take the territory.)
Fourth Turn
Fourth Placement
8 Troops
0 Coins

5) Erik - Khan Industries
Green: +1 Troop in each HQ
Blue: None
Brown: Activate as a player draws a resource card. That card cannot be drawn. That player can draw any other eligible card.
Fifth Turn
Second Placement
8 Troops
1 Coin

Sam started in New Guinea
Erik started in Argentina
Nick started in Emily, Central Africa
Nathan started in Siberia
Dan Started in Iceland

The War

Urban Assault: 1 Red Star; Conquer 4+ cities this turn.


With the Mutants now among us, it would seem that whoever played them would have a great stronghold in Australia. Someone could start there to prevent them but would be handicapping themselves.

Turn 1

Sam turned in his 2 cards (2 coins) and fortified Australia. Starting with only 6 troops he was determined to have a good starting position.

Nick took all of Africa expect for the Bio-Hazard Egypt, gaining a resource card.

Nathan moved many men to hold the bunker-ed city of Russia, hoping to see the 4 coin Russia or Scandinavia card.

Dan lost some men to Icecrown Citadel and OZ. Put the rest of his men in Scandinavia.

Erik taking advantage of North Africa’s Ammo Shortage blazed in, not stopping until he almost wiped Nick out. Gained a resource card (his 2nd).

Turn 2

Sam expanded into Asia and took Dragon, Ural from Nathan, claiming the 3 coin Japan card.

Nick expanded into the Middle East to gain his 2nd card.

No human faction owned a continent so the Mutant player (Sam) gained a Red Star.

Nathan took back Dragon, Ural gaining a resource card (his 2nd).

Dan expanded into N. America a little more and ended his turn.

Erik turned in his 2 cards (4 coins) and took all of Africa and knocked out Nick from the board, gaining his 2 resource cards and gaining a 3rd.

Turn 3

Sam only needing two Red Stars turned in his 1 card (3 coins). Putting some men into Japan to eventually go take Erik’s capital in Argentina (with the new sea line) he first through a huge assault against Nathan’s capital in Siberia. Nathan’s capital fell quick but was still able to foil Sam’s plans by blowing up his own capital. Sam gained a card and ended his turn.

Nick re-joined the WAR in Ontario. Expanded into a city to gain a card.

Sam Choose to evolve the mutants defensively.

Nathan turned in his 2 cards (3 coins) and attacked Dan’s men in Scandinavia. Using but many of his missiles to get it done, Nathan went to take the 4 coin Scandinavia card… but Erik not wanting that to happen used his missile power Interference to prevent me from getting it.

Dan with fewer forces figured he try and claim back Scandinavia so maybe he could get the 4 coin card. Nathan used the last of his missiles to prevent it.

Erik having 2 capitals turned in his 3 cards (4 coins) and moved into Europe to take Dan’s capital in Iceland and continued into North America conquering 4 cities this turn as well; winning him the game.

Dan’s Enclave of the Bear were eliminated and gained a Blue power: Well-Armed: Add 1 to all your attack dice when attacking an HQ.


Erik – Placed a Major City in Peru: Pe le’
Nathan – Added a Second coin to Ural
Nick – Added a Third coin to Ontario
Sam – Added a Fourth coin to Japan

Till next time!!!!

Game 1 - Winner: Sam - Saharan Republic
Game 2 - Winner: Nathan - Saharan Republic
Game 3 – Winner: Dan - Khan Industries
Game 4 – Winner: Eric - Imperial Balkania
Game 5 – Winner: Nick - Khan Industries
Game 6 – Winner: Nathan – Die Mechaniker
Game 7 – Winner: Dan – Saharan Republic
Game 8 – Winner: Nathan – Khan Industries
Game 9 – Winner: Erik – Khan Industries


Nathan – 3 Wins
Dan – 2 Wins
Erik – 2 Win
Sam – 1 Win
Nick – 1 Win

Continue the WAR ----> Game 10
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