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Subject: From their point of view... rss

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Justin Sung
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Flies. In his mouth. Maybe if they were roasted- they’d have been alright, but he couldn’t eat raw meat, let alone raw insect. Especially when running.

He continued to spit, but kept his legs moving. He shifted the sack on his back to his other shoulder, the jingle of the token kept him grinning. He couldn’t believe they bought his claim that he kept just his water bottle in there.

Dust pounded up, and he reached up to wipe his sweat but he kept going. Amazingly for a while nothing had happened- and in this race- that was good.

It seemed so simple. Run forward, eventually turn in a 180 degrees bend and then keep on a straight path to the finish. The fat old guy with the mustache and beard looked like he hadn’t exercised since the invention of the wheel, and if he’d have taken that stupid grin off his face he might be bearable.

The guy on his other side with the bandana and cloth mask had given him the evil eye- it may have been possible from his team that he had stolen. He didn’t like the evil eye- and definitely not that nasty bit of sword on his back.
That was at the start line… there were others, but after glimpsing the sight of-

The boy stopped running as he heard it.

That voice, he began to drool a bit, So beautiful…

He stopped, and tottered backwards, drool dripping from his chin, an expression of idiotic bliss on his face.

Then just as quickly the music stopped and his shook his head.
What the?

The boy frowned, shook the sack on his shoulder, shrugged and then ran on.

The Red haired female bounded along the path, screaming her warcry. Snarling she threw a dagger to her right, but there was a puff of smoke and the dagger whistled through harmlessly- only for the black clad ninja to reappear, leaping along at her exact pace.

If there was one thing an Amazon Warrior detested- it was an equal.

And also the weird powers that exuded from the other runners- there were plenty of characters in this race for glory that made her unnerved to be in the same space as- there, an opportunity!

The Amazon bounded closer to her right and whipped out her staff which the ninja blocked effortlessly with his katana still sheathed, but then with speed that made time go still, she whirled it around to the ninja’s back.

Wait a moment.

Time literally was still.

The ninja and herself were unable to move, but the Amazon’s ears still functioned and there was the un-mistaken cackle from above, and some straw from a broom floated down in front of her frozen eyes.

The blond haired boy wouldn’t have believed it if he hadn’t paused as he approached two runners in front of him. He had to because two of the most weird and scary runners had stopped, until he realised why.
Two of the scariest of the runners were frozen. Some sort of magic. He ventured a touch of the Katana- only to realize that whilst everything literally was frozen, something in the eyes of the bandana wearer and the half naked scary woman told him they were still conscience- and probably could get unstuck.

With a laugh that quickly died in his throat, and switching the sack on his shoulder to the other one, he ran on.

Troll want more head bashing. Troll hate music from nowhere, make troll go back. Troll hit strange man, dru- dru, druidman. Somethingman. Lots of times hit him back. Troll have fun. Troll win.

Sensei once told that. Yet there are powers at work I cannot fathom in this seemingly innocent race.
The woman who flies in the sky on a floor brusher has magic that controls the fabric of time. There is no other way to explain how that woman has managed such a large lead. and that I was unable to move my body yet remain conscience.
The warrior woman was fierce- but I have left her behind- and I am glad I did for another woman with snakes as hair appeared from the rear. Why are all the women in this race so strong in powers and mind yet the men scrawny straw headed boys, or dimwitted slobbering monsters? There is one other-

A twig to his right back snaps, and the ninja’s gaze snaps to that direction, coldly calculating how loud the snap and the direction, and possible velocity of the movement of whoever had the unfortunate task of tailing him. No, he is alone.
Ahead of him, his gaze snaps to a flash of blond hair ahead and the cackling figure in the sky. Two leagues in front. He glances back, at least two leagues behind are others.
It is good. I can focus. I will win.

His speed is enhanced by his hunger. The hunger that is never sated.
Nothing speaks better from him than his sword, and he had a great conversation with the b*tch who thought she could keep singing and dragging him in her direction.
However he could only keep her down for so long, and as he understood from where he came from, rules have to be followed. The stab in her side wasn’t that bad, even if so much flowed out of her, the blood could have been used as water to flood the Colosseum for a re-enactment of the battle of Actium.

She’ll live.

Great leaps take him forward, victory has given. He is quite glad that naked flying baby has not appeared in the race. He may very well have broken the rules and skewered that interfering runt.
He had caught up with the warrior woman, who gave him hell, but something about her swinging movements showed she must have been affected by too much magic. Too static and predictable, in her peak she must have been one hell of a fighter- but that was then.
He blocked her uppercut, read her feint to the left and hammered her face. Hopefully her face wasn’t too messed up. She would’ve made a heck of a trophy slave for the parade.
And after that victory, he moved swiftly. He still does. Two leagues at a time, to each moron who gets in his way…

Yes! I can’t believe it! I’m almost there! I can’t-
Hi there big sword man, listen maybe I can arrange something, I’ve got a token in my bag so I-

Troll Happy.

The battle has been drawn out. An adversary as worthy as the last, this warrior that runs with speed uncanny to reach here so quickly must have some secret- I must find his weakness.

Does he really think a feint on the left followed by a diagonal slash followed by an attempted elbow in my face followed by an attempted kick to my center would work? Does he take me for an amateur?
So many words spouting from his mouth. What does “Take some of this little fella” mean?

At least he has lasted as long as he has. At least he is worthy. It is hard to find a weakness, so much armour! Perhaps-
Hmm This is a problem.
Time is frozen.



A crumpled figure on the ground, some leagues back cradles a sack in his arms, sniffling.

The troll scratches his head, not seeing the heavily sweating druid hiding behind a tree nearby.

The Red haired woman sheaths her blade and counts her dagger.

Medusa with her eyes closed smiles as the stumps on her head wiggle, and then fresh scions burst out, ready to work their magic.

A long haired beauty picks herself up, and looks at the wound that fades from her body.

And finally after some time, they can move again, the ninja disappears with a puff of smoke.

The gladiator coughs and wipes his blade in the grass, gazing to where the witch is skulling some drink from a- oh. A skull.

Ah well, he thinks, resting his blade on his shoulder and walking away, there’s always next year

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