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Subject: Solo Rex rss

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William Gaskill
United States
New Jersey
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I know this is not a Game to play Solo but I had
wanted to put together some rules that would let
me do so to learn the game mechanics.

I came up with these after reading the online rules
from FFG.So I just received the Game and am in the
process of my first solo game.I mentioned this on
another post & someone asked if I would share them,
so here they are & yes it's a lot of die rolling
and the thing rather plays its self.


Use the 4 Player Game with the recommended Races

The Regular rules apply except for the following modifications:

Set Up-No Traitor Cards are drawn see Battles on how
to handle Traitors.

After the Influence Phase add:The Strategy Phase

-each Race roll d6 to select its Strategy for the current
turn:Whichever Strategy is chosen means the Race
can only perform those Actions.

The First Turn Only rolls=1-3=Plan,4-6=Maneuver/Battle
Thereafter use the following:

1-2=Plan-may Bid for Strategy Cards
3-4=Prepare-May Recruit Units*
5-6=Maneuver/Battle-may move & instigate Battles

Note-If a Race rolls a Strategy it would be
completely impossible to implement during the
turn it reroll & may also spend 1 Influence
to change the reroll die by + or - 1.The reroll
result is final

*Races with 11+ casualties are automatically
assigned this Strategy

-Plan=Bidding-Roll d10=the # of Influence that can be Bid
9-10=Pass.roll for each Card,if roll # exceeds
Influence available all Influence is bid

-If tie Bids occur the Race with the highest turn
order gets the Card but must pay+1 extra
influence.If can't Card goes to next highest
turn order Race.If no one can pay the extra
+1 Influence the Race with the lowest turn
order gets the card at the bid cost.

Note-Strategy Cards are bid on face down they
are not turned face up until purchased.(but see
Jol- Nar Special Ability).Cards that may effect
Battles are possibly played then(see Maneuver/
Battle)Non Battle Cards Must* be played in the
phase called for-Roll d6-Even =Play/Odd=Don't play

* A Race does not have to play a Card that would
be against it's interest but may play a Card even if
the Strategy Option selected for the turn would
or ordinarly not allow such an action to be played.

-Prepare=Roll d6 to get # Units that can be recruited.
If 6 rolled can recruit a Leader.If no leader available
treat as 5.Must expend Influence to purchase
Units up to Influence available-Leaders get priority.
Note Race still gets "Free"Units per rules.

-Maneuver /Battle=May move & instigate Battles as per
Rules.Races roll die# closest to the # of Units they
have in Battle Sector*.Leaders selected by Random
draw.*If # rolled is over the # of Units present reroll
until get # within the Unit range.

Strategy Cards roll d6:

3=use Attack Card
4=use Defense Card
5-6=Use 1 Attack & 1 Defense
Note Card is selected via Random Draw if more than 1 choice.
If # rolled is NA treat as None

Note this Strategy allows movement via
regular Rules.Moves to Battles are not Mandatory.

Traitor Mechanic-Once Battle is set up & before resolved
each side roll d10 if 10 the opponents Leader is a Traitor
(note enemy Leader must be present to roll )& Race that
played the Card wins.Once Traitor triggered roll is no longer
made by that race unless they acquire another Traitor Card.
Note Letnev may make roll up to 4 times in a Battle per
their Special Race Abilities.(each successful use reduces
the Letnev rolls by 1 for the next battle)

Regardless of Strategy Option Selected a Race may
always move /Deploy to vacant Sections to occupy a
Stronghold, Galactic Council, Navy Base or Spaceport
as per the Rules.A Race may also move on the Board
(not Deploy) to acquire Influence.No other moves
are allowed unless Maneuver Strategy Selected.

Temporary Cease Fire Card-Roll d6:

-Both Sol & Lazax try to form Alliance

Sol first rolls d6: 1-4=No Alliance,5-6=Alliance

If Alliance Roll d6 for Ally- Even=Jol-Nor,Odd=Letnev

Lazax then rolls d6 1-4=No Alliance,5-6=Alliance

If Alliance and Sol already has Ally Lazax gets
the other Race.If no Sol Alliance roll d6 for Ally
Even=Jol-Nor,Odd Letnev

-If Alliance already in place when this Card Drawn
any Alliances are broken.Sol & Or Lazax
roll d6 as above to see if they can form new Alliances.

-Note Sol & Lazax can never be Allies.

-Ally Advantage Cards to use roll d6:Even =Use/Odd=Don't
(roll each time use is possible)

-Sharing Influence:Only Allies may share Influence & only
if Race A has 6+ more influence than Race B.If so both
Races roll d6 if both Even # may share Influence.Roll d6
to see how much Influence Race A gives to Race B.The
Influence given then becomes subject to Race B Strategy

Betrayal Card - per rules-Note Betrayal Card is Face
Down until end of Game.Card is then played if Alliance
Victory & if criteria is met the Betrayer wins.Note this
is not optional .

Race Special Abilities

-Lazax,Sol,Letnev as per Rules

-Jol-Nar Modified as follows:

-May reject Card it purchased ,spent Influence
is returned & Card goes to next highest bidder.
(if any otherwise place in discard pile)

-May also Deploy on a Area to secure Influence
(this replaces Race Advantage #2)

-Roll d4 to see what info is demanded of Battle Opponent.

2=Attack Strategy Card
3=Defense Strategy Card
4=# of Battle Dial

The Jol-Nar may then if shown to be at a disadvantage
in the exposed information do the following:

-Leader - redraw a new leader-if new Leader less
than their original Leader keep the original

-Strategy Card- reroll for Battle Strategy Card
Selection - the new selection result is final

-Unit Strength # on Battle Dial-reroll appropriate die
if new # is less keep original #.

Bombard-any time Sol Fleet would hit a non shielded Area
with So Units the fleet stops before it enters that Sector.
(this replaces the Sol 3rd Race Advantage)

Turn 8-All Races automatically receive Maneuver/Battle
Strategy.Roll d6 to select an additional Strategy
1-3= Plan,4-6=Prepare(you may apply the reroll
to this roll)

5 & 6 Races Rex Solo

5 Race-add Halcan Player the only addition needed
is for an Alliance.See 5/6 Alliances Below

6 Race Game-add the Halcan & Xxcha.

Additions Xxcha Race Advantage:

Predict Winner-place all Race & Turn # Tiles
face down & draw 1 of each keeping them face
down.The tiles are not checked until a Race wins
OR if no winner by turn 6 the tiles are turned
face up & the Xxcha may act upon that
information within the limits of the Solo Rules.

Face up/down Units-may be allocated per the
standard game rules however in Battles
involving the Xxcha all Units must be turned
face up any Units unallocated to the Battle
must roll to see if they are turned face down or
kept face up.Roll the nearest numbered die
that covers the # of Units face up & the
result is the # of Units that are turned face
down (reroll any NA results).

5/6 Race Alliances

When Ceasefire card comes up;

-Sol rolls d6-1-4=no alliance,5-6=alliance

If alliance roll d6 to get # other Races in alliance.
1-4=1 other Race,5-6=2 other Races
Then form a deck of 1 ally card each from Halcan,
Xxcha, Letnev,Jol-Nor.Shuffle & place face down.
Now draw the the # of cards up to the # of Races
in the alliance(as per the d4 roll ).keep the remaining
Cards face down in case Lazax also gets an alliance.

-Lazax now rolls d6 and follows the same procedures
as above.NOTE if Sol received an Alliance the Lazax
Race Alliance & #choices could be eliminated or restricted.

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Eric Engstrom
United States
Mount Prospect
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Grey Dolphin Games
Wow, this is very specific! I'm impressed by how much work has gone into this! How does it work in actual execution?
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Kelly N.
United States
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That's it! I'm freaking buying the game now. Family included or not, at least I can go solo now.

Thanks my brutha from anutha mutha!
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William Gaskill
United States
New Jersey
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I'm into turn 5 now & it holds together rather well.
I just updated the Bidding Section to work around
tie bids which just came up.

Each Race works toward the victory conditions & its
special victory conditions (if any)as the solo
restrictions allow so it's not just all random.

So far it's a tight contest only Sol is struggling
it keeps trying to take the Imperial Palace from
the Jol-Nar using a high power leader but commiting
only a few of its Units so Jol-Nar keeps winning
but it's costing them.The last Battle wiped out both sides
and then the Letnev just deployed & took over the Palace.


PS-Just updated again to make clear what happens if you
roll over the # of Units to commit for combat and to
show how the Jol-Nor 3rd Racial Advantage works.

PSS-another update I added that Races with 11+ casualties are automatically assigned the Prepare Strategy.The last couple
of turns Sol hasn't been able to get any Units in play.

PSSS-1 mo time-updated to handle what happens if a Race gets
a turn Strategy it can impliment & to provide for a Hail Mary
on turn 8.

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Randy Mathews
United States
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Thanks a lot for posting this! I'm looking forward to trying this out!
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William Gaskill
United States
New Jersey
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Thanks for the interest,I've made several updates to the
Solo Rules based on my first game.I'm at turn 8 now
and anxious to see how this comes out.

The Rules have provided a close Game so far,I just added
a bit that makes Turn 8 wide open so that any Race
will have a last shot at winning.

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William Gaskill
United States
New Jersey
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Completed Turn 8 this morning,rather a Barn Burner
3 of the 4 Races had a shot at winning.

On the turn 7 Bombardment the Letnev used Intel Report
to direct the Dreadnought Fleet to the Civilian
Spaceport & this locking up the Jol-Nar Forces.
(they were in moving distance of the Letnev

On Turn 8 Jol-Nor had to spend what little influence
it had to recruit & thus had no deployment.

Sol put 11 Units into the Imperial Palace
and the Letnev who controled it with 5
deployed 2 more there.The Lazax then had a choice
it could have deployed to the empty Imperial
Navy Base giving them 2 strongholds & the win if
both the Letnev & Sol emiminated each other at
the Imperial Palace or Letnev wonthe Battle.
They could also deploy the 1 mec & 1 regular unit
into the Imperial palace.I rolled a die & sent
them to the Navy Base.

The Battle between Sol & Letnev gave Sol the victory
by 1 point. So Sol got the Win on it's special victory
condition.(I also just to see what would have happened
ran the Sol -Lazax Battle & Sol crushed them).

All in all the Solo Rules worked to provide a Game
with some real tension.No alliances happened in the
2 chances that came up nor did any Tratiors ever surface.
Maybe the Tratior die roll needs adjustment to something
like 8-10 to get a tratior.

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William Gaskill
United States
New Jersey
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Talk about multiple postsblush

Well I enjoyed the 4 Race Solo Game so much I checked
out adding the 5th & 6 Race.The 5 Race was simple
adding the Xxcha required a little working around.

The Alliance members are rather arbitrary I used
my impressions of the Rex Fluff & the Dune books
to decide.So you could just as easily throw all
the Race Tokens in a cup & draw them or use your
own ideas on who would ally with who.

I'm going to try my next game with all 6 and see how
it goes.It will increase turn time but it's Solo
so no big deal.

I just edited the 5 & 6 Races Game into the
Solo Rules.


I Updated the Solo Rules mainly to redo the Ally
System.I based them on Dune and it was really too limiting
for Rex.Now it's more open & it's possible for
some Races not to be in Alliances while others are.

I did restrict Sol & Lazax so they can never ally.
(if someone was blasting your city would you ally with them?)
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Brian Papa
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Can this work with 3 human players mixing in 3 A.I. opponents?
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Did you ever develop or play this further?
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Neil J.
United States
Castle Rock
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I recently inquired about a solo variant for Dune (Rex's older brother?), and was guided to this thread. Thanks to Old Dwarf for his work on this. It looks like something I could decode for Dune, but I'm not sure about the factions mentioned here and how (or if) there is an equivalent for Dune. Anyone with any experience or guidance here? Thanks!

Here's the Dune thread for reference:
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Ran Stu
United States
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Have you added your solo version to the files so it can be downloaded? If not, how do we get them, copy and paste?
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