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Greg Schloesser
United States
Jefferson City
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This is a Tom Lehmann design which was published by Tim Jim / Prism games. The premise of the game is one similar to that used in the 'Terminator' movies ... go back into time to alter past events so the present can be altered in ways more suitable to your race. It is an intriguing idea and Lehmann has done an admirable job of making the mechanics of the game evoke the feeling of the theme.

After several readings of the rules, I still had a nagging feeling that it was going to be a bit cumbersome continually tracing the various time lines to see if any of the inventions had been disconnected. Plus, I also feared that the continuous reversing and un-reversing of events, and the corresponding adjustments of the players resource and victory points, would prove repetitious and tedious. Fortunately, this has not really been the case and things are flowing more smoothly than I had anticipated.

This is not to say that the game is fully 'working'. Eric Alleman and Darren Arnold are giving it enthusiastic responses, but the rest of us are ambivalent at this point. There seems to be quite a bit of repetitive actions and thus far the game is centered on the constant reversal and un-reversal of just a few events in history. I'm sure that better strategies and tactics will become evident as the game continues, and will certainly become clearer on future playings, but as of right now it is tending to drag a bit.

The players are: Darren Arnold (Buralti), Ashton Arnold (Fiolli), Eric Alleman (Zytal), Lenny Leo (Veneb) and Greg Schloesser (Roo). Each race has a nice history and has its own objectives and goals. For instance, the Buralti (pictured as large bulldog humanoids) are the master race of the present and wish to see the present maintained pretty much intact. The problem, of course, is that the other races, who are sort of under the Buralti's heel (or would that be paws?) in the present are seeking to alter past events, which would then alter their status in the present. Thus, the Buralti is under constant siege and is scurrying back into time to various events in attempts to prevent their reversal, or to re-alter them if other races had already managed to reverse them.

Each event that is reversed will help some races (in the form of increased resource and/or victory points), while hurting others. Thus, the various races scurry back and forth in time to alter and prevent the alteration of these events. There are also seven major inventions (one of which is Time Travel itself) which, if disconnected from the present, will cause that invention to cease to exist, again affecting some of the races resource and/or victory points. The game ends when Time Travel is completely disconnected, and the player with the most victory points wins the game.

Early on, players in our game have been concentrating on reversing events which would increase primarily their resource points. The more resource points a player has, the more income he receives. Income is necessary to purchase time machines, squads and agents, send these agents and squads back into time, and to alter events. As the game wore on, more attention is now being paid to altering events which earn victory points. Battles have developed over certain key events, particularly between Lenny and Ashton over the Black Hole Energy event, and between Darren and Eric over the Zytal - Buralti War # 3. Lots of carnage!

Eric and I have a shaky truce right now, as I could easily alter a few events which would cost him dearly. However, he is also in position to alter other events which would harm me. Thus, we are cooperating and are both enjoying healthy resource income, hoping the truce will hold.

Darren, however, has been getting battered at every turn. Nearly every event altered hurts him and he simply doesn't have enough resources remaining or forces on the board to adequately defend all of these key events. He has an uphill battle ahead of him.

As the evening drew to a close, we called a halt to the proceedings and will continue and conclude the game next week. Here are the current totals in Resource Points and Victory Points:

Resource Points: Eric 51, Greg 51, Ashton 45, Lenny 41, Darren 38

Victory Points: Eric 43, Ashton 37, Greg 36, Darren 28, Lenny 26
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