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Player 1: Helo
Player 2: Baltar (Me)
Player 3: Dee
Player 4: Chief
Player 5: Apollo

Playing with Ionian Nebula objective and Cylon Fleet Board and the Pegasus expansion. Our initial allies were Adama, Cavil, and Anders.

The first turn of the game was uneventful due to Helo's weakness.

On the second turn, I had a Support the People on my hand as well as an XO. I moved to the president's office and XOed Apollo in order to get my hand down to 3 so I could draw from StP on the crisis.

Apollo played a State of Emergency, which didn't serve to do much but make us lose some food... the only players who were really in position to take an action were myself and Apollo. I hit president's office, and Apollo escorted a civilian. My crisis put me in sickbay.

Dee XOed me out of Sickbay, and I moved to Pegasus CIC and took out the basestar thanks to a critical hit.

Things were fairly uneventful for awhile. No basestar activations made the cylon fleet board stay pretty static until we jumped. Upon jumping, Helo played Gas Cloud. He looked at the top 3 cards of crisis and buried all 3. This made us suspicious... he could have just gotten a very bad draw, but more likely that he buried some jump icons and chose a low numbered destination. My crisis allowed the current player to brig a character of his choosing upon passing. We passed with flying colors and I chose to brig Helo; while the evidence against him wasn't completely damning, I felt more comfortable with Apollo as admiral.

On Chief's turn, we had a crisis that would allow Chief to look at another player's loyalty. Two negative cards were played into the crisis - a red 6 and something low (I don't remember what exactly). Despite this, we passed. I suggested checking Helo since Apollo seemed loyal whereas if Helo is just a victim of circumstance, we should let him out of the brig. Chief disagreed and checked Apollo. He then stated that Apollo was human.

On Helo's turn, we agreed that the downside of keeping a human Helo in the brig (where he would accumulate trauma) outweighed the benefit of keeping a cylon Helo in the brig. We let him out.

Our second destination was Deep Space. Not the best destination, but certainly not the worst. I was still pretty confident that Apollo was human. When the cylon fleet finally caught us, it had accumulated two basestars in the same area. Apollo hit them with a nuke, destroying one.

Right before the last jump before sleeper, the detector sabotage crisis came up. I stated that I really wanted to pass since I'd hate to lose my OPG, so I played Jury Rigged to reduce difficulty to 4. Everybody but Chief added to the crisis... and the result had two negative cards and one trust instincts. Trust instincts caused us to fail and lose a morale via Iron Will. I noticed the sabotage but kept quiet; nobody else mentioned it

Our third destination was the Lion's Head Nebula. At the sleeper phase, all resources were blue except fuel (which was at 3) and we were at 6 distance. A cylon Apollo looked more and more unlikely.

The first crisis after sleeper was a choice between a skill check or rolling a die to possibly lose fuel. I said that we shouldn't risk fuel seeing as it was our lowest resource. It was Dee's choice, and she chose to go for the skill check. I then said that I believed Helo was a cylon because Detector Sabotage was sabotaged and I had little interest in sabotaging it (since it would mean losing my OPG), Apollo's loyalty was pretty clear pre-sleeper, and Dee just made a very pro-human choice when she could have risked fuel... Helo couldn't really argue with that logic, and used his OPG to force us to take the die roll (I guess I should have shut up until after the crisis). I played a Strategic Planning and we rolled an 8, protecting the fuel.

Apollo urged Chief to use communications to move a civilian away from raiders, while I urged Chief to XO me to arrest Helo. Apollo stated that I couldn't yet be trusted; I defended myself by saying I used a Strategic Planning to protect fuel when I could have believably said I didn't have one (since it isn't a part of my skill set). Dee sided with me, and together we concluded that Apollo is the most likely second cylon. After much debate, Chief XOed me... I debated with Dee on whether I should arrest Apollo or Helo. Apollo defended himself saying that there was still the possibility he wasn't a cylon, while Helo is certainly a cylon. I decided that if I did brig Apollo, I would risk losing Chief's trust (since he wasn't on board thinking Apollo was the second cylon), so I ended up arresting Helo.

On Apollo's turn, we jumped to a remote planet and reached the Ionian Nebula.

Apollo thought he heard some strange music, but it ended up being nothing but static. Due to detector sabotage, he was not able to look at loyalty cards.
Helo thought somebody made a miraculous return, but it was a trick.
I had a vision of an opera house, but the door was shut.
Dee was scanned, and an attack was ordered.
Chief had a disturbing vision, but it wasn't real.
Nobody was eliminated. Apollo's crisis put us one jump icon from Blue -3.

On Helo's turn, he finally revealed as a cylon.

On my turn, I used the president's office... nothing good.

On Dee's turn, Apollo asked for an XO, but Dee instead opted to use the engine room. Jump track was increased to Blue -3. With population at 9, it seemed like victory was within our grasp. A crisis finished off Pegasus.

Then, on Chief's turn he activated the Admiral's Quarters on Apollo. I used Political Prowess to force a fail (while I had suspicions about Apollo, FTL would have won us the game). Looks like we found our second cylon! Chief's crisis, if failed, would have placed him in the brig. The three humans poured our hands into it to sabotage (for no real purpose, the game would end on Apollo's turn unless one of the raiders hit Galactica and damaged FTL). Chief passed the check, and one raider hit Galactica, damaging armory.

Apollo jumped the human team to victory.

Chief revealed he was a cylon from the start. Helo had to leave before we could ask him, but I'm assuming he was also one from the start due to the detector sabotage.

Overall, a fairly easy win for humans, which is a relief since cylons have been on a bit of a winning streak in our group. Ionian Nebula wasn't very impressive since we never had reason to encounter any allies and we saved Helo from elimination... so basically, IN just convinced us to let a cylon out of the brig and allowed us to increase jump prep at crossroads.
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Mooseared Ferenczy
United States
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Your title is correct, that was in fact an interesting game. Thanks for sharing and good session report.
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