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Subject: 5 player, New Caprica, no Cylon Leaders. rss

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I'll think of something witty to put here...
Last week we played 5 player BSG. I have the Pegasus expansion, but normally don't go to New Caprica or use Cylon Leaders. This game a couple of the players expressed interest in NC, and it had been a while so we used it. We also used the cards and characters from Exodus.

We set up and I was dealt seat 5.

The characters chosen, in order were:
1. Cain (Admiral)
2. Starbuck
3. Baltar (President)
4. Tory
5. Gaeta (me)

I was dealt an initial Cylon card, but decided to play the game quietly, to hopefully steal the Admiralty towards the end of the game.

I tried to give minimal help, though there was little worthwhile to sabotage. There was one good check (I forget the title) that would have cost two resources if failed (Morale + Food if I remember correctly) that I spiked with a purple 3, whilst claiming I'd helped 'a lot', implying that the others didn't need to put in so much, but unfortunately the check passed exactly with the help of a Declare Emergency card (it was 2 points short). All of the characters draw purple, except for Gaius Baltar, who can draw purple, and it could have been destiny, so they couldn't pin it on me, though there was a shortage of 'large' cards in the output. (We play 0-3 = small, 4-6 = large.)

One of the players (Cain) was very suspicious of me, because the other players were being 'more helpful', but the was no evidence that anything had been sabotaged.

I tried to use my actions selfishly (Launch scout and Press room), though I was sort-of forced to help out when the group decided to jump at -3 on the second jump because I could use my FTL ability to re-roll the dice.

The first jump went 3 distance, and just before the sleeper phase, Tory played 'State of Emergency' (Green 6, gives everyone an action for the cost of 1 food). Despite having 8 or 9 cards in hand, I had none with actions on them (a lot of the new ones are not actions), so I decided to take the opportunity to use my once per game and become Admiral. I justified it because it was almost the sleeper phase and I had nothing better to do.

The second jump went 2 distance, and I had a choice of 2 for 2 fuel or 2 for 1 fuel, 1 morale. I chose to hit the morale, because it was looking like fuel wasn't going to be a problem. So we were at distance 5, morale and food were a little bit lower than you'd like (about half full), but there was plenty of population and fuel.

Almost straight away we'd jumped again via Cain's once per game and made 7 distance (the card had been scouted), cue New Caprica. By now lots of things were getting sabotaged, but still nothing that could be concretely pinned on me, though Cain was pretty adamant that I was a Cylon. Early on New Caprica Gaius Baltar got caught out as sabotaging things, and the other 3 players executed him. I played some yellow cards in to help him, but to no avail, as they narrowly passed it.

However, the humans were now short on cards and failing skill checks. Morale was down to 4. On my turn I decided to execute Cain to hurt morale and get rid of human cards. Cain was chosen because she had used her once per game, while Starbuck and Tory were still 'armed' (they could come back as Cally and execute me for free), so morale was down to 3.

It got round to Tory's turn, and the jump track completed it's cycle. On my turn, after Galactica and Pegasus made a brief jump into New Caprica's atmosphere, I ordered the fleet to jump, ending the game. Everyone was executed and population and morale were both reduced to 0.
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