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Greg Schloesser
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By: Jerry Maus

The British are coming! The British are coming!

No, its not an American Revolution game or an Irish Republican game. Rather, it is Britannia. The game encompasses England, Scotland and Wales and covers the period in history from the Roman invasion of Britain through the Norman invasion. Each of four players commands a series of four to five 'peoples' during this time span. The object is to amass the most victory points, which are obtained by conquest of various territories and/or by the elimination of enemy armies. (Note: NATO observers are worth no victory points) The new sister game to Britannia, Kosovo, will be released in the Fall.

The four would-be ethnic cleansers were Darren Arnold (leading the Romans, Scots, Norwegians and Dubliners), Willard Fann (commanding the Welsh, Danes, Caledonians and Jutes); Eric Alleman (showing the Angles, Picts, Belgae and Normans the true path) and Jerry Maus (urging on the Brigantes, Saxons, Norsemen and Irish).

The game as usual began with Darren's Romans eating up all of England straight up to the Scottish frontier. A small disaster befell the Romans as they attempted to expel the Brigantes from the mountainous area. The Romans incredibly lost four armies in the attempt. This not only earned the Brigantes 12 victory points, but it also left them a major force when they should have been exterminated or at the very least subdued (forced to submit).

The Romans did amass 40 victory points before heading for home. Meanwhile, Eric's Picts eliminated Willard's Caledonians in the northern islands. This would eventually cost Willard at least 12 victory points and a shot at victory. Willard's Welsh, however, were able to build a nice stronghold in Wales (where else?) which produced 53 points during the course of the game.

The invading Jutes, Saxons and Angles filled the void left by the Romans and the remains of the Brigantes built a nice stronghold in Strathclyde and Galloway. Darren's Scots attempted to gain a foothold in the Highlands, but managed little success due to the numerous Picts. Jerry's Saxons managed to control the lion's share of England and elect himself Bretwalde (overlord) for three consecutive terms. This is worth an extra two victory points per turn. Meanwhile, the Angles were set upon by the Brigantes and Welsh and failed to gain hold of eastern England as they normally are able to.

The invasion of Jerry's Norsemen finally put an end to Eric's control of the Highlands. Willard's Welsh managed to control York for two turns due to the weakness of the nearest opponents. This earned Willard an impressive six victory points per turn ... good play!

Darren's Dubliners invaded, followed shortly by his Norwegians. The Norwegians, followed by Eric's Normans, exterminated the Saxons and pushed the Danes back into Lindsey.

Those Brigantes who survived the Roman assault generated a whopping 73 victory points and carried Jerry to the victory. Thirty victory points is normally a good total for the Brigantes.

Final tally in victory points:

Jerry 146 1/2; Willard 106; Eric 89; Darren 81

Ratings: Jerry 9, Willard 8, Darren 8, Eric 7

Willard did quite well getting 98 points from the Welsh and the Danes. The loss of the Caledonians early in the game cost him at least twelve victory points. These scores were very high as in our last game, Eric captured the victory with just 97 victory points!
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