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Subject: Battleaxe Lybia 41' scenario rss

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sacha cauvin
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Battleaxe, assault on the Hafid ridge, 15th June 1941.

Alerted by Luftwaffe reports Rommel expects a british assault to liberate Tobruk and puts most of his tank force (about 200 tanks including 107 panzer III and IVs) in reserve north of the Hafid ridge, a chain of 3 ridges where the DAK has dug in with many anti tank guns.
On the british side, Wavell has just received the Tiger convoy bringing him 82 cruiser tanks and 135 mathildas for his Battleaxe operation!
While Wavell's 22nd guards and 4th tank brigades rush for fort Capuzzo on June 15th, 7th armoured brigade makes the first of three assault on the Hafid Ridge hoping to outflank Rommel's DAK...

Maps: from Baron's Tobruk map pack, use the sandy part of the map only (2 maps). The ridge should be in the middle of the map (all the other hexes are clear terrain).
Where the 2 roads are: this is West, the german side. The brits are attacking from the East.

Placement: the germans place anywhere on or next to a ridge hex.
The british depoly anywhere on the East map, 6 hexes away from any ridge hex.
As you can see the battle has already begun, most units are within firing range...

German 5th Light Division:

German DAK officer x2 (use the finnish officer's card)
Dak infantry x7
sandbagged machine gun team x2
disciplined spotter x2
7.5 LEL g18 x2
pak 38 x3
88 flak 36 x2
sdkfz 250 x2
sdkfz 251 x1
sdkfz 2
sdkfz 231
sdkfz 7/1
sdkfz 222
panzerjager I

minefield x6
pillbox x2

Junker JU 87B stuka
messerschmitt me 110
macchi C202 folgore (can be replaced by a Me 109)

Enter on turn 3 on any road hex on the North end of the map:
sdkfz 222
panzer II ausf F
panzer III ausf F x3
panzer IV ausf E x3

British 7th Armoured Brigade:

matilda II x3
crusader II x3
humber scout car x4
universal carrier x4
bedford truck x5
inspiring lieutnant x5
sten smg x3
vickers machine gun x2
SMLE x15
3 inch mortar x2
2 pounder anti tank gun x2
40mm Bofor

P40 tomahawk x3 (can be replaced by hurricanes or spitfires)

Victory conditions:

at the end of turn 8 the winner is the player holding most of the ridge!

Rommel en Lybie, Yves Buffetaut, Militaria magazine
Le siege de Tobruk, Champs de bataille thématique 11

As always follow the link to Forumini for more info, feedback and pictures:

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