Don Hiles
United States
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Chosen over TOMB for a late night session, 4 players sat down to be transformed into epic spellwarring battle wizards. And it was good.

The rulebook intro was read quite dramatically and got the new recruits ready to explode faces. With some rules being interpreted on the fly(Healing above max health, We'll allow it, cause why not? We are epic wizards after all!), it was pretty easy to jump right into face melting hilarity; even if some of us were already one bottle in!

Even with rage quitting that only lasted until the next round, the game came down to a final round with four wizards remaining, all with one of the two required victory tokens, a fair number of treasures and of course, health far below safe levels. The princess and her furicorn kamikazed into Lady Lazzerve, without meaning to do the self dying of part.

That left the Slag Genie staring down the Pissed Wizard, each with less than 5 health remaining. The Genie was able to utter his spell quicker to go for the mortal blow, but came up short, leaving Pisster only half alive but still breathing.

Pisster uttered his spell and vanquished the Slag Genie and claimed the tournament climbing across the corpses of the the three fallen wizards!

The laughing fallen vowed their revenge and destruction of Pisster, The Pissed Wizard, they await the next tournament to bathe Mt. Skullzfyre in rivers of blood...

Can't wait till our next play now that we have figured out most of the rules. We played the first match of the game with simultaneous reveal but not resolve, don't play this way! Keeping the spells hidden until resolving makes it so much more epic and hilarious! Especially when you murderlize the wizard that was going to blast the entire table.
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