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Subject: Some House Rules (SPOILER ALERT) rss

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Gurps Melendor
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In this document you will find some house rules for A Game of Thrones ( Some of them can be considered spoilers, so be alert if you don’t read the five books (what are you waiting for?). The objective of that rules is give new paths for victory and make references of cool stuff of the story. Enjoy!

1. Claim the True Blood
After the Westeros phase there will be the Claiming phase. Every player will bid secretly. If the owner of the Iron Throne bids more than all other players together, he gets a Claim Tolken; otherwise, nothing happens. If any player gets his third Claim Tolken, he wins the game automatically. Remember that isn’t Westeros phase in first turn, so there will not be a Claim phase.

1.1 Core Cities Variant
If the player is in control of his two Core Cities, adds one of his bidding in Claim phase. The Core Cities are:
- Kings Landing and the home area for Martel, Tyrel, Baratheon and Lannisters;
- Riverrun and Winterfel for Stark; and
- Pike and other capital for Greygoy.

2. Defender of the Realm
After the Claim Phase, there will be the Defender phase. There will not be Defender Phase in the first turn. In that phase, the owner of the Valeryun Steel Blade can remove put to 2 of his land units from the board and sand them to the wall. Units in the wall will not count for supply limits, cannot receive any Order Tolken and cannot be call back during the mustering. They are considered out of game for all purposes, except during the wildling attack.

During the Wildling Attack, before the bidding, calculate the forces of each player in the wall: 1 for each Footman and 2 for each Knight and Siege Machine. If any player has alone more forces than the Wildling Strength, the attack has being defeated. The bidding is not necessary in that case. That player will suffer the good consequences of the Wildling Card and receive a Defender Tolken. If any player gets his third Defender Tolken, he wins the game automatically. If two or more players have enough forces to win the wildlings, they (and only they) will bid (see how below) for the good effect of the wildling card and the Defender Tolken.

If no player has alone more forces in the wall than the Wilding Strength, the bidding is necessary for all players and nobody will get the Defender Tolken. In that biding the forces in the wall will be added to each player Bidding Power. Example: the Baratheons have 1 Knight and 2 Footman in the wall and bid 2 Power Tolkens, their Bid Power in that wildling attack will be 6.

If the Wildlings win the attack, each player must remove 2 unit in the wall (if there is any). In other cases, each player will remove 1 every attack. Units lost in the wall can be mustering again.

2.1 Last Attack Variant
At the end of the Turn 10, if no player have already wan, move the Wildling Track twice and make one last Wildling Attack.

3. Powers of Essos
After the Planning Phase (and before the Action Phase) there will be the Essos Phase. For every special order (with star) that each player has right to use and doesn’t, he/she can do two things: receive one Essos Tolken; or remove one Essos Tolken from someone.

During any mustering, the owner of the Raven can change his Essos Tolkens for units. That units can be put in any region controlled by him/her, but it cannot overcome the supply limit. The costs of the units are: footman and ship, 1; knight and siege weapon, 2; elephant, 3; dragon, 6.

The elephant will be used like any other land unit, and it has 3 of combat strength. Each player can have two elephant units. The dragon is a land unit with 5 of combat strength but it moves different than others. It cannot use the ships in other to move. If it receives a March Order, it can move up to 3 regions away. It can pass through see areas, but it cannot stop there. It cannot pass through areas with others players armies. Dragons retreat like any other unit, but they never get routed. There can be only 3 dragon’s mustering during all the game.

4. New Game Round

- Westeros Phase (skipped in game round 1)
- Claim Phase (skipped in game round 1)
- Defender Phase (skipped in game round 1)
- Planning Phase
- Essos Phase
- Action Phase

5. Special Places

In each of the following special, the owner can choose have a unique effect for the Consolidate Power instead of get power tokens.

- Castle Black: See the next Wildling Card and may move the Wildling Tolken one space forward or back (cannot move to 12 or 0);
- Mountains of the Moon: Gain one footman; cannot overcome the supply limit;
- Harrenhal’s neighborhood (Riverrun, Stoney Sept, Blackwater and Cracklaw Point): any army in Harrenhal cannot attack you (or give support to attack again you) in the next turn if you don’t attack it first. It still can march to other region and then attack you anyway;
- King’s Landing: Conscript one Gold Cloaks Garrison (strength 2), maximum of one;
- Stormpoint: Put a Fortrees Tolken there, maximum of one. It adds one to the combat strength to the army when defending and it doesn’t count for supply limits. Knights and elephants attacking (or giving support to attack) will have their combat strength lower by 1.
- Oldtown: See the next three events cards of one type (I, II or III) and put them back in the same order;
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baron vendredi
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Few questions:

Can players still win with the regular "7 cities" objective? Or is this new objective meant to be the only method of victory?

What happens in the case of a tied claim between all other players and the Throne player?

Can units from multiple players be on the wall at the same time? Do they all count for resolving a wildling attack?

I like the Claim idea if included as an alternate. Provides another power sink and provides a second method of victory.

The Wall idea is interesting but I'm not sure if it's actually all that meaningful and doesn't really add to the attraction of the Blade.
The Essos idea feels a little strong; putting units down anywhere is pretty potent, and makes the Raven track suddenly much more important since you can build bigger armies with in.
I do like some of the unique Consolidate effects though.
The KL garrison conscription is pretty potent but the area is pretty raidable, and you give up the opportunity to gain 3 power tokens.
Castle Black, Mountains of the Moon, and Oldtown are great - they're often out-of-the-way locations that no one really cares much about.
Not sure about the Harrenhal one, and Storm's end feels a little finicky.
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