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Subject: 'Historical Campaign' Part II: Mission 1 rss

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Maximilian Vale
United States
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Second Squad, 1st Platoon of Dog Company, 7th Marine Raider Regiment (39 pts: only 38 used) (34 weapon points):

Leader A: SGT Tom Akin: IN: 3, PC: 7, WS: +1, DS: 5, MPA: 4
12 year veteran of the Corps; 31 years old, saw action as
20 year old in Nicaragua, from Detroit, Michigan.
Weapons: Thompson SMG, 5 clips, Grenade

Leader B: CPL Bill Boyd: IN: 3, PC: 6, WS: +1, DS: 7, MPA: 4
7 year vet of the Corps; 25 years old, served on the USS
Nevada at Pearl Harbor, from San Diego, California.
Weapons: Carbine, 3 clips, 2 Grenades

Marine C: PFC Joe Collins: IN: 3, PC: 4, WS: +1, DS: 7, MPA: 4
Joined the Marines in the summer of '41, Competent, quiet, 21
years old, from small town in North Carolina.
Weapons: M1 Rifle, 3 clips, 2 Grenades

Marine D: PFC Hank Daniels: IN: 3, PC: 5, WS: +2, DS: 3, MPA: 4
Joined the Corps in summer of '41 with Collins, Expert
Marksman, makings of a Hero, 20 years old, from San Antonio, TX.
Weapons: BAR, 5 clips, Grenade

Marine E: PVT Don Ellington: IN: 2, PC: 4, WS: -1, DS: 4, MPA: 4
Enlisted in the Corps in December of '41, 19 years old,
Lousy shot, from suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.
Weapons: M1 Rifle, 3 clips, Grenade

Marine F: PVT Paul Fanucci: IN: 2, PC: 3, WS: 0, DS: 2, MPA: 4
Enlisted in the Marines in January of '41, 19 years old,
Hails from Hoboken, New Jersey.
Weapons: M1 Rifle, 3 clips, 2 grenades

Marine G: PVT Benjamin Goldman: IN: 2, PC: 4, WS: 0, DS: 4, MPA: 4
Joined the Corps in December of '41, 19 years old, Scrappy
Jewish guy from Queens, NY. Joined the Marines to be the 1st
to Fight; wanted to fight the Nazis; chagrinned to be in the
Weapons: M1 Rifle, 3 clips, 2 Grenades

Marine H: PVT Max Holloway: IN: 2, PC: 5, WS: -1, DS: 4, MPA: 4
Enlisted in the Corps in December of '41, 20 years old, Dropped
out of college to enlist, Intelligent, lousy shot, from suburbs
of Baltimore, Maryland.
Weapons: M1 Rifle, 3 clips, Grenade

AAR: Mission 1

September 7, 1942; Akin's squad has been attached to the 1st Raiders under LT COL 'Red Mike' Edson for the raid on the villages of Taivu & Tasimboko far to the East of Henderson Field on the island of Guadalcanal. Thier mission will be to secure a small grouping of huts on the far Eastern side of the villages.

Akin once again breaks the squad into two 4 man teams; with CPL Boyd once again leading PFC Daniels and PVTs Fanucci and Holloway, while Akin himself has PFC Collins, PVT Ellington and the new replacement; PVT Goldman.

The squad splashes across a shallow creek; crouched and with weapons at the ready as they enter a grove of palm trees. Soon enough; a Japanese sniper is seen in the tops of a tree and Akin cuts loose a quick burst from his Thompson that hits nothing but bark and leaves. Ellington misses as well but Collins manages to wound him with rifle fire from his M1 and CPL Boyd finishes him off with a few rounds from his Carbine.

The group then continues on; coming out of the palm tree grove and suddenly; from a rocky ridge an Arisaka rifle shot cracks and PFC Collins goes down with a shot to the chest. Akins fires back with another short burst from his Thompson, but his marksmanship is off today and his rounds just ricochet amongst the rocks. Ellington, somewhat panicked from watching Collins get hit right next to him; unloads his M1's clip and manages to wound the soldier with a shot. Goldman, letting out a NY accented battle cry; also unloads a clip from his M1; managing to put the Japanese soldier down for good.

(An almost unbelievable rolling of a 22 and a 16 on the percentile die; BACK to BACK!)

With no immediate threat in sight; the squad checks on Collins. He's hit bad; still breathing but Incapacitated. Deciding they should move him into the rocks to give him some cover; poor Collins breaths his last as they start to move him. Akin curses; the rest of the squad is in a bit of a state of shock before it turns to anger for most of them.

Placing his body down in the rocks and vowing to return to it after the mission is accomplished as marines NEVER leave thier people behind; Akin moves the squad out; this time with Boyd's team taking the lead.

The marines cross the ridge and soon seen the four huts that are thier objective. Behind the huts a little ways is an outcropping of rocks; amongst which is a pair of Japanese soliders manning a Type 92 Heavy Machine Gun. They see the marines a few moments after Boyd's Team has seen them and they try to bring thier weapon around and get it into action.

Boyd opens up with his Carbine; but can't land a shot. Trusty PFC Daniels though opens up with his BAR on full-auto and takes out the gunner though missing the loader and using up a clip of ammo. Fanucci and Holloway can't connect with thier shots at the loader who is now getting behind the weapon in an attempt to fire on the marines.

Boyd fires a few more shots from his Carbine, but again misses while Daniels; with a new 20 round clip in his BAR, cuts loose and takes out the second Japanese soldier. A sigh of relief is taken by all of the marines and both Teams move forward. A moment later; a Japanese Officer and a Japanese soldier, both appear from well camoflaged positions in some Jungle and fire on the squad. The soldier's Rifle fire misses PFC Daniels; but the offier's shot buzzes right past PVT Holloway's ear; causing him to drop to the ground in a panic.

SGT Akin fires a well-aimed burst from his Thompson, using up the clip but wounding the Japanese soldier; while PVT Goldman again uses up a clip from his M1, missing the same target. Akin resolves to have a chat with the marine about fire-discipline after the mission. PVT Ellington misses the officer with his M1; while CPL Boyd uses up the last of his clip in his Carbine to take out the now-wounded Japanese solider. Daniels puts a well aimed burst from his BAR into the Japanese officer, eliminating that threat and the squad soon realizes that the immediate danger has passed.

Bursting into the four huts; they find nothing of any value or interest in them; but during thier wanderings a trio of Japanese infiltrators attempts to sneak up on them from the south. Eventually noticed by PVT Holloway; he takes a hasty shot with his M1, missing but alerting the rest of the squad to the threat. The Infiltrators fall prone in the cover of the trees and Daniels and Akin both heave grenades at them; taking out all three between the two of them.

A final booby-trap in the rocks is found before the squad declares the area "secure". When the 1st Raiders eventually come to thier position; and permission is granted to head back to base; they gather up Collins' body and wearily board the boats which will take them back to the Destroyer-Transport for the quick trip back to Henderson...and more fighting...

Game Notes: 10 VP gained; 2 lost for the loss of Collins; 8 is just enough to win. Daniels and Akin have enough CPs to increase thier stats; Akin gets a lucky roll and now has IN: 4; Daniels has his PC increased to 6.

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walter branham
United States
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