William Hawk
United States
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I am having trouble perfecting my Dwarf/Eagles deck using the tactics and leadership spheres. I am probably trying to do too much with the deck, but I got my copy of Khazad-Dum in today and I was excited to see if I could pull this deck off. I play on the weekend with two other players and normally play the "tank" of the group. The other two play the healer and quest decks. I could really use some advice on how to pull this deck combo off (if it is even possible). Thanks for your comments

Deck Notes: I will say that I had a VERY hard time picking and chosing cards for this deck. I wanted to include Landroval, Radagastm and Brok Ironfist, but I could not find the room. I also wanted to include Swif Strike and Blade of Gondolin. I also have not play-tested the deck yet.

Draw Deck (51 cards)

Dain Ironfoot

3 x Gandalf
3 x Veteran Axehand
3 x Veteran of Nanduhirion
3 x Longbeard Orc Slayer
3 x Vass of the Windlord
3 x Eagles of the Misty Mountains
3 x Winged Guardian
3 x Descenant of Thorondor

3 x Song of Battle
3 x Dwarrowelf Axe
3 x Steward of Gondor
3 x Dwarven Axe
3 x Support of the Eagles

3 x Sneak Attack
3 x Khazad!
3 x The Eagles Are Coming
3 x Durin's Song

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Scott Trudeau
United States
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I generally use 2x a card, instead of 3 (I do use a few though, like A Test of Will), but going by what you have there, I'd drop the Dwarven Axes (you have the Dwarrowdelf Axes anyway) and Longbeard Orc Slayers, in favor of Radagast and a tactics event card, like Quick Strike or Feint.
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Kevin Warrender
United States
New Jersey
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Agreed on getting Radagast in there. He's too useful to not include in an Eagle deck.
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Chris Corbin
United States
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if I may suggest a variation of your deck...

• Thalin
• Gimli
• Dáin Ironfoot

Starting Threat: 31

Deck Total: 51

Allies (22)
3x Longbeard Orc Slayer
3x Vassal of the Windlord
3x Veteran Axehand
3x Winged Guardian
3x Eagles of the Misty Mountains
2x Veteran of Nanduhirion
2x • Gandalf
3x • Radagast

Attachments (14)
2x • Celebrían's Stone
3x • Steward of Gondor
3x Dwarrowdelf Axe
3x • Horn of Gondor
3x Support of the Eagles

Events (15)
3x Durin's Song
3x Sneak Attack
3x Valiant Sacrifice
3x Khazâd! Khazâd!
3x Feint

Dropped Descenant of Thorondor (with such a high starting threat, it is more likely that enemies will encounter you before you can play it from your hand, unless you want to sneak attack it) and dropped 1 copy each of Gandalf and Vet. of Nanduhirion to make room for 3 copies of Radagast (you want him in your starting hand).

Dropped Song of Battle and Dwarven Axe for Horn of Gondor (it combos well with Vassal of the Windlord and Winged Guardian fueling Eagles of the Misty Mountains) and added 2 copies of Celebrían's Stone (to attache to Thalin, assuming you quest with him every turn, giving him 4 willpower w/ Dain)

Dropped The Eagles are Coming for Valiant Sacrifice (the eagles are coming seems to miss as much as hit in card draw, Valiant Sacrifice is constant and combos with Vassal/Guardian) and added Feint

I haven't played this deck, just my thoughts.

BTW, the • indicates unique cards.
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jakub praibis
United States
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I like the deck. Do not consider Radagast, he costs more than he will make unless you plan on playing very slowly.

And of course, go with three copies per card if you wanna do well, if you wanna fit more cards (because of theme perhaps) then it is another matter but from the winning point of view, unless you draw like crazy, having three copies is the way.

[edit] Feint and Sacrifice is good. Keep the Eagles are Coming! though, rather drop the Veteran.
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