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Richard Hutnik
United States
New York
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The Activist Game rules

By Rich Hutnik (Copyright 2012)

This game represents the struggle an activist group has to try to convert the world to its cause.

Number of players for game: 1

Game objective: To take over the entire board, occupying every space on the board with pieces.

Equipment used in game:
* Game board: The board is 6 spaces long and 6 spaces wide. Numbers in diagram below represent the row and column that will be rolled during the dissension phase.
# # # # # # 1
# # # # # # 2
# # # # # # 3
# # # # # # 4
# # # # # # 5
# # # # # # 6
1 2 3 4 5 6

* A single piece representing the core group.

* A sufficient number of stackable checker-type pieces to cover every space multiple times. 100 would be sufficient.

* Two six sided dice.

Board Layout/Setup:
Players select a single piece to put their core group somewhere on the board, either randomly start or select.

Rules of play:
Play consists of players targeting a single space on the board for conversion and growth, handling attrition and dissension, and continuing.

Game flow:
* Targeting a space for growth: Players pick an unoccupied space on the board and sees if it can convert. The player rolls a die. If the die roll is less than or equal to the number of occupied spaces next to the piece (vertically, horizontally or diagonally), the space converts. Place a stack of checkers equal to the number of occupied spaces on the board plus one, up to a stack size of 8. On each space that is currently occupied, add one stackable checker to it (so long as its height is less than 8). A roll of 1 is an automatic success, while a roll of 6 is an automatically failure.
* Attrition: If a player managed to fail to occupy a new space on the board, then look at each group of occupied spaces on the board, that are connected vertically and/or horizontally (all are contiguous), and remove one piece off one of the spaces that are part of that group. This represents the activist group losing morale.
* Dissension: Randomly roll two six sided dice to determine what space is affected (one die roll corresponds with column, other with row). If player managed to grow during a turn, they will only remove one piece from space (core group space is exempt). If a player managed to not grown during a turn, and suffered attrition, the player will lose all pieces in that space (core group space is exempt).

How the game ends:
Play continues until a player quits, or covers the entire board with pieces. If they do this, they win the game.

Variant rules:
End loss state for player: If player, during the dissension phase rolls the space that the core group piece is on, and the player has no other spaces occupied on the board, the game is over for the player, and it is a loss.

Changing stack size limit and dissension tweak: Stack size is limited to 8, to conserve on pieces. Players can choose to remove this limit. Also, players can choose to only remove one piece during dissension phase for a less harsh game.
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Thalla Rothach
United States
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Couple things I noticed: how, exactly, is the core group piece used? It sounds like the board begins empty, so since the game is about converting adjacent empty spaces how does gameplay get started?
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