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The Shadowstone Saga

Greetings friends,

I am in need of your attention and assistance.

For a long time I have been working on a war/boardgame. It is designed to be a total experience - a self contained story and a fully functioning game. To this end, I require two kinds of feedback; on whether or not the game plays well, and whether or not the story and characters are interesting.

At this stage in its development, I have only produced the battle engine part of this game: There is a board divided into squares, and upon this there are various counters representing regiments. Combat is resolved using the time honoured D6. Each player controls an army they have chosen using the 'points' system and fights it out.
However, the end result of this endeavour will be more than just a battle generator! It will be a complete campaign where you control an empire - like D&D but role-playing a Realm.

What I really need at the moment is the honest critique of playtesters. All of the files needed to play the battles side of the game can be found here:

At the moment I am closely bonded with this project and do not have the distance from it to judge it effectively. I have playtested it myself and found it fun - but then again I would say that! =P

Here are some questions for playtesters:

1) Are the graphics worthy?

2) Are the rules easy to grasp from the rulebook?

3) Does the game play well? Is the turn sequence good, is anything counter-intuitive?

4) Is the storyline and the concept of the world interesting?

5) Has the points system created balanced armies, or are there any cheesey overpowered units?

6) Any other queries?

I thank thee for your time and look forward to your criticisms; that I might improve this project and finally find out if it is worthy!

Mannyfandango ^_^

p.s. The counters in this game have three numbers at the bottom of them, arranged thus: X / X / X. The first number represents Movement, the second represents Melee and the third represents Armour. I realized that I missed this out of the rulebook only after uploading.
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