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Subject: Twilight Imperium Mar 24th (6-player) rss

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Scott M.
United States
Winter Springs
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Twilight Imperium Game: 3/24/2012(7 hrs)
Click on images to enlarge.



The Xxcha– MarkC

Emirates of Hacan- Angel

Barony of Letnev -scott

The Yssaril Tribes-Paul

Federation of Sol - Bill

Rules + expacs used:
TI3rd, SE, SoT
All 8 Strategy cards from SE.
Distant suns, Guardians MetRex, Final Frontier, Preliminary obj, Mechanized, Flagships, Unique Tech, Promissory notes.

"It was a glorious day in the senate floor except for the presence of the L1Z1X (Black), their lust for an age once lost long ago. Also present were the upstart Humans (Green), their arrogance taints the very air of these chambers. Alas friends old of ages past graced us The Yissaril(Blue), Xxcha(Yellow), the Mighty Hacan(Grey) and of course nothing more noble then ourselves… the Letnev(Red)."

Turn 1: The Plan

"The chambers gathered as diplomats discussed dealings of seasons past. The human and Letnev ambassadors glanced at each other with a wary gaze. The Yissaril and Xxcha seemingly went about their own business of governance. Meanwhile the LIZIX mad overtures of trade with not a response from the senate floor, their calls for trade shadowed by the mighty Hacan trade agent speaking broadly to fellow ambassadors, goods flowed well for the Hacan."

First turn basics, Trades packs made and everyone went about preparing their fleets for action and moving out in the name of their empires.

Turn 2: A Uneasy Peace

"The Letnev moved carefully from their home worlds while the Humans expanded broadly. Their growth was alarming like locusts to the feast. The distance between them would be watched carefully. The Yissaril also moved beyond their borders without care. The Xxcha hesitant to move acted in trepidation. Shouts rang out across senate floor as the LIZIX and Hacan Ambassadors had to be restrained by their aides after some disagreement about established borders. There was talk over the coded channels of a LIZIX Dreadnought being blown form orbit by locals on one planet… strange."

The Hacan and LIZIX started talking about their border planet early. Humans produced tons of smaller stuff and expanded in both directions as did the Yissaril. New players playing the Xxcha and Humans were doing quite well getting the hang and flow of the game (as I would come to find out).

Turn 3: First Salvos

"The Letnev advanced at a break neck speed towards the galactic center. Reports of rouge fiefdoms that were able to hold their own against them cost them dearly in early advances. The human fleet positioned itself along the Letnev Border menacingly with reports of more ships en route. LIZIX and Hacan ambassadors cut off communication as reports of a fleet battle in LIZIX space occurred; the Hacan ambassador could be seen smiling briefly. The Yissaril drifted calmly along while the Xxcha advanced matching the Letnev advance system by system. The humans lend their verbal support to the Hacan Emirates."

Hacan and LIZIX player fight along the border with the LIZIX getting the last win of the turn in the retaliation attack. Again the Yissaril amass and so does the Xxcha, the Letnev get bleed dry advancing by distant sun tokens.

Turn 4: Open Warfare

"THE reports are sporadic as LIZIX and Hacan ambassadors have been recalled. It is clear open war exists between the two and there is no sign of stopping. It is also noted in the Senate records the Human and Letnev senators have been seen in discussions for most of the day. At the same time the Mighty Letnev fleet positions itself at the edge of human space as a warning. The Yissaril begin expanding closer to Letnev space creating an uneasy feeling in the galactic west. The Xxcha amass more ships to their fleets but still move only in defensive posturing, a human phrase comes to mind... “Turtling”, how appropriate for the Xxcha."

LIZIX and Hacan are at it big time, humans and Letnev Posture but work out some type of negotiation. The Yissaril expand unhindered, the Xxcha simply reinforce their worlds and hold steady.

Turn 5: Peace Asunder

"The Letnev and Human ambassadors exit the senate floor with a nod at each other. Shortly after, reports come into the senate of the Letnev fleet departing the border at maximum speed; the human fleet does the same. News flashes across Yissaril space of one of their colonies under siege, no word from the ships in orbit, vague reports seem to indicate the presence of Letnev Troops on the ground! Reports also indicate. LIZIX fleets press deeper into Hacan Space, frantic efforts are used to assist the Emirates from military collapse. The Xxcha fleet advances on Rex…a gleam in their eyes."

This turn saw the Letnev attack the Yissaril without warning (well we had reason) , The humans posture to assist the Hacan against the LIZIX, the Yissaril regroup in an effort to counter attack the Letnev, and the Xxcha slips up the middle towards Rex.

Turn 6: The Grand Betrayal

"The Letnev ambassador runs out to the senate floor screaming at the Human ambassador who simply looks down upon him with contempt and a smirk upon his face. Reports indicate the movement of the human fleet was a ruse to move the Letnev fleet from the border reaches. At the same time Yissaril fleet elements pass the Letnev fleet that oddly does not react to them quickly enough. A Yissaril Senator is seen speaking to the Human ambassador when reports come in that the Letnev fleet is unable to respond due to conflicting orders…the face of the Letnev ambassador does not hid the panic. The war of the LIZIX and Hacan pauses as the implication of the Great Betrayal (Historians may call a Trap) unfolds…"

Yissaril and Human players play a perfect Trap, they get the Letnev fleet to move and then pin it in place for a Round by forcing the sector to be activated via a political card. The key being the Letnev never took over the planet so the Yissaril were able to call a Diplomacy truce in the sector thus pinning the entire fleet of the Letnev. The human then moved their fleet back across the galaxy while the Yissaril passed the pinned fleet.

Turn7: The Cunning Plan

"Frantic dealings occur as the Letnev ambassador, looking haggard and weary speaks to the Yissaril and humans. Reports from Letnev space almost halt as communication on many of their worlds falls silent. Reports come in of a space battle that literally leaves enough wreckage in orbit that meteor showers of falling debris last for over a week...
The Xxcha realize their plan of forcing the Letnev from Rex whom landed a season prior but was overshadowed by other events. The LIZIX and Hacan war trudges on, a clear victor not evident, possible musings of peace are heard. Finally, the Yissaril ambassador steps to the senate floor claiming superiority over the other houses… BLASPHEMY! is heard but that is a tale for another war..."

The Letnev fleet is whipped out as is all but one of their planets. Using politics to save themselves they inadvertently handed the Yissaril the victory using promissory notes again...DAMN!.. The Xxcha gave one to the Yissaril also several turn prior and assured themselves safety from them. All along the Yissaril had a plan to pinch the Letnev and executed it to perfection. The LIZIX and Hacan war was a tough battle that was influenced by other houses all along the way. Neither could gain upper hand.

VP ending (forgot to take image of track)
Yissaril - 10 (8 on track + 2 promissory notes)
Xxcha - 4
Hacan, Letnev - 3
Sol - 1

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Brian Petersen
United States
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Did you use Promissory Notes without Representatives? They're linked like Trade III and Mercs.

With 3 Assassins, 2 of which double as BGs, the Yssaril would never have gotten to vote, giving no incentive to offer them Support of the Throne.

Even so, the Yssaril are easy mode and would probably have won anyways, especially since at least one player was playing an entirely different game, judging by the War Sun and 1 VP.
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Scott M.
United States
Winter Springs
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We have been using the 4 promissory notes (excluding the protection one as we are not using reps) as another meta tool for negotiations during any assembly or diplomacy (SC) phase.

We felt they were a powerful tool to use to give some real meaning to diplomatic actions without having to use the representatives.

In hind sight, we should be using reps to stem this type of actions.

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