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Mike C
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Since I play with some kids whose parents will (wisely) not let them watch the newer series, but did get them the 1978 series, I thought it would be fun to write up characters from the original series.

I was unaware that Vagrant Lustoid had already done this:

Many of the character abilities will be recognizable from other sources; but about 20% are new. You can download here:
I made simple cards in OpenOffice Impress--not the full Photoshop treatment.


Cain - Military
● 2 Leadership
● 2 Tactics
● 1 Piloting
● Bold Tactician - During your turn, you
may reroll a die that was just rolled
(once per turn). You must use the new
● Headlong Assault – Action. Once per
game, destroy all Cylon ships in an area
of space and damage three random
locations on Pegasus. (You must be in
Pegasus CIC to do this.)
● Not in The Fleet - Your character is not
placed on the board at the start of the
game. While not on the game board, you
may not move, be moved, or take actions.
At the start of your 2nd turn, place your
character in Pegasus CIC. Assume the
Admiral title if you are first in line.
● Setup: off the board

Adama – Military
● 3 Leadership
● 2 Tactics
● Inspirational Leader- When you
draw a Crisis Card, all 1 strength
Skill Cards count positive for the
skill check.
● Faith in the Gods - Once per
game, after a crisis card is drawn,
discard it and draw another.
● Emotionally Attached - You may
not activate the "Adrmiral's
Quarter's" location.
● Setup: Admiral's Quarters

Tigh - Military
● 2 Leadership
● 3 Tactics
● Efficient Officer – If another player
chooses you as the target of an
Executive Order skill card, you may
move and take 2 actions or take 3
actions in your current location.
● Consensus Builder - Once per
game, after resolving a skill check,
instead of discarding the used Skill
Cards, draw them into your hand.
● Bridge Officer – You must discard
1 skill card of your choice to move
to any location other than
Command, Weapons Control, FTL
or Communications.
● Setup: Command

Athena - Military
● 1 Leadership
● 3 Tactics
● 1 Engineering
● Efficient -- When you activate the
"Communications" location, you may
look at every civilian ship on the game
board and may move any number of
● Fast Learner -- Once per game, before
making a Skill check, look at the top 3
cards of any Skill deck (even outside
your Skill set), and add all of them either
to the Skill check or your hand.
● (Bad Actress) - When ratings morale is
reduced to 2 or less, you are executed.
If you are human, do not lose 1 morale.
● Setup: Communications

Adar – Political
● 2 Leadership
● 1 Tactics
● 2 Politics
● Veteran Politician – At the start of
your turn, you may look at the top
card of the Quorum Deck and place
it at the top or bottom.
● Skilled Negotiator - Once per
game, ignore one Cylon ship
● Idealistic Pacifist - If on a
battlestar, subtract one from die
rolls made on that ship.
● Setup: President's Office

Baltar - Political
● 2 Leadership
● 2 Politics
● 1 Treachery
● Friends In Low Places - When a
player activates the "Administration"
or "Brig" location, you may choose
to reduce or increase the difficulty
by 2.
● Manipulative - Once per game, you
may take the Admiral or President
title at the start of your turn. Return
that title to its previous owner at the
end of your turn.
● Your skill set includes Treachery
cards. (Human players can't use
text abilities of Treachery Cards.)
● Setup: President's Office

Uri - Political
● 2 Leadership
● 3 Politics
● Politically Adroit - When you end your
Movement step in the same location as
another human player, you may give that
player 1 Skill Card from your hand to
draw 2 Skill Cards.
● Skilled Politician - Action: Once per
game, draw 4 Quorum Cards. Choose 1
to resolve and place the rest on the
bottom of the deck. You do not need to
be President to use this ability.
● Panics in a Crisis – When resolving a
crisis card, with “current player
chooses”, you must take the first option.
● Setup: Press Room

Apollo - Pilot
● 1 Tactics
● 2 Piloting
● 2 Leadership/Politics
● Alert Viper Pilot - When a viper is
placed in a space area from the
"Reserves", you may choose to pilot
it and activate it. You may only do
this when you are on a Galactica
location, excluding the "Brig”.
● CAG - Action: Once per game, you
may activate up to 6 unmanned
● Grief: May not move or act during
the turn after Sleeper Phase.
● Setup: Launch and pilot a viper

Starbuck - Pilot
● 2 Tactics
● 2 Piloting
● 1 Leadership or Engineering
● Expert Pilot - When you start your
turn piloting a Viper, you may take 2
Actions during your Action Step
(instead of 1).
● Draw Their Fire – Once per game,
after Cylon shops have been
activated, all attacks from Cylon
Raiders in your area of space will
automatically miss.
● Reckless - You hand limit is 8
(instead of 10).
● Setup: Hangar Deck

Sheba - Pilot
● 1 Leadership
● 2 Tactics
● 2 Piloting
● Precision Training - When you would
roll a die during your Action step, you
may instead discard a Skill Card. Use
the card's strength +2 instead of the die
● Sacrifice - Action: Once per game while
piloting a viper, send yourself to
"Sickbay" to destroy 5 raiders, 2 heavy
raiders, 1 basestar, or 1 civilian ship in
your space area.
● Attracted to Power - On a skill test to
imprison or execute the Admiral,
President or CAG, you must play one
card face up which opposes the test (If
you cannot, reveal your hand.)
● Setup: Hangar Deck

Boomer - Pilot
● 1 Leadership
● 3 Tactics
● 1 Piloting
● Efficient Scout – Once per turn, may
take an additional action after playing a
“Launch Scout” card.
● Ambush – Action. Once per game, all
manned and unmanned Vipers currently
in space areas may take an attack
● Scout Ahead – Unless in the Brig,
remove your character from the board
when the fleet jumps. At the start of your
next turn, move to the Hangar Deck. You
may not perform actions or participate in
skill tests while off the board.
● Setup: Hangar Deck

Jolly - Pilot
● 2 Tactics
● 2 Piloting
● 1 Engineering
● Great Wingman – When sharing an
area of space with another Viper,
subtract 2 from all attack rolls made
by raiders.
● Innocuous – You do not receive an
additional Loyalty Card during the
Sleeper Agent Phase. (Reduce the
number of “You Are Not a Cylon”
cards by 1 during setup.)
● Naïve – You may not add more
cards to a skill check than the sum
total added before you.
● Setup: Hangar Bay

Wilker - Support
● 1 Leadership
● 1 Tactics
● 1 Piloting
● 3 Engineering
● Genius – Draws 6 cards.
● Pitch In - Once per game repair two
vipers or one location instantly.
● Civilian – When another player
chooses you with an Executive
Order card, you only move or take
an action.
● Setup: Research Lab

Dr. Salik – Support
● 1 Politics
● 1 Leadership
● 3 Engineering
● Medical Officer – Action. Discard a
repair card to move a character from
sickbay to a location of your choosing
(except the brig). You may then take
another action. Do this only once per
● Heroic Measures – Once per game,
when a player other than you is
executed, you may discard all your
skill cards to send them to sickbay
● Untrained Technician – When you
play a repair card, you must discard a
second repair card.
● Setup: Research Lab

Cassiopeia - Support
● 1 Leadership
● 1 Engineering
● 2 Politics
● Well Connected - After you draw a
Crisis Card, draw 1 Skill Card of
your choice (it may be from outside
your skill set).
● Socialator - Action: Once per
game, you may look at all Loyalty
Cards belonging to another player.
● Disreputable Past – When
someone tries to have you thrown in
the brig or executed, reduce the
number needed to pass by 2.
● Setup: Hangar Deck

Baltar – Cylon Collaborator
● 1 Politics
● 1 Treachery
● Gets What He Wants – Movement.
Draw 1 Skill Card at random from a
player's hand. Then, that player draws 1
card from the Skill deck of your choice.
(It may be from outside his Skill set.)
● “I come bearing gifts” - Once per
game. Activate the Human Fleet location
to move yourself directly to the Brig.
Increase Morale & Fuel by one.
● Actually Human – If thrown out of the
Airlock location, you do not resurrect.
Follow the procedure for Human
Execution and choose a non-human
leader as a new character with a new
agenda. You must roll a 5 or higher on
the die to “escape” from the Brig to the
Resurrection Ship.
● Setup: President's Office (Infiltrating)

Lucifer – Cylon Leader
● 1 Leadership
● 1 Tactics or Treachery
● Chief Cylon Pursuer – Action.
Move to the Resurrection Ship.
● Create Panic – Action. Once
per game, you may play the
reckless effect on a treachery
card (outside of a skill test).
● Nonhuman Appearance – May
not move to or use the “Human
Fleet” location..
● Setup: Cylon Fleet

Cylon Imperious Leader
● 1 Leadership
● 1 Tactics
● 1 Politics
● Primacy – Action. Place 1
basestar in front of Galactica, or
if all basestars are in play, you
may remove 1 from the game
board. You may then place 3
raiders in front of Galactica and
1 civilian ship behind Galactica.
● Nonhuman Appearance – May
not move to or use the “Human
Fleet” location.
● Setup: Caprica

Count Iblis – Nonhuman Leader
● 1 Politics
● 1 Treachery
● Mesmerize – A character must
discard a skill card in order to
move out of a location where
Count Iblis is also.
● Spiritual Attack – Action. Once
per game, cause a single player
to perform their sleeper phase
(even before the fleet has
moved far enough).
● Human Appearance – May not
move to the Cylon Fleet location.
● Setup: Human Fleet

Being of Light – Nonhuman Leader
● 1 Leadership
● 1 Politics
● Healing – Movement. You
enable one character to move
out of sickbay.
● Intervention – Once per game,
when a Super Crisis card is
played, discard it and replace it
with the top card of the Super
Crisis deck.
● Shrouded – You may not
voluntarily move to a location
that contains another character.
● Setup: Human Fleet

Line of Succession
1. Adama
2. Cain
3. Tigh
4. Adar
5. Apollo
6. Athena
7. Sheba
8. Starbuck
9. Boomer
10. Jolly
11. Baltar
12. Uri
13. Dr. Salik
14. Wilker
15. Cassiopeia

1. Apollo
2. Sheba
3. Starbuck
4. Boomer
5. Jolly
6. Athena
7. Tigh
8. Cain
9. Adama
10. Cassiopeia
11. Baltar
12. Adar
13. Wilker
14. Dr. Salik
15. Uri

1. Adar
2. Baltar
3. Uri
4. Adama
5. Cassiopeia
6. Dr. Salik
7. Wilker
8. Athena
9. Cain
10. Apollo
11. Sheba
12. Tigh
13. Jolly
14. Boomer
15. Starbuck
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Chris Hurd
United States
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This was a nice long read while BGG was down for maintenance, so thanks for that.

In general, I like that some characters have abilities which duplicate characters from the re-imagined series. This is the place where I find that most appropriate. Good work on that front.

Specific feedback:

Tigh doesn't seemed to be balanced right. If I were playing him, I would pay the one-time cost of 2 cards, move him into the press room, and then take 6 cards per XO thereafter. That's way too powerful. You either need to make the downside more debilitating, or make Efficient Officer do a move and two actions only.

Adar's OPG is too one-sided. Using it actively hinders Cylon Adar. On top of that, it's so human that if he didn't use it at the first available opportunity, he'd draw a lot of suspicion. You could add "or jump icon" to it, but that only addresses the first complaint, not the second.

Human Baltar is not good enough to play. He doesn't have a way to mitigate the damage of drawing a treachery card, like Ellen does. He's stuck with it. Add to that an OPT that most people consider mediocre (I don't, but I know I'm in the minority), and he's not that great.

In contrast, Cylon Baltar is hilarious and would be worth playing for fun. You might want to reword the disadvantage to deal with all executions, since crisis cards (and possibly Cally) could cause death without airlock.

I'm not sure that Count Iblis's powers are actually advantages. It's more of a "reveal your intentions" power than anything else. I don't think many players would be excited to play him.

Jolly's skill set plus downside means that he'll never see play as the only pilot. His skill set means that there will be red/purple checks that he wants to solo - meaning pass on his own. He's going to store up cards. Then because of his downside, he can't use them. I suggest "You may not be the first person to play into a skill check." Gives humans an incentive to throw against themselves, without completely limiting Jolly's options.

In contrast, Boomer would mostly see play in 3 and 4-player games, to mitigate his downside.

Everyone else seems fine, passable quality. The only character who I looked at and felt like you nailed it were Apollo and Adama. Everyone else was decent, but not commentable.
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