Xavier Harduin
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This was my 3 game in CC:E, a lot of fun but even more mistakes and some frustration about pretty bad hands. soblue

I played the German side and César the US.

The US setup on their left flank, North of the buildings, with one squad led by Cpl Hubbard on the left flank (hex D1).
The German put one Squad+Leader in Obj4 and the weapon team+LMG in hex B8 to cover the left flank. Hope the squad in Obj4 will delay a bit the US onslaught.

Here we go.
First US orders, the German radio is broken than eliminated. Nice start and nice mood for me...

The paratroopers rushed toward Obj4 and it's the big US show, satchel charge, infantry fire, grenades, the Germans, who for some strange reasons can't find any ammunition to feed their weapons, are having a very hard time trying to hold in the building. Unfortunately a P47 called it a day for them and a nasty CAS mission sent my troops in Valhalla. cry
And here comes my biggest mistake, having won the initiative card I gave it again to the US side in order to re-roll a 12 (and a time event). I was so frustrated about my hand (4 arty requests and the CAS mission) that I forgot the reinforcement...
So now the weapon team is on its own, let's hope they will have plenty of bullets available!

Cpl Hubbard is rushing through the field toward Obj5 in a trail of smoke (3). The LMG is raining down bullets on them, Cpl Hubbard having second thoughts about his leadership ability decided to take a break and broke.
By the way a Hero is born among the paratroopers, the Germans didn't need that extra one!
Some German units decided to join the party and a weapon team+HMG settled in hex D8 (to brighten the day a bit with some tracers).
The paratroopers kept on pushing south from Obj4 to Obj3. During the firefight between the German machine guns and the paratroopers a German sniper decided to have zeroed in, unnoticed, on Cpl Hubbard. I'm sure Cpl Hubbard will be long remembered. The squad under his, former, command felt pretty lonely now.
The paratroopers took control of Obj3 but got pinned by heavy machine gun fire.
The hero, who is having a very nice sense of humor, decided to go almost all the way south on the US left flank unnoticed (or maybe no fire order in the GE hand, who knows?) and nearly managed to grab Obj5.

Reinforcements are coming on both sides. At last!
The paratroopers are massing North of the hamlet, German troops will dig-in along the cliffs on both flanks and try to repel the incoming squads.

US units under heavy fire had to retreat from Obj3. Lucas (that b..., nice hero) took control of Obj5, with the squad left alone by Cpl Hubbard), after a short but bloody melee in the building against one GE squad.
one badly shaken GE squad reappeared from nowhere right in the US killing zone between Obj4 and the hamlet (too bad!!!).
Paratroopers closed in for a kill on the German platoon dug-in on the right flank hill.

Another melee won by the paratroopers, and Lucas, in Obj5. Maybe the Germans got scared by what was left from the previous GE squad. Anyway, I can't do a thing against that hero gulp.

Bloody firefight on the GE right flank.
A fire support mission landed on Capt Wehling and the squad+LMG under his command. They were badly mowed by the incoming fire, Squad broke. Then, all of the sudden, another P47 provided a CAS mission. Seemed the USAF favoured the paratroopers that day! Already shaken by the arty fire, the squad was KIA and Capt Wehling WIA.

Melee to take control of the German position. Despite some heroic defense, the German platoon didn't contain the paratroopers. Vae Victis.
On the left flank Sgt Bierman and its platoon was closing in on Obj5 and Lucas...

End of the game.
Not enough time to uproot Lucas from Obj5. The platoon dug in on the right flank was obliterated by the paratroopers.
US won with Objective chit V, all obj=SD win. Sigh!!!!

A nice game, maybe a bit difficult to handle for beginners. I had some difficulties with LOS, a bit different than in ASL.
As I said earlier, my biggest mistake was to forget about the reinforcements coming on turn3, call it the heat of battle.
All in all a very nice game, a bit frustrating when your hand is pretty bad, it's sad to look at the enemy having a nice walk on the battlefield.
I will have to adapt to this new play style.

Anyway hope you enjoyed this AAR as much as I did (and sorry for the bad grammar).

See you soon for some new newbies adventures.
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César Moreno
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Awesome AAR!!

I can confess this wasn't so easy for us forces. I also had some terrible terrible hands, maybe dice rolls and events were a bit on my side.

Your 2 hmgs could have done lots of harm, luckily I managed to kept a Recover order ready most of the times - at the cost of letting Hubbard and some other squad die :'(

I wasn't able to use smoke efficiently but anyway.

And I felt so bad all the time thinking I should have insisted you not to reroll that 12.
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Xavier Harduin
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And I felt so bad all the time thinking I should have insisted you not to reroll that 12

Don't be, "war" is nothing but fair. cry

Agree about the HMGs, also I forgot my second HMG a bit during the game.
Maybe next time won't go so smoothly for you.

I ordered the Normandy extension, will let you know as soon as I have it.

And thanks for the AAR, it's fun to write that kind of thing.
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