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Subject: Disaster at Dieppe? - 3 diffrerent experiences rss

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Paul Shabatowski
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I have finally invested all the time necessary to get the game ready to play. I laminated the map so as not to tear it, I painted all the pieces. I machined and camo painted the card holders to replace the flimsy flip overs that happen all of the time. Can you tell that I love this system?

I also finally had the opportunity to try out a 6 player Overlord using the Dieppe map and it was a fantastic experience. Being very experienced with the entire system I was able to launch 4 newbies into the M44 system and they had a blast. What I found interesting was the diversity of tactics that the left and right flank field generals incorporated on the axis side. Incredible aggression, pushing the allies back into the sea quickly. The first run had the allies losing in very short order. One of our players was so Gung Ho that he didn't let up on battle despite his heavy losses. I noticed that the jeeps were barely used and this was very dissappointing at first blush. I began to question the usefulness of these units but perservered. We only had the opportunity to play it once that night but interest was very high.

I played yesterday, both sides. This is what really gave me the decision to post a session report because the games were completely different and really illustrates the interest of this scenario.

I began by playing the Canadians, concentrating the bulk of my attack in the two centre sectors. I wanted to try out the jeeps and managed to get them free to race up the beach and decimate the back lines of the German forces. While managing some lucky rolls and fortunate hand management I was also able to defend my flanks.Just enough cards to make it to the beaches and some heavy lifting to get one unit on the right flank up onto the sea bluff. That single infantry unit wreaked havoc. Most noteably on the German defeses was the artillery unit dug in like a tic on the centre sector, far forward. Concentrating on the elimantion of that unit was difficult, requiring multiple turns but I found it essential to free up my armour and jeeps. Canada wiped out the German forces with the Germans only scoring three medals.

My experience with the Germans was different. The Canadians focused on armour, managing to get them up the centre very quickly. The centre did not hold and my Germans had no foces remaining in either centre sector by around round 8. Hand management was the call of the day. I concentrated on getting my flanks prepared due to having no centre cards for the first half of the game and limited tactic cards to put up anything more than a token defense. It looked like another Canadian rout at first but things began to turn once I activated both flanks. I took an extremely aggressive approach, bringing my infantry to the bluffs with artillery support then coming onto the beaches for close assualt right at the sea. My opponent became nervous. The score was tied with each side only requiring one medal for victory. His armour was reduced to a single tank on two centre units and I was reduced to only two infantry figures on two seperate sectors. Everything relied on the next card played by my opponent. He drove his tank up to the town, captured the medal and I did not have a card that could activate a unit anywhere near that tank. A tactical victory that we both spent half an hour discussing once the game was over. Both of us were incredibly fascinated just how differnent the same scenario was over three different plays.

I truly love this game. Next on the docket is Operation Market Garden. I laminated the map and have all of the pieces painted........
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