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Subject: Ecstasy, Agony, and the number two rss

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5 of us got together for a game on the new board Sunday night ( A previous board was played to completion earlier this year). The Group consisted of: Myself, James, Dustin, and Ryan ( who played a majority of the last board's games)
and Josh H. who filled in for another Josh who agreed to the substitution.

Game three was

Ryan (khaaaaaaaaaan) Argentina
Josh H. (Saharan) S. Africa
Me (Die Mekaniker) E. Australia
James (Balkana) Eastern US.
Dustin (Enclave) Scandinavia

No packets had been opened and the other Josh had burned his victory on removing a scar I put in West US (ammo shortage), Ryan had named S. America "my base belongs to me" in honor of his victory game two. The order the players are listed in is our turn order. I will save a lot of commentary on the game,moaning and crying about who did what... for a game three it bogged way down. 2 hours. Ryan grabbed N. Africa right from the start in an attempt to break out of S. America due to his alliance with James in N. America. Dustin expanded in Europe ( or as we have termed it "the place you go to die"). He did not fare well, slowly being farmed and beaten on from Africa, N. america and his on again off again ally in Egypt. He did not have a good game. Finally armies clashed as Josh H. attacked Ryan and fought him out of Africa. I had invaded N. America in an attempt to force turmoil on James southern border. Long story short Europe was destoyed from all sides (including me) and Balkana decided to close off any territories that Enclave (Dustin) might come back into. First faction eliminated, first packet opened. Enclave chose The well supplied comeback.
Meanwhile things were coming to a head with Ryan, James and Josh H. Josh H. used the Saharan manuever ability to move his troops fro his base to the front, turned in cards, and committed everything to carrying out the win. He advanced through Western Europe losing a few, through Great Britain, Iceland and into Greenland, losing or leaving troops behind. He was poised to win next to Easter US and had 4 men to James paltry, lonesome, sickly one pathetic guy. The roll for the win happened but Josh H. was denied twice! it was now a mano y mano roll. The attacker( Josh H. rolled a 2 (Ryan who was hosting us was literally running in circles with is hands in the air celebrating the defensive stand that James had made.
All that was left was for James to roll a 2 or better on the die (or dice, search I'm sure you will see the arguments for and against).
The roll.....
a 1.

Josh pulled out an amazing win with nothing to spare. we erupted in chaotic noise boos and cheers depending on who you were pulling for.
I doodled a drawing next to Eastern US signifying the win. It was probably the best game I have been a personal part of.
We are trying a different tactic with this board in that we are buffing Asia and Europe in a attempt to force conflict that way. I founded a minor city in the Middle east (EXXON), Ryan founded Sparta in S. Europe, and James a minor city in the northern part of Asia.
more to come as it happens.

3 games 3 winners.
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