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Subject: At the third Infinity Gauntlet tournament... rss

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Merric Blackman
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Happily playing games for many, many years.
Troy scheduled this tournament for the last possible time - the 31st of March - as he was worried that the prize kit wouldn't come in time. He was right to schedule it that late: it only arrived the week before. So did the 4th one, so we'll be right for the next IG tournament, which will likely still be at the end of April.

Ten players were able to make the tournament, and I took in a rather boring team of...

sm001 Superman (150 pts)
sm033 Eradicator (135 pts)
igR101 Infinity Gauntlet + igS101 Soul Gem (held by Eradicator)

Boring, yes, but quite effective - and also quite cheap to assemble. Just a common, a rare and the Gauntlet + Gem I'd gained from participating in the previous two IG events.

Round 1: vs Daryth
My first round was against the youngest person (about 10) in the field. I'm pretty sure that I'm the oldest player there (at 39). Heh. Daryth had real attention-span problems and was playing a team of just sm001 Superman at 300 points. He still caused trouble for me as he moved in and whacked my Superman for a lot of damage whilst making an Impervious roll against my attack.

My Superman regenerated two clicks, and from there it was mainly a case of shooting his Superman from as much range as I could get. I rolled fairly well, Daryth didn't, and I was rewarded by the full 300 points.

1-0 (300)

Round 2: vs Dave
My second round was against the 2nd-best player at the tournament: Dave, who had come up from Melbourne for the event. He's also a great guy, and he was playing an X-Men team, which I heartily approved of: gx010 Beast, gx008 Cyclops and ws047 Nightcrawler. It also used the Gamma Bomb, and that would be horrible for me.

Dave took the initiative and moved his team a little closer. I then used the Telekinesis granted Eradicator by the Infinity Gauntlet to move Superman in, and he then used Hypersonic Speed to reach Cyclops and hit him - hard with a heavy object. Dave was rather surprised by this move, and quickly used a team Probability Control to make me reroll the attack. I still hit. So, he used his last team PC... and I missed (needing a 6). That was the big turning point of the game.

From there, Cyclops and Beast were able to whittle down Superman's health, and they used the Cyclops-enhanced healing to regain what they'd lost to his attacks and the pushing required for the Probability Control manoeuvres. Ouch.

Once Superman was gone, the Eradicator took the full force of the Gamma Bomb (2 damage after toughness), and tried to gain some points for me - he just wasn't able to do it. Yes, he hurt the X-Men, but Cyclops kept healing them. Eventually, he hovered over some higher ground and Nightcrawler tried to take him out - but Dave's dice luck finally deserted him and Eradicator survived until the end of the match.

1-1 (300)

Round 3: vs Rick
Rick was playing, like me, a 2-man team: ih044 Red King and ca001 Captain America, with the Cap having the Infinity Gauntlet + Soul Gem.

Rick moved both of his characters up first, keeping the Captain in hindering terrain, but that hardly mattered to Superman, as he used Hypersonic Speed (plus the Eradicator's TK) to move up and pretty much destroy Captain America in one attack - a second attack was required, and Superman's Hypersonic Speed was enough to handle that.

Having lost his off-sider, the Red King went after Eradicator, basing him (despite being on different elevation levels) thanks to the Red King's giant size. Unfortunately, Rick wasn't able to attack with him, as Superman was Outwitting his Charge ability. I tried breaking away with the Eradicator (using Running Shot) and was successful - and Psychic Blast tore a hole through the Red King's defenses. From then on, Rick didn't stand a chance, between Superman's Outwit and the Eradicator's Running Shot/Psychic Blast - the Red King went down and I was successful.

2-1 (590)

Marcus and Dave, who were both undefeated, were continuing their battle. Marcus was running his "World Championship" team: ws047 Nightcrawler and aa050 Metron - both figures designed by Heroclix World Champions. An Infinity Gauntlet with the Power Gem was also being used by Marcus.

The battle went strongly in Marcus's favour: Dave was having real trouble dealing damage to the extremely defensive pair, especially with Metron's grail trinity of abilities: Perplex, Outwit and Probability Control. Eventually he managed to get rid of Marcus's Nightcrawler, but the rest of his force succumbed and Marcus was declared the winner of the tournament... with me in second place, a handful of points better than Dave. (Dave's failure to get rid of my Eradicator cost him in the end).

So, I took home the LE Champion figure of the IG, plus the Power Gem and a bystander token.

This week, we get an April Fool tournament where we have to build the worst team we can; we swap teams with our opponent and see which is actually worst! (Modern Age, 190-200 point teams, no duplicates).
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