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Matt Epp
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While it's possible an expansion my arise eventually, who wants to wait!?

Here are some of my ideas for some new races. The Sardakk N'orr are an obvious and cannonical choice. As for the Yssaril, well, I just think they are well suited to this forum of play. They may not have been a part of the Twilight Wars, but they're cool, and none of my friends would know the difference.

For the N'orr, I plan on using the plastic from TI:3 (including mechanized units). I also don't plan on making my own traitor cards, so I've incorporated that into the design.

Criticism and discussion encouraged.

These are NOT playtested. Not sure if they are too strong. It is easy to get carried away giving races cool abilities.

Sardakk N'orr
-12 regular units, 4 mechanized units (like Lazax units)

-The cost of recruiting leaders is half the normal cost

-Gain 2 influence for every battle your units participate in

-You are dealt no traitor cards at the beginning of the game

Free Recruit: 3

4 mechanized units in the first non-occupied are behind the bombardment fleet
6 units in reserve
6 units in casualty pool
6 influence

Leaders: 2,2,4,4,6

Ally: The cost of recruiting leaders is half the normal cost


Yssaril Tribes
-When you gain influence from killing an enemy leader, you gain double that amount of influence

-When another player uses a Double Agent card, you may discard 1 influence to take that card into your hand after it is resolved

-You may take your maneuvering phase before or after any other players maneuverying phase

-You start the game with 2 Betrayal cards (when playing with this option)

-During the influence phase you may look at any other players hand of strategy cards

Free Recruit: 1

Set up:
5 units in any unoccupied space immediately after all other set ups have been performed
15 units in reserve
4 influence

Leaders: 1,1,3,4,5

Ally: When you gain influence from killing an enemy leader, you gain double that influence
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Stephen Williams
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Interesting ideas, I must say. I think the N'orr are reasonably thematic for what we know of their race. I particularly like the idea of them starting with 4 units in the tanks, implying they've already been at the fighting. =)

I also like the idea of them having no traitors. It hurts their combat potential, but it makes a certain amount of sense that people aren't really willing to betray their own race to a bunch of giant space bugs.

I'd be inclined to give them a standard outfit of 20 units, though. Perhaps mirror the old Fremen distribution of 17 regular and 3 mechs. What the heck? Also give them the Fremen advantage that Lazax mechs only count as 1 strength each when fighting N'orr (those buggers swarm over EVERYTHING!)

I'd also be inclined to give them a Free Revival of 3, or perhaps even 4. N'orr should have swarms of units all over the place, especially if they're never going to have traitors to wipe out a whole enemy force with.

The Yssaril are also reasonably themey, so good job there. They may not have played a big role in the Twilight Wars, but I don't recall anything in their fluff explicitly saying they weren't around at the time (I may well be wrong about that, mind you.)

Besides, if there's any race in TI3 that could reasonably have been active during this time and not have made a big impact on the history books, it's the Yssaril Tribes =P

If you want something a little less complicated, you could give them the old Guild ability to take their Movement Phase (deployment AND move) at a moment of their choosing instead of being forced to follow turn order. They can't interrupt another player in the middle of his movement phase though. After all, although moving last has some obvious advantages, there may be times when he'd rather just act after that guy.
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Matt Epp
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Thanks for response, stewi.


As for the N'orr, I wanted to give them a higher Free Recruit, but I also don't want to diminish Sol's ability, as his 3 Free is one of his best qualities.

So I could up the N'orr to 3, but I might allocate more to the dead tank at the beginning to compensate.

They could also easily have a full 20 units, though having them counter-act another races mechanized units while fun, seems too complicated.

I also think that maybe the N'orr influence for kills is a little too complicated now that I think of it.

I might just pay them 2 influence for every battle they participate in, win or lose.


I like your idea for the Yssaril, allowing them to position their maneuvering phase where-ever they'd like.

I would also like to implement an ability so they can look at one players hand of strategy cards during the influence phase or after the bidding phase.

This would be on par with TI:3

I have edited my post above to reflect some of these tweaks.
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Matthew Bestland
United States
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I like the race, I think it fits very thematically, and I think its balanced enough. It adds a nice aggressive player on the board . However, the problem with any N'orr variant is that we are not only making a cool new race, but we are adding another one.

The thing to remember is that the Lazax and the Hacan always get stronger the more factions are in the game, because they get Influence from extra strategy cards and troops respectively, so any new race needs to be able to address that.

You inspired me to draft up my own version of the N'orr (which is based in part on the Bene Tleilaxu variant for the Dune board game), but my group will never find a 7th person to test this with. I figure I'll post it here to give you some ideas.

After deployment and moving, you can put down one soldier on the planet where any other of your soldiers is for free. Xxcha do not get to place a man down for this deployment. (this allows them to circumvent the Hacan slightly, like how the Xxcha do it)
N'orr have no traitor cards (i.e., none of their leaders can be traitors) *due to the hive mind*
Can take any weapon or defense (only one) used against them if they win the battle, and if it does not cause too big hand size. (allows them to circumvent the Emperor and save money)
The amount of influence the N'orr have is secret.
N'orr get half the Influence other players pay to recruit soldiers, rounded up.
If only costs the N'orr 1 influence to revive a soldier.
Special Win: By the end of round 8, if the Sol have not won, the Sardakk N’orr wins if they currently have more Influence than the Hacan. If the Hacan are not in the game they win if they have 20 inflence or higher. (this cuts down on Hacan's benefit of having more factions and adds uncertainty, even as there is more chance of game getting stalled.)

2, 2, 2, 2 (Drones), 6 (Colony Queen)

Free troops recruited per turn: 0 or 1

(hard to decide which ally ability fits best for the N'orr)
Ally: Can buy leader for half cost
Alternate Ally: N'orr can give troops to ally’s reserve when alliance is formed (troops are identical to normal ally’s troops while alliance is kept, all cards affect them normally, and they enter the race’s discard pile when they die). (If alliance breaks, troops revert control back to nor, any coexisting nor automatically stop coexisting, and all troops that are dead or in reserve revert back to Nor discard and reserve).
Alternate Alternate Ally: Allies can buy back soldiers at half cost. The N’orr do not receive any influence paid this way.

Long have the Nor been oppressed by the might of the Lazax empire. Used as soldiers on the Galaxy’s battlefields, the Lazax have rightly feared a strong N’orr state and have used cowardly political and economic tactics to keep their soldier’s heads bowed.
Of the three fleets that arrived to siege the great planet of Rex, the Nor seemed least eager to claim the jewel of the empire for themselves. They resided to blockade the system, fighting Lazax reinforcements in space and holding off, or allowing in the vanguard of any response fleet from the great races.
Indeed, the Nor care not for claiming the jewel as their own. Like any great warrior, the hive queens realized long ago the frivolous nature such prizes hold. The Nor know that once the emperor falls, the empire will end, and only the strongest will claim their place in the universe. Instead, this is an opportunity to reap the profits of war, to build up the economy long trampled by the Lazax, and reveal the fangs long hidden at the moment when their enemies are weakest.
If the Nor have any plans or designs for the capital, it is that their hated oppressors’ precious continent city would burn, and all the fools who fight for it burn along with it.
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