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Subject: English rules? rss

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David Barrett
United Kingdom
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My mum picked up a copy of this when she visited Germany last year, thinking it looked fun to play with my son, however my parents have no German (or, indeed, French or Italian) and my French and German is vague rememberings from GCSEs 20 years ago...

As we've not been able to track down a copy of the rules in english online, I thought I'd ask here, hoping that someone might be able to give us enough of a basic overview that we'd be able to play!

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Runar Dankel
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I tried using google transelate, but didn't get it. Did you have any luck?
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Nicholas Hollands
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I found this game cheap in Germany, and I've put together an english version of the rules.

It's not a word for word translation, but it should work...

Ravensburger Game Number 23 316 8
A game for 2-4 players, from 6-99 years old.

Author - Roberto Fraga
Illustration - Michael Menzel
Editor - Monika Gohl

Contents: 1 Gameboard, 12 path strips, 1 Dragon, 1 Character figure
1 dice, 1 Thief chip, 12 dragon chips

Trouble in Dragon Land!

A thief has stolen the dragon treasure! You must work together to pursue him. Meanwhile, the thief will be observed by the dragon from the air. He helps you track the dragon with hints, making sounds to show you the escape route. If you combine the noises correctly, you have a good chance to catch the thief!

Goal of the game

There is one round for each player, with each once playing the dragon once. The other players play the tracker. If the tracker has caught the thief at the end of a round, each player will each receive a dragon chip.
If they have not, the Dragon Player gets a dragon chip.


Before the first game you should carefully remove the the path strips, the chips, the dragon and the dark spacers for the dragon from the cardboard.

Separate the two dragon pieces with the spaces, and secure them with the plastic buttons, as shown in the illustration (Not shown). Later, you can the slide a path strip up and down to show an animal in the circle.

Put the gameboard together, and put the tracker character on any square.
This is the starting place for the first round.

(Path strip example)
(12) Frog Sheep Witch Barmaid Dog Frog Sheep Barmaid Ghost Rooster (9)

On the path strip you see ten subjects that you also see on the game board. This is the escape route of the invisible thief. Each space is next to the last, horizontally or vertically.

In our example he begins in box 12 on the frog and ends in box 9 on the rooster.

The thief can travel the other way around (from square 9 to square 12). More paths are on the back of each path strip, making a total of 48 different escape routes possible in the game.

Put out the thief chip, the dice and the dragon chips next to the board.

Before the first round determine Which player is going to get the dragon and the thief chip first.

Once you have chosen, He makes a sample noise for each character below, so the tracker players know what they are hearing.

(I love the German noises, so I've left these in...)

Witch: "hihihi" (Do a witches cackle)
Sheep: "Määäh" (Baaaa)
Barmaid: "prost" (Cheers!)
Spirit: "huhuu" (Wooooo!)
Frog: "quack" (Ribbit)
Cow: "muh" (Moo)
Dog: "WauWau" (Woof!)
Rooster: "kikeriki" (Cock-a-doodle-doo!)

The chase begins

The Dragon player takes a path strip out of the box and puts it in the dragon so that the first square (either with the upper or lower number) appears in the circle.

IMPORTANT: Only the dragon player should be able to see the path strip!

Now he makes the sound of the thing in the circle (In our example the frog "quack" (ribbit) )

The trackers have now received the first hint of what square the thief could be starting in... 5, 12, 13 or 19.

The trackers agree on a player who rolls the dice...

If he rolls a 1 or a 2:
The playing piece may move that number of squares vertically or horizontally. You may change direction but you may NOT move diagonally, stop, or turn back to the square you have come from.

If he rolls a dragon:
The dragon swoops down and moves the tracker piece to any place on the board the tracker players want!

That's the end of the turn. Now the dragon player has another go. He pushes the path strip one space on, and makes the next noise (in our example above this is the sheep: "Määäh" (Baaa) ).

The tracker players now consult together and work out where the thief may have fled to...
He could have started by the frogs in square 12 and now gone to the sheep in square 17 or from square 13 to square 8. As play continues, the path will become clearer.

Now the tracker players roll again and move the figure towards where they suspect the thief is hiding...

Even if the tracker players are sure where the thief is, it only gets revealed after the last turn! You must continue to track him all the way to the end of the path strip!

Witch squares

Sometimes the witch helps the thief and flies him into one of the other two witch squares.

When this happens the witch will giggle twice in a row. If she only laughs once, the thief leaves her square normally (horizontally or vertically)

End of the game round

Once the dragon player makes the last sound on the path strip, the trackers have one last chance to roll and move.

Now it gets exciting: Have they managed to track the thief to the right square?

Now the Dragons player reveals where the thief has fled to. He puts the thief chip on the game board on the square corresponding to the last number on the path strip.

If the tracker players have their figure on the same square, they all get a dragon chip.
If they failed, the dragon player gets the chip.

Play continues with the next player being the dragon.

End of the Game

You play until each player has been the dragon once. When every player has had a turn, the player with the most dragon chips is the winner!
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Runar Dankel
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