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Subject: Showdown At Ascalon: Ayyubid vs Fatimids rss

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Juan Valle
United States
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Hi Folks,

Since I am a big fan of both Infidel and its sister game Men Of Iron, was curious about matching two different armies which in the regular scenarios are not facing each other...henceforth I came with this idea about a clash between the Fatimids of Ascalon against the Ayyubid of Arsuf, the battle being fought in the Ascalon map. I uploaded some pics while am reviewing this battle; these pics are at the game gallery listed under 040712 for best reference.

In this case both armies are almost equal with the same kind of units; the only advantage is for the Ayyubid since they have LC while the Fatimid side has none.

Setup: The Fatimid follow the same setup as per the regular Ascalon scenario while the Ayyubid setup with the LC up front in two ranks, then the MC to the left, the foot units in the center and the HC Mamluks on the right flank.

The Ayyubid player opened by moving the LC in order to harass the Fatimid center; in turn the Fatimid center moved forward and their AF units managed to disorder some LC; since the Fatimid had no LC of their own, their idea was to choke and corner the Ayyubid LC, in order to neutralize the LC mobility.

In the meantime both Fatimid MC moved at the flanks, trying to restrict the LC and present a sort of 'walled front'. Their strategy was simple: to immobilize the Ayyubid cavalry and wear it down, then later in the battle their HC could deliver the 'fatal blow'.

In order to give their LC some space for maneuver, these LC units moved to the right flank while their own foot units moved to engage the Fatimid center; the Fatimid seized the chance and their Bedouin MC move from the left flank to the front, in order to attack the Ayyubid foot from the flank. This maneuver broke down the 'walled front' and allowed the Ayyubid MC to attack their counter parts from the flank, disordering most of their units.

However it was at the right flank where the battle outcome started to take shape: The LC dispatched two Baibar MC and since the rest of this formation was not fully integrated into the 'walled front', the LC managed to literally squeeze between the Baibars and the sand hexes, moving all the way towards the Fatimid rearguard and the walls of Ascalon city. This maneuver forced the Fatimid Mamluks to get into the fray before anticipated; since the LC formation was long, the Fatimid Mamluks were forced to spread out their charges and two of them got lost to the arrows of the LC, while most of the rest got disordered. The Ayyubid Mamluks started to move forward, while at the center the foot units of both Fatimid and Ayyubid got engaged in a ferocious hand-to-hand fighting preceded by an also furious arrow exchange.

In the Fatimid left flank thing started to go from bad to worst: as this aerial view shows, the Mamluks got dispersed after their charges against the LC, and the Ayyubid Mamluks advanced and charged against them, slaying most of the units previously disordered by the LC; then the Ayyubid Mamluks kept the pressure and attacked both the Fatimid Mamluks and the remaining Baibars MC, and the Fatimid left crumbled down like a castle of poker cards, and the battle was over. As a matter of fact the LC move to one side and clear off the way for the Ayyubid Mamluks to deliver the 'fatal blow' and the Fatimid got victim of the same tactic they envisaged at the beginning of this battle.
At the center the foot units were engaged in a stalemate while at the left the Fatimid Armenian archers regrouped and attacked the Ayyubid MC, giving a little respite to the battered Bedouin MC, but no Ayyubid MC units got eliminated.

I setup the Flight Level at 30 points for both armies: the Fatimids reached 34 (including 6 units retired on the board and a die roll of 9) while the Ayyubids got 18(with a die roll of 6).
Since this is my first review with pics, I hope you find it worth to take a look at.

I used the pics since this is not one of the regular scenarios of the game, and thought it would be convenient to show up the initial setup and the outcome of this battle.


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Ralph Shelton
United States
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The lack of LC is essentially the same reason the Fatimids fared so poorly against the Crusaders.
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