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Subject: Changed and new units, and ideas rss

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New units
. . Escort and Intercepter Fighters= 2-2 range 4, cost 8 IPC. Can land in newly captured terr. Only kill planes. Fire in Open Fire Phase. Can escort and intercept SBR, AA fires at each type separate. They added tactical bombers to a later game, use those pieces for fighters [now Fighter-bombers]and the "Fighter" pieces as Escort Fighters.
. . "Fighter bombers and tac. bombers" are just like the old Fighters but use Tactical Bomber pieces. Still cost 10 IPC.
. . Medium Bomber=4-1 range 5, cost 9 IPC, SBR at roll minus 1 (min. of 1 hit).
. . (Heavy) Bomber=2-1 range 6, cost 8, minus 2 [but minimum of 1 hit, so 2-2=1] or just minus 1 [1-1=0] in SBR attacks. If "Heavy" then in SBR they fire in air to air round with a 1. On CAP they are 2-2 over water.
. . New "Air Superiorty 'SBR' attack" is made by any bomber type [Bmbr, Med.,or Tac.] with escorts. You fight 1 round of air to air combat then attack the airfields. Roll like for SBR, but for each 5 points scored kill 1 defending plane, now incl. Bmbr. This leaves defending Inf. out of this fight.
. . This Med. Bomber and the new idea to limit plane ranges over water do not work right together. The new rule is "The 2nd & 4th and 6th sea zone entered by land based planes in a movement phase {that are attacking ships?} costs 2 spaces to enter. CV based planes pay 2 spaces for the terr. they attack when they attack land. Islands MAY be an exception, i.e. island based is not land based and attacks on islands are not attacks on 'land'. Japan, W. Indies, Greenland, Iceland, UK and Madagascar are not islands for this rule." This adds just 1 more space to attack ships, and this reduces the effective range by 1, but Med. Bomber has that 1 space extra to use, so the range is not reduced. So the rule may need to become-- "For ships with an odd range the 1st (if there is a 2nd), 3rd & 5th sea zone entered by land based planes {that are attacking ships?} costs 2 spaces to enter."

. . Trans are 0-0 speed 2. Since Trans were usually loaded whenever the enemy could attack them and in this game that is only [with CAP rule- usually] when it is the enemy's turn, Trans usually have troops on them. Trans are loaded at the end of your turn, this is always possible, they can load if newly built and can load newly built units. Trans can't load where they start the turn, they can move 1 to load, but can load just 1 unit, then move on and unload. When bridging they sill load at the end of 1 turn and unload in the next. If there is just 1 warship or plane and 2 or more Trans present, Trans can be chosen to die to protect the escort and therefore all the other Trans.
. . CA are 2-2 speed 3. cost 8 IPC, bombard 2. They are really CA+DD. This is the cheap ship to die. Like DD can get final shot at submerging Subs, maybe at just 1. Might have AA capability.
. . CV are 1-2 speed 3. A thought, that extra space of movement can be used to carry its planes 1 space that doesn't count against their range.
. . DD are 3-3 speed 2. cost 10 IPC. They are really CVE+DE+DD, hunter killer groups. At start change all the DD into CA. Each one represents a lot of "hunter killer groups".
. . Anti-sub-warfare (ASW) reduced to-- 1 DD or CA get 1 more shot at a sub after it submerges to end combat. This is-- return to rule that Subs can take a free pot shot and then submerge to "end" combat, but now combat ends after 1 return shot by a DD or CA. BB can't use their free hit against Subs alone whenever there is something else for the Subs to shoot at (unless there is a rule to slow their repair). Planes get 1 shot at a sub before it can submerge, but now max. of 2 spaces out for (Hv.) Bombers which are only 2s. DD are not needed for planes to attack Subs. Med. Bmbrs are 4s but just 1 space out. See my plane range rules above. ASW can be a Tech and you choose 2 of the 3 special benefits for the DD under the old rules.

I think the naval game needs to go faster. The land game can be over in 4 to 6 rounds. This is not enough time to build and move units at sea. Besides it is easier to move stuff by sea than any other way. Therefore, double the move of ships that only move in their Non-combat move phase. So, this speed can't be used to invade, just move stuff or warships to where you want them. Remember you can't any longer unload troops at a friendly terr. and reload them to invade with them in the next turn, Trans stay loaded til they get to their final destination.

Supply Line Terminals are an optional IC. They cost the same but are not captured and all produce 2 units plus 1 Inf, but no unit over 7 or maybe 8 IPC. And no planes.

. . Average Arty.=Old Artillery= 2-3-1 for 4 IPC, helps Inf. Best for defending.
. . Average Tank= Old Armor= 4-3-2 for 5 IPC. Best unit for attacking.
Elite units- the following 4 elite types of units are limited to just 4 of each per player at a time.
. . Motorized Inf= 2-2-2 cost 4 IPC. Not great but fast. Should cost 3.5. On Trans = Tank. But 2 will fit on a Trans.
. . Heavy Armor= 5-3-2 for 6IPC. Great attacking. Or even 6/3 is OK. On Trans = Tank+1/2 Inf.
. . Marine/Guard Inf= 1-1-1 for 2 IPC but 2 take the space of 1 Inf. Only Inf & Marine Inf. should be allowed to invade. Great invading. On Trans = 1/2 Inf.
. . Elite Heavy Artillery= 3-5-1 for 5 IPC, helps Inf. Or not help Inf and add 1 to attack num. Great defending. On Trans = Tank.
Additional Elite units you might want to include. To get 1/2 IPC cut 3 in half or use 50 cent coins.
. . a] Small Mot. Inf.= 1-1-2 for 3 IPC.
. . b] Large Guards Inf.= 2-3-1 for 3.5 IPC.
. . c] Small Tank= 4-2-2 for 4.5 IPC. Or could be 3-3-2.
. Now you might want to say that a Trans can carry 8 IPC worth of stuff. And that only Inf. can invade (incl. Mot.).

. .I think Rus. will need help so-- They can at start replace 2 inf with 2 Guard Inf. (small) each (4 total), replace 1 Inf. with 1 Mot. Inf., replace all their Tanks with Heavy Tanks, and replace 2 Arty. with Heavy Arty.
. .I think all those 4-3-2 Tanks the Ger. get at start now will really help them.
. .The US has to use Trans to send troops to fight. So what fits on Trans will effect what they build. They will build Heavy Arty. since it is not larger on a ship. They may like to put 2 Mot. Inf. on a Trans. Or Hv. Tank + Marines.
. .Japan did start the war with long range planes, but their heavy industry was not large, so limit them to small Tanks (incl. at start) and small Mot. Inf., but give them long range tech.
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