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R. Sangalang
United States
Daly City
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Honor points come from Treasure, Envoys, and Rumors.
You want valuable treasure spent on Envoys and Rumors.
You want Elder Envoys to score Clans Points or get you Rumors.
You want Goodwill of the People (Goodwill) and Rumor Sets.

Early Game
Try to secure as many Elder Envoys as possible.
Hold 1st place in at least one Clan.
Learn a good skill set.
Collect Goodwill cards.
Mid Game
Raid houses for good treasures and use them to maintain your Clan standing.
Collect Goodwill cards.
End Game
Make sure to have enough actions to convert any treasure.
Collect Rumors that score the most based off what you collected during the game.

You want to be able to raid clan houses efficiently.
A great raid would be with a hand of 4 cards and using all 4 cards for 4 treasures.
Getting 3 treasures or 2 high value treasures is usually a good raid.
The problem is that you don't ever have a perfect hand of all high or all low.
Drawing the right cards and learning the right set of skills will help you.

Full Tiger Set (my favorite)
Tiger 6, Tiger +2, Tiger refresh
Draw 4 and 5s when possible.
Turn your bad low card draws into 6's using Tiger 6 and Tiger refresh.
Tiger +2 helps you deal with Elites.

Snake Refresh Set (uses two styles)
Snake 0, Snake -2, Tiger refresh
This is the same as above except you want 1 and 2s.

Full Crane Set
Crane 2/4, Crane +1/-1, Crane switch
Draw 1 and 5s. You also want at least one 3 in your hand to help with elites.
Use the Crane switch to allows both low and high cards.
This set has a harder time with elite guards but has better potential for more treasure.
The Crane 2/4 effectively extends your hand by one card so you could get 5 treasures.

Crane Fist Set
Crane switch, Crane +1/-1, Crane +1/-1
Draw 1 and 5s. You absolutely don't want 3's here.
This setup allows you to deal with Elites a little better than the Full Crane Set.

The above are the sets I go for if given the opportunity. Most cost one Dojo card and 3 actions.
When deciding on a skill set, try to think of the card you are using to learn the style.
Every Dojo card can be a possible treasure so learning all 3 styles may be a steep price.

One or Two Skills
You can still be effective with just one or two skills.
Just be sure to wisely use the actions you saved by not learning skills.

First Skill Priority (what I would choose as my first skill)
tiger(4) 6
snake(3) 0
These skills can make one card of your bad draw really useful.
Absolutely kills normal guards and most elites.
You will need 3s for the stronger Elites
crane(3) switch
Probably the best solo skill. By itself, it should make most of your hand useful.
Doesn't help against elites though.
Pair it with a large modifier (tiger(5) +2, snake(1) -2) to help against elites.
tiger(?) refresh
Getting Tiger refresh first has the drawback of not being able to use it right away.
However, you have many options to make a good pair when you learn your second skill.
If you can pair this with a tiger 6, snake 0, or crane switch, you should be good to go.
crane(2) 2/4
Extends your hand, however not strong against Elites.
If this is your only skill, you will alternate raiding with stealth and strength.
Using your high cards and the 4 side of your skill and saving the low cards.
Then when you draw up, focus on low cards then raid with them, saving any high bad draws.
crane(?) +1/-1
tiger(5) +2
snake(1) -2
These are lowest in priority because they have trouble helping you with opposite draws.
(i.e. Having a 1 card be useful during a strength raid)
They are better as a second choice, complimenting your first skill choice.
snake(?) swap
This skill will increase your treasure quality.
However if you had better skills, you'd can just beat all the guards for the treasure.
If this is your only choice, you can still make great use of it.
Be sure to raid only Clan houses with high value treasure.
tiger(3) disguise
snake(2) disguise
crane(4) disguise
These are all dependent on your Envoys.

Note on Dojo drawing:
Try to Draw at least 3 cards every time you visit the dojo.
When drawing 4 cards, it's helpful to take one blind draw from the dojo deck.
You can see its value and reassess if any of the face up cards now go well with it.

Normal Guards
37.5% chance for an alarm.
Elite Guards
type(*double guard),count,%
20% chance to draw a double guard.
Strength, 6(20%), 5(35%), 4 or less(45%)
Stealth, 0(20%), 1(35%), 2 or more(45%)

Taking on one more guard can be a tough decision.
Some factors to think about would be
The quantity and quality of treasures you've taken during the raid.
Will the extra treasure allow you to buy a critical card?
If it's going to be an elite guard, can you spend two cards?
How much will changing the Clan honor benefit you?
How many cards have you seen and how does that affect the percentages?
If you leave, who is most likely to raid the clan you just did and how will it affect you?
I consider 3 treasures or 2 high values a good raid.
I normally wouldn't risk it for just an extra treasure.

I just wiped out a clan house, which clan and what value should take over?
It's fairly simple if you can determine your place in the Clans.

Think of the total Value of points for the whole Clan
High is 7 or greater.
Middle is 5-6. (on par with the points you might get from a rumor card by end game)
Low is 4 or less.

Make it high in any clan where you have a secure 1st place.
Make it middle if you have 2nd place or a weakly held 1st place.
Make it low if you have no clan influence.

Clan houses with valuable treasure are more likely to have their Clan points changed.
Taking note of this allows you to predict which Clans may change before a scoring round.
Raid Clan houses with high honor that opponents control right before scoring rounds.

Early Game
These are 12 BEST cards:
Envoys (6)
clan age cost
Green 79 scroll,vase
Green 60* 1/3
Red 76 vase,statue
Red 63 fan,scroll
Blue 70 statue,scroll
Blue 53 statue,fan
Goodwill of the People (6)
Goodwill statue
Goodwill vase
Goodwill vase
Goodwill scroll
Goodwill scroll
Goodwill fan
I usually prioritize Elder Envoys over Goodwill for these reasons:
Envoys are more reliable since you aren't sure how many or when Goodwill will show up.
Even second place has benefits.
Reinforcing your Elder Envoy with Young Envoys gives good treasure conversion rate.
(Rumors need 1-2 treasures, Envoys need 1-4 treasures)
Envoys increase your scoring potential for the "Powerful Friends" rumor.
Also, Envoys are the tiebreaker if endgame score is equal.
Mid Game
Look to control your Clan lead by buying Young envoys.
I like to use the fans and scrolls to score the envoys that need 3 or 4 treasures.
Still collect Goodwill if it's available.
End Game
Make sure to convert all your treasure by buying Envoys and Rumors.
Look to complete your Rumor sets or deny sets to opponents.

Thoughts on Rumor cards:
Goodwill is the top tier here.
"Dishonorable Opponents" will usually score 4 each.
The above two only convert one treasure.
The rest convert 1-2 treasures.

During the EARLY or MIDGAME, I would advise against buying any Rumor cards unless it is Goodwill.
Goodwill is efficient, scores for itself and can be huge if you focus on Rumors.
Each Goodwill will typically be worth 4 or more points and is dangerous to let people collect.
The rest of the Rumors are not worth the treasure or action.
If you buy something that isn't Goodwill, you are causing the Rumor deck to be revealed faster.
If Goodwill comes up after, you will not have the treasure to buy since you spent your treasure.
Let scoring rounds cause the Rumor deck to deplete.
The exceptions to the rule are
The Rumor completes a set of Rumors you got from Clan placing.
You got a set of Goodwill early and are starting to collect a bunch of rumors.

During the ENDGAME, buy any Rumor or Envoy you can in order to convert your treasure.
You can usually score more by turning in treasure than trying to change Clan Honor points.
You can also deny sets to other players.

Going first is always good. It allows you broader choice in skills, envoys, and rumors.
You want to time your card draws to be on your last action. Especially if you are currently last.
In order to maximize your turn order lead, you should have treasure and cards available.
If you want a skill, be sure to have the required card if you haven't learned the style.
Having a scroll, vase, and statue available will give you 8 of the 12 BEST envoys/rumors.

A few possible first turns:
Action 1: Raid a house for specific treasures
Action 2: Spend treasure on Elder Envoy (esp if it's the only one out of its clan)
Action 3: Learn a skill, or Draw cards
My favorite start if it's possible. It will depend on your hand.
If your hand isn't that great, it's a risky shot, but securing a good elder has a high payoff.
If there are no skills available on action 3, drawing gives you a chance next turn.

Action 1: Learn a good skill (tiger 6, snake 0, crane switch)
Action 2: Raid for treasure
Action 3: Draw cards
Learning tiger 6 and snake 0 is an awesome start.
If your hand isn't great, learning a skill is usually the best way to go.
You can then use your skill raid.
Hopefully better options show up on turn two and you'll have the treasure and cards ready.

Drawing on Action 3 also allows you to raid twice on the next turn.
This is powerful right before a scoring round if you have a secure first place.
Of course, you need skills in order to clear a house in one shot (or aim for two treasure houses).
Action 1: Raid and replace with your Clan points.
Action 2: Draw dojo cards
Action 3: Raid and replace with your Clan points.
You can probably follow it up like so
Action 1: Spend treasure
Action 2: Spend treasure
Action 3: Draw dojo cards

Pay attention to other players available treasure, cards, and place in the turn order.
It will allow you determine how urgent getting that envoy might be.
If they don't have the right treasures or cards, then you can delay your purchase.

If you are looking to collect a Rumor set, turn 4 and 6 will be your best bet.
When clans score, they can clear out 3 Rumor cards (one for each clan).
Position yourself to be first on those turns with treasure available.

While there is plenty of random setup and random availability,
there are many ways to prepare yourself.

p.s. Edits for a screwed up less than sign, some grammar, and ordering.
Added to Raiding and Timing sections.
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Jeff Kayati
United States
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Fantastic strategy guide to one of my favorite games.

thumbsup and for you!
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