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Subject: L1z1x claim their heritage rss

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muthrali the relentless
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Creuss vs Norr vs L1z1x

In the Aftermath of the Great War only 3 factions rose to the challenge to claim Universal dominance. The Beings of Light, the Warmongers and the Lazax Survivors.

Creuss (friend)
Norr (brother)
L1z1z (me)

We decided to play an afternoon, until a certain time. Most VP would win by then. We used 2nd strategy cards and trade 3 for mercenaries. Distant suns & final frontiers. De galaxy turned out to be placed slightly symmetrical, with a b wormhole in Norr territory and a streak of empty spaces between Creuss and L1z1x.

We all expanded peacefully. Except from some red distant suns, no one got to see any real action. Norr positioned himself in de 2nd ring from Mecatol, building a perimeter of PDS planets around it. Creuss kept a low profile, as they didn’t think they would gain the upper hand in a skirmish. L1z1x krept towards the all sides while teching up for superdreadnoughts.

Midgame, Creuss got their racial tech and dropped a b wormhole next to Lizix HS, hoping to ignite some tension between Norr and Lizix. Those didn’t take the bait. Meanwhile, Norr annexed a planet system adjacent to Creuss space. Some PDS fire from Creuss crippled the Norr fleet there. Creuss explored an empty space hex, creating a Supernova. While this costet him a fleet, it had the promise of a bottleneck on the map, while on the other side of the creuss Outpost was another supernova already. Norr or Lizix now could only invade from 1 side, making it a perfect turtle spot.

Lizix in a sudden move went for Mecatol, dispatching the Custodians with ease. A round later, the fleet was reinforced, and a space dock occurred. The duranium alloyed superdreads proved a deterrent for all to try to drive the Lizix away from their Birthright.

Since time ran short, the Norr stood up to their responsibility to defie the eminent Lizix ascendancy. Not fully prepared, they launched a quick strike. It turned out to be in vain, as the sustainable dreads and the quick repairs were to many and to deadly. The Creuss, in a feeble attempt to be remembered in the Annals to be as heroic as the Norr, send in a fleet of cruisers led by their dreadnought. Some farmers on Mecatol reported ash and debris falling from the sky covered with a lumiscent gloom. 1 Lizix fighter got shot down, although the Lizix government issued a decree that the pilot died due technical malfunctions.

At the end:
Creuss: 3 VP
Norr: 4 VP
Lizix: 7 VP
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