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Subject: comments on game! rss

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Nigel Swan
Dublin 18
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Play test Comments:
A group of 4 players ranging in experience have played a few sessions and have the following comments:

1. Your intro is very good and gives the novice a good understanding of what the game is about. You also link grey and blue into the intro very cleverly.
2. The feeling was the game should reflect a title of grand strategy. Based on the name alone it was assumed it was a tactical wargame.
3. Town markers look like a stop sign marker in Europe. Would cause confusion. Mabey a counter with a flag for occupied. ?
4. There seems to be a disparity in VP. 1 for 5000 men eliminated and 1 for a major battle win. Surely a major battle should be worth more. See 4.1.2. I think 4 vp would be more suitable.
5. 4.1.2 emancipation. The European history books reflect that up as far as late 62 no such agenda was set by Lincoln.
6. Confederate battle success 2 vp same as union capturing a town. Mabey increase in to one or two above amended union battle success vp.
7.there are good interception rules in campaigns of Marlborough Would these help. An army could intercept within 4 squares?
8.section 7.2 desertion? 15 percent of troops not in winter camp disappear
9.section 8.6 cannot be flanked in a fortress?
10. Supply rules. Need to trace line of supply or receive penalty?
11. I would add some optional rules eg cavalry scouting units. Élan that gives bonus on CRT +1 to dice roll,a few ironclads blocking ports and rivers.
12.needs leaders giving a positive or negative modification on the CRT.

Summary: I think you are coming from a grand strategy game that reflects the manouvering in the war. Some simple rule changes will give you a very playable game. I enjoy the concept.

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Bob James
United States
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I wish better looking "modern and up to current standards on counters used"
Don't think a lot of these recommends needed for this game.
Agree not tactical, a Strateic Campaign.
Campaign like this would not see Calvary able to do much, but raid, not take on a Division/s or Corp size unit.
Confederate battle win was just as big a who had a town. Union had Centreville, but Rebs won the battle.
Union still held their line at Chancellorsville, but Rebs won battle and Union had to retreat back across river.
Emancipation Proclamation was something Lincoln had been wanting and Union needed. Without it, there would have not been such on JAN. 1, 63.
I rather liked the game, simple and something you can teach someone not into hardcore wargame.
Interesting Game.
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