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Subject: The collected poems and works of PBF 15 rss

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Imp Rovius
United States
New York
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PseudoPserious wrote:
{tips hat to Mandy and clears throat}

I don't mean to scold but I'm sure you've been told
that official proposals should be written in bold.

{dramatic pause for applause}

PseudoPserious wrote:
{clears throat}

I tried to imply, but should have just said it...
By Rule Number One it's illegal to edit.

{bows deeply}

FrozenLiquidity wrote:
While the leader of the team I must respect
The members of the group are of much suspect
I am resistance, can't you see?
You think I'd vote for a team without me?
Understanding these rhymes is like interpretative dance
Though it provides an alternative to page-long rants
But alas, I can't say I approve of this so-called 'team'.
Though I'd definitely vote to do away with this ridiculous theme.

thenobleknave wrote:
Whereas before your allusion was lost,
Now it is clear where the die has been tossed.
I shall forthwith make like a Zax!
And never budge even an inch from these tracks.
I pause till friend and foe alike have been heard,
And of this next mission I'll say not one word.
For we all need to discern the truth from the lies,
To ferret out Geiselites, and ferret out Shpies!
And whether their speech come in prose or in verse,
Zax-like I stand, be it for better or worse!

PseudoPserious wrote:
{clears throat}

Horton is the 'who' and these bombs are the 'how' -
Hate to break it to you Shel but your sidewalk ends NOW.


thenobleknave wrote:
Now that we've had a chance to discuss,
To mull over, cogitate, argue and cuss,
I've come up with a team that now truly shows
Those evil Shel-lovers how the good Doctor flows.
If my gut's wrong and he's a Shpy, I'll feel much stupidity,
And that's why I'm bringing along FrozenLiquidity.
As to who flunked that poor Fish, to me it's mysterious.
But at this junction I more trust PseudoPserious.
As mischievous and calculating as the Cat in the Hat,
Next Clydeiii comes along; I hope he's no rat!
And finally, hoping dearly for this Resuesstance to save,
Is I, a true Geiselite, the great Noble Knave.

eunoia wrote:
I have nothing more the add,
except that I throw no red.
A proposal had been made,
and my vote have been sent.

improvius wrote:
Because he seems true to the cause
And not the least bit fidgety
We should not even stop to pause
And choose FrozenLiquidity.

In my last game he was a friend
Who helped when things looked grave
And so we hope he is again
And bring thenobleknave.

And now I hope it will not prove
To be deleterious
But will instead our team behoove
To send PseudoPserious.

And as you may have guessed by now
(For it should be quite obvious)
To lead this team I'll make my vow
And pick myself, improvius.

merc007 wrote:
*** My 2.5 Proposal - may we be successful in passing the mission ***
I've dreaded the upcoming 2.5,
the pressure is more than most,
to keep our Ressuesstance team alive,
the mission I now doth post.

Improvius has gained a bit of trust,
followed by Thenobleknave,
FrozenLiquidity next in line,
This mission we need to save.

Finally, myself, I'll go with them,
Merc007 makes four,
I hope for our sakes we're clean as can be,
To make it a 1 - 1 Score.

PseudoPserious wrote:
Shelstinian plans ain't no match for Seuss tactics--
We gonna turn out the lights in all of your attics!

Jythier wrote:
There's nobody pithier,
than myself, Jythier. (hithier)
Mercedesis needed at this time
To keep FL and PP in line.
The proposal may not be best
But for you, it is a test
Vote yes or no, and we will see
What role Phil Fry has sent to thee.

Jythier wrote:
~He's the one they call Dr. Jythier...
He's the one who's gonna find ALL SPIES!
He's the one they call Dr. Jythier!
He's gonna cause the spies demise!

Oooh, you know he's got a brilliant plan (Dr. Jythier!)
The Resistance will be big Jythier fans! (Dr. Jythier!)
the spies vote patterns are easily understood! (Dr. Jythier!)
He's the one they call, Jythierrrrrrr....! Yeah, yeah yeah!!~

Jythier wrote:
You can get all my spy-hunting hits on a 5 CD collection for just 5000 pennies!

~Couldn't Stand the Post Count, Featuring Stevie Ray Vaughn!
(Second Verse)
~I went away, for just a day
~At work, attention I had to pay
~Came back and you all had much to say
~thirty three new post while I was away
~read them all, but then had to go
~it's really sad I've got no time to post
~Came back on just an hour away
~tried to get myself back in the fray
~caught up reading, but then I reloaded...
~Oh my gosh, there's already three pages more!~
(Guitar Solo)

~Only Wanna Catch Spies, Too!, featuring Hootie and the Blowfish!

~Wanting to Catch Those Spies, featuring Bon Jovi!
~I'm wanting... waaaanting... to catch those spies...~

Raid1280 wrote:
'grabs karaoke mic'

'DJ flips on Seperate Ways by Journey'

~Here we stand
Worlds apart, bases broken in two (two, two)
Sleepless nights
Losing ground
You're reaching for blue(blue, blue)

~Games goin' so long
Can change your mind
If you can't go on
To survive the tide, red divides

~Someday we will find you
Break those cells that bind you
One mission will remind you
How we threw red
And went our separate ways
If we ever hurt you
The others will desert you
You know I will kill you
Though I threw red
And went our separate ways

Jythier wrote:
~Spies, spies, everywhere these's spies
failing those missions and messin' with your minds
crazy, no good liars, can't you see they're spies?~

FrozenLiquidity wrote:
With the masses of table talk filled with duplicity
I'll take the only guy I can trust, FrozenLiquidity
Despite her preference for lands full of Candy
She reads like resistance, so I guess I'll take Mandy
He's a solid spy-hunter, aiming to misbehave
For this reason I'm bringing TheNobleKnave
I'm not quite sure of his motives, I'm really quite curious
Can we trust this stranger, this member named Improvius

Yes, I'm white - that is my excuse.

Raid1280 wrote:
Attention: The Following is an Imperial Announcment

We, the empire have infiltrated your pathetic resistance cells to such an extent, that you do nothing but fight with each other.

Come forward, give yourselves up and we will show you mercy.

If you do not, we will be forced to consider terrible acts against you and your people.

Consider the following stories of such atrocities:

Blue Brains and Ham
One Toenail, Two Toenails, Red Toenail, Blue Toenail
The Butter Torture Book
Horton Hears a Scream
Oh The Places You Will Die

We here in the empire are a loving, forgiving lot, and will allow you the chance to work with us in exchange for your coming forward and giving up.

This has been an Imperial Announcement

I'm Raid, and I approve this message.

thenobleknave wrote:
::begin Caveman Resistance::

{points at Philfry} thumbsup

{points at Jythier} shake

{points at own mouth}: bacon

PseudoPserious wrote:
{clears throat}

He's psilly and flippant, a fool so-delirious,
But a team can’t be clean without me, PseudoPserious.
Mandy and Makus, you also survive
the shifting around of my original five.

But Eunoia and Imp, for you there's bad news.
With no malice to you I fear I must choose
Two alternate members to join our assault.
And while you may claim there’s some kind of fault
With my new choices, I think that they’re clean
And that the Noble(st) Knave, Mister Stevie McQueen
Is precisely the man, who when teamed up with Clyde,
Will be a pserious thorn in Shel’s side.

So that’s my proposal for our fourth mission try,
And with bated breath I await your reply.

I feel bad for my trick, but it wasn't a malicious deception --
I just wanted to see what kind of reception
I'd get if I assumed that Eunoia was clean,
And what the resulting proposal would mean
For our chances to win when down one-to-two,
and if you think less of me for that -- well, then, shame on you.


thenobleknave wrote:
I've pondered, I've queried, I've hemmed and I've hawed.
To save this Resuesstance, with some members flawed.
I know Shel enthusiasts hide deep in our ranks.
And to save our dear doctor we need cover our flanks.

Upon that last mission, a Shpy surely conspired.
But I must bring Mercedes, for she seems inspired.
And a Shpy brought down our first mission with glee,
But I'm trusting Pseudopserious, I hope the Shpy be not he!

And finally, there are two, who've never been tested.
(Plus our friend Raid, so thoroughly detested).
I have my reservations, but Clyde seems to be good.
And I will bring Jythier, with his past misunderstood.

And finally, upon this endeavor to complete mission Horton,
Is the one person whose love of Seuss is certain.
Although a bit of a rogue, and prone to rant and rave,
No Resuesstance is complete without me, thenobleknave.

PseudoPserious wrote:
{surveys the charred remnants of the Reseusstance hideout and kicks the smoldering ash}

We are the Empire
We give you security
And comfort and warmth
And peace and prosperity.

You were oath-breakers
Quiet and meaningless
Scheming rats in a cellar
With no chance of success.

Why do men trade their lives
For false Seussian dreams
Seduced by cheesy
Trisyllabic rhyming schemes?

Let this day be a warning
Let no fight draw nearer
This is the way rebellion ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.

Let me know if I missed anything, and I'll add it to this post.
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Agent J
United States
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He's looking real sharp in his 1940's fedora. He's got nerves of steel, an iron will, and several other metal-themed attributes. His fur is water tight and he's always up for a fight.
He's a semi-aquatic egg-laying mammal of action. He's a furry little flat-foot who'll never flinch from a fray. He's got more than just mad skills, he's got a beaver tail and a bill.
*snap, snap*
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Mercedes (Mandy)
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Tokyo Game Market here I come!
Sorry if I'm slow in reading mails. I'm currently working hard on some Alley Thieves
Thanks for collecting them I'm not brave enough to re-read all the posts hehe.
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