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Subject: Battle for Galicia Part 2 (GT 5) rss

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Peter Veenstra
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Attaque! Toujours attaque!!
So here's Part 2, Game turn 5!
Link to first turn:

Russian turn

The Russian 16th and 14th Corps abandon their strategic plan and retreat. This gives 10 VP’s to the Austrian Hungarians. Huzzah for the Kaiser!

On my right, the Russians destroy 3 Det. 11, that was pinned against a river and could not retreat.
The Russians do a prep attack against Cavalry 2C, which loses a second step and goes to CEL -3.

Hm.. I’ve learned a valuable lesson here. The units that can retreat before the enemy in the reaction movement(and Det. 11 can even escape a prepared attack) should be in a position to do so.. I still have to get used to the map. Sometimes the going really gets tough and half the movement factors you get in this phase, is simply not enough to escape. The cavalry is great for slowing enemy progress down (he pays an extra movement point to get into your ZOC), but again you should be carefull to place them in an position where they can escape.. cry

AH turn

14 Corps is reattached to Fourth army, together with 41 and 44 Division. I want this army to be strong as possible. From the Lublin scenario I've learned that if Fourth does not apply pressure, the thrust of the First army is simply not enough. Unfortunately Fourth army has to plough it's way through difficult terrain.
Anyway, I push them as fast forward as I dare, without losing CEL due to excessive forced marches..

In the reaction movement, the Russians take Chernowitz for 1 VP.

AH performs two prepared attacks, gaining 2 VP’s. One on 2RF, which loses a CEL. AH 101 LS loses a first step.
AH First Army 5th Corps and 1th Corps attack Russian 14th Corps. The Russians lose 3 steps, the Austrians also 3. Austrian 33/5 division is badly hit, taking 2 CEL losses and 2 SP’s. The Russians loses both a CEL in the two defending corps..

Positions in the North. First Army has made contact with the enemy. Fourth Army is still marching..

Positions in the South. Notice that I've started a line of improved positions, manned by Third Army, protecting the approaches to Lemberg. Second Army on the right flank has litte power and is left to guard the river crossings..

The Russians gained 2 for a prepared attack. Their total is now 3.
The Austrians also made two prepared attacks, but also gained 10 VP’s because two Russians Corps abandoned their strategic plan. Their total is now 12 VP's.
Did I mention I’m using the revised Victory conditions from the magazine "Dispatches"? They’re a lot better than the ones from the manual. Did I say that “Dispatches” is a must have?

Some comments..
Ouch.. First World War battles are tough. One battle with heavy losses like what just happened, really hurts. Another clash like this, with lot's of enemy arty and it's time to rest for some divisions.. And of course there's no time for that... shake
It's really a clash of artillery. Even a 3-1 or 4-1 attack is no sure thing. At best you gain a hex, but the bigger the battle, and the more artillery involved from enemy side, the more you are likely to hurt.. No wonder they upgraded to World War 2 when they saw the results of the first release .. gulp

Stay tuned for Turn 6!

Link to next turn:

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