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Subject: Robot V2 - Targaryen vs Lannister rss

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Eder Monaco
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I'm playing the solitaire variant (playing against robot) that you can find here
I will be using Targaryen while the robot uses Lannister.
Decks are from the core set.

Me: I draw Dothraki Honor Guard, 2x Eastern Fiefdoms, Temple of the graces, Rhaegal, Viserion, Viserys Targaryen. I play Temple of the graces, Rhaegal and Viserys.
Robot: plays Joffrey Baratheon and Lannisports, draws Call their bluff.
I draw Bodyguard, Qartheen Fanatic and Strong Belwas.

Round 1:
I choose to play Counting Favors, while Robot draws Drunken Allegations. He goes first. He has to kneel Joffrey Baratheon, I decide to kneel Viserys and then we both draw 3 cards, I get Illyrio's Man, Maester Aemon and Xaro Xoan Daxos, robot gets 3 additional unallocated credits now has a total of 9 unallocated credits (uc) and 1 allocated credit (ac).
I draw Magister Illyrio and Captain Groleo, robot now has 11 uc and 1 ac.
Robot rolls 10, plays Ser Ilyn Payne. Decision check in order to use Payne's ability: rolls for a no so he won't be using it.
I play Eastern Fiefdoms, pay 1 gold to use Rhaegal's ability, I use eastern fiefdoms to pay for Illyrio's man which I kneel right away to use his ability and pay the remiaining 2 gold to put into play Xaro Xoan Daxos and I return to my hand Illyrio's man.
Having finished to play my characters I roll again for another decision check inc ase robot wants to use payne's ability, he rolls 5, another no
Robot rolls a 7, so he will consider to make a power challenge with sir ilyn payne; rolls 8 for a +1 and then a total of 3 strength, my possible total strenght is 7 though so he decides not to make a power challenge. Now attempts an intrigue challenge and rolls 7 so he decides not to attack.
My turn: I make a military challenge with rhaegal, he can't defend so I win challenge and get a power token. Robot decides to sacrifice Joffrey Baratheon. I make an intrigue challenge with XXD, he decides to defend with sir payne so I win intrigue challenge and robot discards Call their bluff.
It's a tie 0-0.
Stand, Taxation.
End of Round 1 summary:
Power: (me) 1-0 (robot) , robot has 9 uc.

Round 2:
I decide to use Condemned by the realm, robot draws hear me roar, he decides to go first. Because of my plot he decides to kill Rhaegal so I discard its duplicate to save him.
Draw: I draw Flame Kissed and the Titan's Bastard, robot gets 2 additional uc.
Robot plays Lannisport Weaponsmith, Western Fiefdoms, (draws another western fiefdoms to be played but can't play it since it is limited so keeps it in hand, he gets 1 ac and discards 1 uc), Crossroads, Qyburn's Informers (lucky draw, gets to play it spending just 1 gold). Decides to use Payne's ability to kill Viserys Targaryen so i return viserys to my hand using his response.
My turn: I kneel eastern fiefdoms to play another eastern fiefdoms, I kneel this new one aswell to play illyrio's man and kneel him to play for free viserys. I pay 4 gold to play magister illyrio, , I pay my 2 remaining gold to attach Flame kissed on his Qyburn's Informers that he can't save so they are killed.
I put into play under the robot's control my Dothraki Honor Guard. He decides to pass.
I make a power challenge with Magister Illyrio, he decides to defend with Dothraki Honor Guard, I win the challenge (remember robot's plot card gives -1 str to characters that don't have intrigue icon), robot has no power tokens though so nothing happens. I make a military challenge with rhaegal applying stealth to lannisport weaponsmith, I win undefended challenge and robot sacrifices lannisport weaponsmith. I make intrigue challenge with XXD, undefended challenge and robot discards Tywin Lannister.
Dominance: Tie since Visery's strength is 0.
Stand, Taxation
End of Round 2 summary:
Power: (me) 3-0 (robot) , robot has 7 uc and 1 ac.

Round 3:
I play Rule by Decree and robot draws Blockade. Robot goes first, he has to discard 4 cards since he has 8 total credits (cards) while I have 7. He discards: Varys, Tyrion Lannister, Gilded Plate and Grand Maester Pycelle.
I draw Great Pyramid and Warlock's Servitors
Robot plays Lannisport Honor Guard and decides to use Payne's ability to kill Viserys, I save him again using his response thus returning it to my hand.
My turn: I kneel both my fiefdoms to play great pyramid which i kneel right away to play Qartheen fanatic and pay 1 gold to play the omnipresent viserys.
I kneel Magister Illyrio and choose intrigue challenge for his ability, so robot can't attack me with intrigue challenge since he has no gold to pay for it.
Robot makes a military challenge with both honor guards, I decide to not defend, I choose to sacrifice Viserys Targaryen (what a surprise) and robot gets 1 power token for undefended challenge. I get control of Dothraki Honor Guard.
I make a military challenge with rhaegal, 1 intrigue challenge with XXD and 1 power challenge with Illyrio's man, all of them are uncontested since Robot has no characters to defend with. He sacrifices Sir Ilyn Payne, and discards Lurkers at Harrenhal. I steal his power token and get 3 bonus power tokens for undefended challenges.
I win 7-0.
Stand, Taxation
End of Round 3 summary:
Power: (me) 8-0 (robot) , robot has 4 uc and 1 ac.

Round 4:
I play Herding the masses to try and seal the deal, robot draws planning ahead, both initiative 0 Robot goes first.
I draw Khal Drogo's tent and Pentoshi Guildmaster.
Robot plays Raff the sweetling, lannisport steward and cersei lannister.
I play Khal Drogo's tent, warlock's servitors maester aemon and kneel illyrio's man to play... guess who?? yes he is the man Viserys Targaryen.
Robot makes an intrigue challenge with lannisport honor guard, cersei and raff, I decide to not defend and I get to discard Strong Belwas.
I make a power challenge with rhaegal, military challenge with dothraki honor guard and intrigue challenge with XXD, all undefended as robot can't use his steward (my plots prevents non uniques to defend). Robot decides to sacrifice Raff the sweetling and the lannisport steward, discards littlefinger and the hound. I steal his only power token and get 3 additional for undefended challenges.
I easily win dominance.
Nothing worth mentioning.
Taxation: Skipped.
End of Round 4 summary:
Power: (me) 13-0 (robot) , robot has 1 uc and 1 ac. Robot is in a really dire situation and his only hope is to draw the Lannister's plot that would make me sacrifice all my characters except for 3.

Round 5:
I play Noose and Swordpoint, while robot draws Mutual Blackmail which is useless in 1v1. The game is over but i'll keep playing for sportamnship towards the robot
I choose to go first.
I draw Eastern fiefdom and Daario Naharis.
I play Eastern fiefdom, Viserion and Captain Groleo using the various reduction costs, and still have 4 gold in pool. I play bodyguard on Viserys, useless I know, just for the lols.
Robot plays Western fiefdom that he had with ac, Enemy informer and chooses to kneel rhaegal (oh noes I still have 8 other characters to attack with) and lastly Shae.
Robot uses Shae ability to kneel Viserion.
I make power challenge with warlock's Servitors and robot defends with cersei lannister, I win but I don't get to steal any power token since he has none but has to kill cersei because of warlock's servitors' deadly.
I make a military challenge with dothraki honor guard and captain groleo, the robot defends with enemy's informer, and sacrifices Shae. Finally I make an intrigue challenge with XXD and Qartheen Fanatic, decides to defend with Lannisport Honor Guard, he discards You've Killed the wrong dward.
In his turn he has no characters to attack with so he passes.
I win dominance and pay 4 gold to use Viserion's ability and kill Lannisport Honor Guard.
Characters with Str 2 or lower can't stand up.
Nothing happens.
End of Round 5 summary:
Power: (me) 14-0 (robot) , robot has 2 uc. The fact that he kneeled my 2 Stealth characters made him last 1 more round.

Round 6:
I play Power and wealth and BAM there goes Wildfire Assault for the robot, a bit too late though. I sacrifice Illyrio's Man, Qartheen Fanatic, CaptainGroleo, Maester Aemon, Viserys Targaryen (he can't be saved nooooooooooooooo!!!), Magister Illyrio, Dothraki Honor Guard and Warlock's Servitors. I choose to go first.
I draw Westeros Bleeds and Aegon's Blade.
I play Daario Naharis, Attach Aegon's Blade to XXD, Pentoshi Guildmaster and The Titan's Bastard.
Robot plays Lordship on enemy informer, Sunset Sea which discards right away and plays Ser Jaime Lannister and lastly plays Ser Jacelyn Bywater.
I make an intrigue challenge with XXD applying stealth to Jaime Lannister, the robot can't defend so the game ends as I get my 15th power token.

I win 15-0 at the 6th round. I got an early lead and didn't let the robot breathe salvation. His only chance was to get Wildfire Assault in Round 5.
Viserys Targaryen surely caused some problems making the robot waste Sir Ilyn's Payne ability on him a couple of times but I'll give the title of MVP to Xaro Xoan Daxos, he came pretty early in the game and won all his intrigue challenges, forcing the robot to discard precious cards and getting lots of power tokens since most of them were undefended.
Thanks for reading this far and I forgive you if you have skipped some parts as this is a long a$$ post.
Hopefully I didn't make mistakes, since I concentrated alot on writing a full detailed session. While in round 5 I accidentally moved the mouse and clicked on a link but luckily I had saved in a .txt up until the end of round 3, so I had to rewrite round 4 hoping that I didn't forget something.
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Box of Delights
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thanks for the detailed walkthrough. These are exactly what I am looking for to try to find ways to make the robot better. Great job! I hope it given you more opportunities to practice the cards with something competitive to do solitaire. thanks, Rick
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