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Historical Board Gaming offers many pieces for A&A. It is at--

This is page 3 of "Top 50 items". The list of all they have is to the left. Try "Battle Pieces" near the top. Or any of the actual A&A games, like Europe 40.

You could just use them to make things look better. You could use different pieces for land based and CV based FTR (switch them when they change bases?). Add a mix of other "Tanks" (US-- M-5 Lt & M-10 TD or Ger. PzIII & StuG-III, etc.). Look at "Battle Pieces" then "Production" to find future Rus. and more Ger. pieces. Ger. Fw190 fighters are $0.45 ea. . . . Or you could use them to add new units.

Example-- Suppose you have A&A Revised and want to convert it to A&A Spring 1942, you will need cruisers for every nation. Some may be sold out. If cost is not a problem look at the "Painted Pieces" and repaint them. [I'm told there are a few minor differences with the map too.]

Or your group could add new unit types. Since the classic MB version they have changed Tanks, Subs, CVs & Trans and added DD, CA, & Art. Note that none of these are planes, until Tac Bmbr in Pac 40.

So types of planes is a likely area for innovation. Air Trans. could carry Inf. over water that the enemy is denying you. Be carefull about adding Paratroopers though. Maybe if they are just added to a battle that you already have ground troops in (like the Allies did on D-Day) it is OK, but if you let them be dropped anywhere it will force everyone to defend many more places which will change things a lot.

You could leave the old Ftr. pretty much alone and add Tac Bmbr and a new pure Ftr. Rather than trying to find a new combination of att. and def. numbers you could try to find special abilities that are interesting. Example-- the pin point accuracy of dive bombers and gun armed tank-busters points to letting Tac Bmbr pick their targets. Suppose you make them 2-2 range 4 @$10 and they call their target before they roll. If they roll a 1 then they hit it, if they roll a 2 they must pick some other target. Tac Bmbr only hit planes if that is the only thing left to hit.

The pure Ftr could be simular. A 2-2 range 4 @$10. It fires in the "Open Fire Phase", hits only planes & Trans (period), and calls a 1st choice, but may have to settle for a 2nd choice.

To save money you could limit these to just 4 pieces of each type and no using chips either. This would also let players get to know them without a huge change from buying masses of them.

Note that these are a little different from my previous thoughts.

I will be frank with you. I have not tested these numbers. Changing the hit num. would be a large change, perhaps it would be better to fine tune them by changing their costs. I made them the same as old Ftr as a starting point. But I think it is pretty reasonable except the pure Ftr may need to cost more coz it hits in the Open Fire Phase.
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Jan van der Laan
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Als u begrijpt wat ik bedoel.
And they're offering pretty good stuff there (for acceptable prices)!
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