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But we have to change the rules because Monopoly's so boring!
Can anyone help with these questions regarding the Green-eyed boy scenario.

I’ve steered clear of the 1B story as it seems totally unfair to me as the keeper (and my setup time) and to the players (could be dead through no fault of their own).

Instead I’ve gone for the 1A choice.

However there seems to be holes in the plot and rules too, so I would like a little help with it please. I’ve read the errata about the wrong cards being used or missing in the seeding e.g. missing the crowbar doh! However there are still things wrong, I think.

First in the setup under question 3 it asks

The magic words are found in the
A master bedroom
B Bathroom 1

Now in the seed card section it has

Master Bedroom
3A Nothing of interest, ruby of R’lyeh, dark room
3B Magic Phrase, clue 2 Locked door

3A Magic Phrase, clue 2 Locked door
3B Nothing of interest, ruby of R’lyeh, dark room

Now, if I’ve picked that the magic words are found in 3A, which is the master bedroom. Shouldn’t that location have the Magic Phrase in it and not the bathroom?
Are these seed cards the wrong way round? If so can I straight swap them?

Now onto the plot (after my questions, I’ve put my take on the story but feel free to correct me)

When the investigators find the dying butler, in the coat room, he says “they are hiding” and stares towards the kitchen. Who are “they”? I’m assuming one is the old man I refer to next. Who are the others in the word “they”?

Who is the old man in the kitchen storage with clue 5? What is the rope? Does he hang himself? Why? What’s he got to do with the story? What did he find in the long corridor?

I thought the butler was killed putting the coats away, at the beginning of the story, however he re-appears in event 3 as a cultist. Are there 2 butlers? Was he just pretending to die?

Where does the child keep going to e.g. when being chased by the maniac with an axe.

If the child is a ghost and I’m assuming he is, who is the maniac chasing him?

My basic take on a possible story is, the boy’s mother is a witch, her husband (old man who kills himself, in the kitchen because of guilt/insanity) and the butler, are cultists and together, they have killed their son, for some evil ceremony. The maniac could be the gardener I suppose, or some such, who has gone mad, from seeing the kid ghost.

The ceremony could explain the mi-go in the attic.

They have stored the headless body in the freezer.

The frozen man in event 1, could have been another uninvited guest, who snooped were he shouldn’t have and after being driven insane by the headless child zombie, has eventually found the investigators, just before dying.

In my version, the witch’s husband then bumps off the man’s wife, sticking the body in the bath because the freezer is crowded. He then goes completely potty, kills the chambermaid before topping himself in the kitchen.

Now the gameplay

I was thinking after reading various posts to make some changes to it before I run the scenario.

I was going to add in the “raise dead” keeper card and drop the uncontrollable urges, to spice up the scenario combat wise, which is what my players will enjoy.

I thought I could add in a few corpse markers along the way and re-animate them.

Possibly as a result of the dead butler in the coat room. ( I might make him a chamber maid, if it is correct that the butler does appear in event 3 as a cultist).

Another could be the old man in clue 5 if he kills himself although I was thinking of letting him shoot himself with the .38 colt gun and replacing that card (normally found in the tower room) with the shotgun, since I’m making it more combat heavy.

I was going to make the frozen guy who turns up as a result of event 1 become a zombie and maybe stick his zombie wife in the bath tub having being killed by the old man who kills himself in the kitchen.

There would be a headless child zombie in the freezer since I’m guessing the kids head is the ceremonial skull.

Event 2 could spawn a zombie when they kill the maniac chasing the kid

I was going to place a mi-go in the attic along with an alter marker which would explain the noise they hear when they get the clue in the long corridor.

After event 4 triggers I was going to replace the raise dead card with the witchcraft card however when I read on the forums about the scenarion and the witchcraft card it just seemed to annoy both keepers and players alike and they all seem to think they were a waste of time and very dissatisfying.

Anyone have any suggestions as to how to improve them and make them more fun for everyone?

thanks I'm hoping to run this on Thursday could do with some pointers pretty quick please
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Guillaume Zork
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You can go ahead and swap 3A/3B on the master bedroom and the bathroom. That one has been known from the bug hunters for a while ;o)

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Heathen Cosmos
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green eyed boy is actually a cool fun scenario
I would recommend passing out the "Loss of Will" Mythos Card and it's Decoys at the start of the game; you create a sense of distrust among the investigators and add to the tension, since one of them is the secret betrayer.

I recommend this house-rule because there's a game-breaking bug involving the card. If the keeper plays "Loss of Will" on the player who picks up the Ceremonial Skull, he can basically run away from the other investigators, making it completely impossible for them to win.
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