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Subject: First 4-Player Game rss

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Mike Stevens
United States
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I have played about 3 games of Blood Bowl (Third Edition) and about 3 games of Blood Bowl: Team Manager – The Card Game with all of them being 2 or 3-player games. I have an ok understanidng of the Blood Bowl universe and have really enjoyed both games even though they are quite a bit different.

Last night I headed down to my FLGS and 4 people quickly started a game of Puerto Rico while 3 of my friends asked me if I would like to join them for a game of Blood Bowl:Team Manager. How could I resist?

We had one noob, 2 other players who had about 30 games each under their belts, and me. We chose our teams based on our experience with the game so Norm the Noob got to pick first and took the Dwarves. I picked second and took the Wood Elves since I had never played them before. LaRay picked her favorite team, those skanky, cheating, Chaos and her boyfriend Derrick took the other cheating team, the Skaven. Looks like I will be up against a "Cheating Couple"ninja

Derrick explained the rules to Norm the Noob who picked up the game very fast. We set up the Tournament/Highlight deck with 2 highlights, 2 tournaments, and the Blood Bowl. Let's get this party started.

Week 1 - LaRay and her Chaos drew the First Player marker, which meant I would be going last in Week 1, and going last in Week 5 which would be The Blood Bowl. Chaos immediately went after a match-up that offered 2 Star Players and a choice of Team or Staff Upgrades for the win. Skaven played next and chose a match-up where he had a chance to get 2 Team Upgrades. Norm placed a Dwarf guard on a match-up that offered 2 Fans and Staff Upgrades. Finally my turn, and I could put the Elves on any match-up I wanted. I decided to battle Chaos for the combo of Star Players and Team/Staff Upgrades. I ended up being involved in 2 of the match-ups and lost both of them but I did get the Team Upgrade card called "Laying the Smackdown" which gives you 1 extra fan for every opponent that is down during the match-up scoring phase on any math-up where you have at least one player standing.

Chaos - 6 fans
Skaven - 0 fans
Dwarves - 4 fans
Elves - 3 fans

Week 2 - We had the Chaos Cup available in Week 2. I got pretty lucky and had both Chaos and Skaven roll 2 blanks against my speedy Elves during tackle attempts. Those crazy Dwarves didnt get the memo and also tried to tackle one of my speedy passers and threw double X's. Can you say OUCH and see you later, Injured Boy I won the Chaos Cup and another Match-up that gave me the "Team Merchandise Booth" card which gives you 4 extra fans at the end of the game.

Chaos - 12 fans
Skaven - 3 fans
Dwarves - 10 fans
Elves - 11 fans

Weeks 3 and 4 - Both of these weeks were dominated by Chaos as she got very lucky with numerous Cheating Tokens. In both weeks every single Cheating token for her was either a fan or a 1, 2, or 3 which let her win several Match-ups and steal the Spike Magazine Bowl from me. Skaven could get nothing going as almost all of his Cheating tokens turned out to be Ejections. Norm and the Dwarves were hanging in there, ending up tied for 2nd place with me after Week 4. He had drawn the Death Roller and used him to make 3 successful tackles in both Weeks 3 and 4 before getting ejected when all of his cheating tokens were turned over.

Chaos - 26 fans
Skaven - 14 fans
Dwarves - 19 fans
Elves - 19 fans

Week 5 - Blood Bowl time! Yes I get to go last on this turn which is awesome and Chaos has to go first so if I play my cards right and get some luck, I should be able to steal the Blood Bowl and it's 7 fans. I didnt have that great of a hand and on my first turn played the guy that lets me Sprint twice. I drew 2 of my Star Players, and got rid of 2 Linemen. Things were looking up. One of the match-ups also had 5 Fans available. Needless to say, I got locked out of that Match-up, so I went right for the Blood Bowl and concentrated on winning that. I did manage to get in on another match-up that gave me 3 fans. We ended up with all 4 of us battling for the Blood Bowl. The Dwarves again brought out Death Roller and he decided to take out just one of my Elves and 2 of the Chaos. Guess what, cheating finally caught up with Chaos as she had another one of her players ejected from the Blood Bowl. Not only did I win the Blood Bowl but I got 3 more Fans because there were 3 downed players at the Blood Bowl and another downed player at the other Match-up I was involved in. I then added in my 4 Fans from Team Merchandise Booth and pulled out a stunning 36 - 35 win over Chaos.

This was a very fun game and Norm the Noob was hooked. It did play quite a bit longer with 4-players, almost taking us a full 2 hours to finish.

Final Scores:
Elves - 36 Fans (Blood Bowl CHAMPIONS)
Chaos - 35 Fans (Cheaters NEVER win and winners never cheat)
Dwarves - 31 Fans (Great first game, Norm)
Skaven - 21 Fans (Derrick normally wins this game so it was nice to see him at the bottom of the barrel for once)
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Chris G
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We find it typically takes us about 20/player to finish this game - experience, drinking and generally shenanigans can alter that. so 2hrs for a 4 player game of BB:TM isn't unreasonable, particularly if you had to go through a rules explanation for the newb.
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