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Subject: Some questions about mines... rss

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Francisco Gomez
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Las Palmas
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Please, I would need some clarifications. I understand:

1. Mines are deployed by cruiser present in any activated system (tactical or transfer action) during production phase. Only ONE mine per activation (independent of the number of cruisers, and only in one of the systems, if have cruisers on both systems during transfer). No mines can be deployed by cruiser when resolving Production Strategy Card as it only allows to produce on Space Docs.

2. Mines cannot be destroyed (cleaned) in any way. They stay there until triggered by a incoming enemy (during a movement, after PDS fire). Then explode and, y lucky, hit an enemy. Then, dissapear.


1. I can deploy mines in a system EVERY turn, so, i.e., aftr 3 turns, i have 3 'Space Mines' tokens laid in a system. Rules don't state you can't do that...

2. If an enemy enters in a system with more than one "Space mines" token, are all triggered, or only one per activation? If all I suppose he must roll, for every ship, once per token...

3.- If can there are more than one token, and only one are triggered per turn, it can happens that, in a system, there will be mines from different players. If so, we need to mark the mines ownership with Control Markersw. And, if a third payer enters, which is triggered? I.E.: Turn one: Activate and deploy mines. Turn 2: Activate an deploy mines. Turn 3: Someone enters system and trigger ONLY ONE 'space mines', survives and deploys his own 'Space Mines'. Now we have tokens from 2 players. Turn 4: A third player comes to blattle the system... whch mines triggers?

4. If f I enter a systems with two enemy mines field, and survive the first trigger, the second one WILL NOT BE TRIGGGERD until me, or some other, activates again the system for any reason. So can stay there, even use those mines as a SHIELD from incomming enemies (different from mines owner) as the manual states that only INCOMING ships muts roll: "...a player moves ships into a system containing an opponent’s space mines, HE must roll.."

5. It is possible to find mines in EMPTY systems (someone deployed mines and leaved). So they must be marked with control markers so they only be triggered when ENEMY fleet arrives.

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Brian Petersen
United States
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Only 1 Space Mine is triggered per activation.

I have no idea why someone would build a Space Mine in a system that contained 2 previously. The one the other player built is defending them from everyone but the guy who's fleet you just destroyed.

If that does happen, and a third player activates the system and moves in a ship that survives PDS fire, that player probably chooses which 1 Space Mine triggers.

I believe somewhere in the FAQ (probably under Space Mines) they clarify that retreats/withdraws/Warfare secondary/Patrols AC and Tactical Production cycles with ships already in the system trigger Space Mines. The last one triggers prior to the build step, thankfully.

All Space Mines should be marked with a control marker to avoid confusion of who is NOT its enemy. Multiple of the same player in the same system should be stacked to save space.
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Balazs Toth
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1. Yes there is no limit on how many SM can you have in a system.

2. As per official FAQ when an enemy ship enter the system or is built in the system SM activates. All movement included (like transfer, tactical actions, retreat, Warfare secondary, except if ships are moving through the system and not picking up units from the system). As per the SE rules only one SM is activated if there are multiple. The active player decides which one to take off when rolled for all ships.

3. You put a race flag on the SM who built it. As per which one to remove see answer 2.

4. As i understand it is not activation, but moving ships into the system triggers SMs. So if you survived the first mine, the second will not activate until ship movement occurs.

5. Yes, you put the builder's race flag on the mine.
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