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What's up Geeks?

I just played a 2 player, 6 House game with the following rules and would welcome your opinions and comments on them.

P1: Stark, Martel, Lannister
P2: Baratheon, Tyrel, Greyjoy

Variant Rules:

1. Allied houses may not attack each other.
2. One house may not use another allied house's ship to ship transport units.
3. Messenger raven cannot be used to view the wildling card.
3. 7 castles or strongholds with 1 house for the win, with one variation in which the 7th castle or stronghold must be taken from an enemy house.
4. All other rules are normal, including bidding rules (one hand has one house's power tokens and the other hand has two house's power tokens.)

In a 2 player, 6 House game, I felt the messenger raven's ability to view the wildling card gave one player an advantage multiplied by three. Arguments for striking this rule in a 2 player, 6 House game?

My argument for taking the 7th castle for the win from an enemy house prevents a player from vacating a castle or stronghold with one house and marching the winning house into an unoccupied territory containing a stronghold or castle ftw. If a player happened to do this, then the player would have to take an 8th castle from the opponent.

The teams were made so that every house was "sandwiched" by enemy houses.

In practice, the Baratheon, Greyjoy, and Tyrel team was only allowed to play a total of one special order token to start the game and the Lannister, Stark, Martel alliance had the ability to play eight. If one views the ability to muster at the beginning of the game as an advantage, then there is a clear advantage to Lannister, Stark, Martel.
Also, when Lannister and Stark are allied, Greyjoy always seems to be the first house to fall even when allied with Tyrel and Baratheon.

The game still played out very well, but for the next 2 player, 6 House game, I'm thinking of allying House Greyjoy with either Lannister or Stark.

I will probably play:

P1: Greyjoy, Lannister, Tyrel
P2: Stark, Baratheon, Martel

I will post the dynamics of this matchup after I complete the game.

Please comment.
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First of all, a warm WELCOME to BGG!

I have tried something similar using the same breakdown of houses and it took quite a long time eventually being won by the Baratheon alliance. I was playing with my two boys aged 11 and 15 and I feel the bookkeeping eventually drained the pleasure out of it althoug it was an interesting game. It was won by the 11-year=old.

I would certainly be interested in hearing how your game plays out.


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