Brian Tanner
United States
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Hey all,

Pretty new 40K player, and I've decided to go with Blood Angels. I am looking specifically for a couple of models:

Assault Squads
Devastator Squad
Predator / Baal predator

Bits: Apothecary bits (namely the arm and the backpack, preferably plastic, think I only need 1 more of each), Dark Angel veteran squad legs/torsos/head (the plastic ones in cloaks, think I only need 1 more set).

Also very interested in a copy of Space Hulk! I know I would have to trade multiple games / money to even up the trade...


Also potentially interested in Warhammer Fantasy. I don't know anything about the game, but am hoping to get some demo games in soon since I like 40k so much. High elves are who I think look the most interesting. As such, I might be interested in obtaining the High Elf half of the Island of Blood Starter set (in addition to the pocket rulebook).

Also possibly interested in the Lord of the Rings Mines of Moria starter set.


Have a NIB Drop Pod

The High Reclaimer (NIB)
Stormclad (missing banner, but otherwise painted pretty nicely)

Board Games:
- Super Dungeon Explore - The game is in great shape except I think it is missing 2-3 figures. It has been a few months since I opened it so I can't remember which, I believe it is a Dragon Priest and a Kobold or 2. I had contacted the company at the time and they said they didn't mind replacing them for free if I told them which ones, then I got really busy and never got back to them. At any rate, either they can be obtained after you trade (for free), or I can obtain them before making a trade. The counters and all that are also organized in small tackle boxes. I can provide pictures if needed.

- Tannhasuer

- Battles of Westeros

- I also have a large Magic the Gathering collection, and a lot of stuff up for trade (mostly standard, from Scars of Mirroden and Innistrad cycles, but I also have some good EDH stuff too) on the MTG salvation forums. PM me if you'd like a link to my trade thread on there.

- Space Marine video game for PS3, in great/complete shape with original case and manual.

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Ryan StMarie
United States
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I'm interested in the Battles of Westeros, I have a sealed LoTR Mines of Moria and a few random units I bought.
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