Pawel Gutowski
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This is my second session report. The first one can be found at:

Since the last report, 3 new dwarrowdelf packs become available in my country. Both redhorn gate and road to rivendel are manageable and I have a good victory rate against them. The deck is slightly different now. Bofur replaced Eomund with great success and Arwen proved to be much much better then West Road Traveller.

Watcher in the Water made me reconsider strategy a little bit. This is mainly due to nasty tentacles that deal undefended damage and due to the watcher itself. I found out I need more direct damage and at the same time, I realized that Radagast is probably not needed in my deck. Well, the whole purpose of having Radagast is to have a chance against Rhosgobel, but since I am failing Rhosgobel anyway, why not try some other cards? I pulled out 3x radagast and 2x eagles of misty mountains and put 3x hail of stones and 2x eomund instead. This is just an experiment that I tried against several quests like Anduin River / Emyn Muil / Hunt for Gollum / Watcher (to see if any regression damage was done to the build), but right now I am moderately happy with the result (and , at least in theory, I should have a slightly better chance against Return to Mirkwood).

Moreover, I am less and less fond of Veteran Axehand and Gondorian Spearman, I wonder if some better cards can replace them in the future. Well, I am not even sure if I will be using Steward of Gondor much longer. Usually Theodred is enough to generate resources and since I started to decrease number of costly cards in the deck... But this must wait for some new player cards. Yeah, I know that for some people removing Steward is a heresy, but right now I am considering it. I did not do it yet, but who knows? After a year of experience in LOTR LCG, steward does not sound so powerful as it used to before. The full deck list and the session can be found below:


Theodred , Eowyn, Legolas

Events (15 total):
2x Test of Will
2x Hasty Stroke
2x Feint
2x Ever Vigilant
2x Sneak Attack
2x Galadrim Greetings
3x Hail Of Stones

Attachments (2 total):
2x Steward of Gondor

Allies (33 total):
3x Wassal of the Windlord
3x Snowbourne Scout
3x Gondorian Spearman
3x Veteran Axehand
3x Riddermark Finnest
2x Bofur
2x Eomund
3x Dunedain Observer
2x Descendant of Thorondor
2x Arwen
2x Northern Tracker
2x Faramir
3x Gandalf

Starting hand:
Hasty Stroke
Hail Of Stones
Veteran Axehand
Test Of Will

Initial encounter: Black Uruks

Comment: nice hand, it gives a lot of possibilites. Cards like Test Of Will or Hasty Stroke are not that great in this scenario, but this hand has potential of winning the game. Black Uruks are rather "easy" card. I can probably do an cheap trick of putting Bofur into play and killing Uruks with Legolas and Theodred. But this depends on what encounter deck will shot at me.

First turn:
Resources L1, E1, T1
Staging: Black Uruks
active location: none
draw: bofur (argh, dead card)
quest: noone
encounter: black uruks
play: bofur , E0 (eowyn has 0 resources)
compare threat and willpower, threat to 28
engage: black uruks. Eowyn defends, no nasty shadow card. 2 wounds to Eowyn
kill uruks with theodred and legolas
quest progress 2/13
end turn, threat 29

comment: sure, it was a little bit risky to block with Eowyn, but the number of nasty shadow effects is small in the deck. Plus, some of shadow effects trigger only when attack is undefended, so it was a good decision.

2nd turn
resources: L2, E1, T2
staging: black uruks
active location: none
allies in play: bofur
draw: scout
play scout T1, ability is wasted
quest: Eowyn (the plan is to kill black uruks, defending them with scout first)
encounter: striking tentacle
play hail of stones L1, tap Legolas, Scout and Theodred , killing tentacle
compare willpower vs threat, put 2 progress tokens on quest (4/13)
threat to 30

comment: striking tentacle is a real killer. I hate this card because it can easily strike a hero down. I was happy to kill it in the staging area, but now I have no hail of stones in hand, so in other words, I have no ways to kill Watcher at the moment. I may need to try stalling the game before I draw some weapons. Or at least gather some cards so I may try guessing right password.

3rd turn
resources: L2, E2, T2
staging: black uruks
allies in play: scout and bofur
draw: gondorian spearman
play veteran axehand L0, arwen E0
quest: eowyn, theodred (E1)
encounter: wrapped treachery, capturing Eowyn
compare willpower, put 3 progress 7/13
I don't engage uruks as I wanted, instead, I free Eowyn with Legolas
threat to 31

comment: nothing really happened this turn, my position is slightly better, but I don't have tools to defeat Watcher

4th turn
resources: L1, E2, T3
staging: black uruks
allies in play: scout, bofur, arwen, veteran axehand
draw gandalf
quest: eowyn, theodred (E3)
encounter: warg lair , counter ability with test of will (E2)
put 2 progress on quest 9/13
travel to warg lair
engage: uruks, block with Arwen (use ability on herself), no nasty shadow (but I had counter anyway), 1 wound to Arwen
kill uruks with legolas and veteran, lair progress 2/3
threat 32

comment: I was really happy to draw warg lair, not only I was able to mitigate main risk, but I will soon make me draw an extra card. And I have gandalf now, so with big number of allies, I may be able to kill watcher

5th turn:
resources: L2, E3, T4
staging: clear
draw: thorondor
allies in play: scout, arwen, bofur, veteran axehand
play: gondorian spearman L0
quest: eowyn, theodred (E4), arwen (target axehand), bofur
draw: dead swamp (I will correct the name of the card once I now it english name. Anyway, the card makes you draw a card and do nasty stuff if it is a tentacle), drawn new card, but it is no tentacle
compare willpower 3 vs 9, lair is explored (draw new gondorian spearman), quest stage 1 is completed, shuffle all tentacles back into deck, add watcher to the staging area and make durin door active location
engage watcher, block with scout, scout dies
threat 33

comment: rather good turn. This location is nasty and the effect is worth countering (if I had a counter which I did not), but fortunately the tentacle did no show up. I decided to engage watcher because it would eat someone anyway and there would be a lot of trouble if next turn some tentacles are added to the staging area. I do some match and I see that I can take down watcher in a single turn.

6th turn:
resources L1,E5,T5
draw galadrim greetings
staging: dead swamp
active location: durin
allies in play: arwen, bofur, veteran axehand, gondorian spearman
play: gandalf (L1, E3, T2), 4 hits to watcher 4/9
quest: noone
encounter: striking tentacle
threat goes to 38 (+5)
engage : tentacle
watcher attacks: spearman block and dies , watcher is hit by 1 , 5/9
striking tentacle checks ability, does not trigger succesfully, arwen blocks ad dies
gandalf , legolas, theodred, veteran attack watcher for 11, watcher dies
put 2 progress on quest 2/5
bifur and eowyn attack tentacle , dealing 1 hit
threat 39

comment: it looks like the game is almost won. To be sure, even if tentacle dealt undefended damage, theodred would die happily. I need to do some math before I quest next turn (to make sure that no card can make me lose). The worst combination would be another dead swamp, surging into new tentacle, as it would prevent me from completing the quest. But still this is unlikely and I should have some chump blockers available.

7th turn:
resources: L2, E4, T3
draw: scout
allies in play: bofur, veteran axehand
active location: durin
staging area: dead swamp (3 threat)
engaged with: striking tentacle
play: scout, put 1 progress on durin door, quest progress 3/5
quest with: bofur, legolas, eowyn, theodred (E5), generating 8 willpower
draw: stairs (location with 2 threat)
compare 5 threat vs 8 willpower
quest is completed

What could have been played better?
- I definately forgot about trying to remove durin doors. I had some cards in hand that were rather dead whole game, like 2nd bofur or thorondor (I play localized version of the game, so other letters would match). So when I decided to engage watcher, I should have at the same time discard a few cards from hand. If I guessed right password, I would be able to finish game 1 turn sooner and I would not have to try killing watcher.

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Fran Quinti
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Thanks a lot for your report . I love to read these kind of things with the comments!

Hope one day you brighten up to make a report of some beasts like Return to Mirkwood or Dol Guldur, even if it is a defeat.

Winning some of those in solo are quite commendable.
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