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Subject: Session Report: The Battle of Pea Ridge 7 March 1862 rss

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George Husted
United States
East Hartford
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The Commanders

Union General Curtis (my son's name is also Curtis)

Confederate General Van Dorn

The Battlefield

We used Heroscape tiles for the hills (with lichen between them), N-scale model train trees (again, with lichen to fill out the hex), and painted Monopoly hotels and houses for the towns.

Both players begin the scenario with 5 command cards each and the Confederates have the initiative.

Turn One
The Confederates open with an attack on their right flank.

Two brigades advance as the artillery provides covering fire. The artillery forced a Union infantry brigade back off the leading edge of the hills, but the Union forces retreated in good order and without loss. The Confederate infantry brigade on the far right drove back the Union cavalry, but again, they retreated in good order and without loss. Only the Confederate infantry brigade in the center inflicted casualties. The Union infantry in the center held firm but took 1 loss.

The Union commander responded with an assault on his left flank.

His reinforcements advanced and his cavalry raced ahead to join General Carr at Elkhorn Tavern. His leading forces rapidly re-took the ground they had just been forced from and threw a devastating counter-punch that knocked the Confederates back and inflicted heavy losses.

At the end of turn one, the Union held the high ground and suffered only 1 figure lost. The Confederates were forced back and their center brigade took heavy losses and had only 1 figure remaining.

Turn Two
A Confederate Sharpshooter attempts to eliminate General Carr without success.

Union General Carr was incensed by this attempt on his life and ordered immediate hit and run tactics with the Union cavalry in retaliation.

Union cavalry surged forward on their left flank...

...inflicting the coup de grace against 1 Confederate infantry brigade...

...leaving the Confederate artillery unscathed...

...and delivering a crushing blow on their right flank!

The cavalry on the Union right under the command of Union general Dodge closed with the Confederate cavalry with a fury and totally destroyed them in one stunning charge!

Union General Curtis was delighted.

His attack on the left resulted in the final elimination of 1 damaged Confederate infantry brigade and his attack on the right eliminated an entire Confederate cavalry regiment! It was an amazingly successful cavalry raid, wreaking destruction on both flanks of the Confederate line...and after it was done, the Union cavalry danced back to their own lines leaving nothing but Confederate ghosts to mark their passing.

Turn Three
Confederate General Van Dorn, undeterred, rallies his forces on the right flank for a combined arms probe with infantry and cavalry.

Confederate cavalry cut off the escape route of the Union cavalry and the Confederate infantry advanced toward the Union held hill for the attack.

The infantry inflict 1 loss to the Union cavalry as they attempted to retreat, but ran into the Confederate blocking force of cavalry.

However, the Confederate cavalry failed to take advantage of the opportunity and inflicted no further losses on the Union cavalry.

Union General Curtis ordered an immediate counter-attack.

The trapped Union cavalry fought back against the Confederate infantry at the bottom of the hill and inflicted 1 loss.

The Union infantry attacked the flank of the Confederate cavalry that had been blocking the rear of the Union cavalry, and forced them off the hill to re-open the lines of communication on the Union side.

Turn Four
Confederate General Van Dorn initiates an attack on his left flank.

Three brigades advance as one!

They were looking to settle the score with the Union cavalry and that's exactly what they did.

But Union General Curtis was not distracted by the battle on his right flank and continued his relentless attack on his left flank, ordering a forced march for all of his infantry. He was determined to smash the rebel's flank!

Union infantry surged forward with abandon!

Once again, the Confederate cavalry held firm...

...but the Confederate artillery could not stand up to the onslaught of Union infantry that managed to get under the guns!

General Curtis could not have been more pleased.

The Union seemed destined for total victory as the score at the end of turn four was 3 to 0 in favor of the Union!

Turn Five
Confederate General Van Dorn, realizing the pressure of his position, ordered a coordinated attack across the entire front.

Confederate cavalry from the right flank joined with infantry from the center to perform a pincer attack against the forward most Union infantry...

...while Confederate infantry on the left flank advances to continue the attack on Union cavalry.

Confederate cavalry hit hard, inflicting 1 loss and sending the Union infantry scampering back to the safety of their lines...

...while accurate rifle fire by the Confederate infantry took it's toll on the routed Union brigade, inflicting another loss of 1 figure.

Meanwhile, the Confederate infantry on the left flank finished the job against the hated Union cavalry.

Finally, the Confederates were on the score board! The score was now 3 to 1 with the Union still winning.

As if to mock this small Confederate victory, Union General Curtis ordered yet ANOTHER cavalry hit and run attack!

Once again, Union cavalry surged forward on the attack.

Confederate infantry brigades both stood firm in the face of the cavalry charge but suffered the loss of 1 figure each for their bravery.

And, just as before, the Union cavalry danced away after inflicting their harm.

Turn Six
Confederate General Van Dorn, taking advantage of his right flank infantry's firm defense, continued his attack on the left flank.

All three brigades advanced, but the terrain broke up the line and only one Confederate brigade was in position to attack. Trees blocked the way for the other two brigades.

But one brigade was all that was needed. The Confederate infantry attacked with a vengeance with stunning results!

Confederate General Van Dorn was beginning to even the score.

Union General Curtis ordered his artillery to fire and hold position.

Deadly close range artillery fire raked the Confederate Infantry inflicting 50% losses!

Turn Seven
Confederate General Van Dorn ordered an attack from the center.

Infantry advance from the center to the right flank to attack Union cavalry...

...while the artillery is moved forward in the center and infantry on the left leave the cover of the woods and move to the center.[ImageID=

On the right flank, the Confederate infantry inflict a loss on the Union cavalry in the woods in hand to hand combat.

On the left flank, the advancing Confederate infantry fire is ineffective against the Union infantry defending in the woods.

General Curtis receives good news from his scouts...

...the Confederate cavalry on his left flank ran short of supplies and had to withdraw.

Turn Eight
Confederate General Van Dorn orders another coordinated attack.

Confederate General Price takes direct command of the brigade on the right flank and leads the attack.

His brigade opens fire...

...and where once stood a proud Union brigade, only ghosts remain.

Confederate infantry on the left flank rush the Union guns!

Against the odds, this forlorn hope succeeds!

After eight turns of intense fighting, the Confederates finally even up the score with 3 to 3!

Union General Curtis responds by ordering yet another attack on the left flank.

Union cavalry and infantry surge forward...

...inflicting yet another loss on the Confederate infantry and once again taking the lead.

His other attack against Confederate infantry is also a success and he eliminates 2 more figures from General Price's brigade.

His attack against Confederate cavalry is less successful.

Union General Curtis is still pleased with his progress as he adds another trophy to his collection.

At the end of the eighth turn, the score is 4 to 3 with the Union still winning.

Turn Nine
At this point, Confederate General Van Dorn intervenes and gives General Price a direct order to wheel his brigade to the right and attack the Union infantry that was attempting to cut him off.

General Price's depleted and exhausted brigade inflicts heavy casualties on the Union infantry.

Union General Curtis issues an order to General Dodge to attack with his division...but General Dodge rides toward the center to tell General Curtis that his division is no more!

Turn Ten
General Van Dorn orders another probe on his right flank.

Price's Infantry move up into the hills to cut off the Union cavalry and the Confederate cavalry rush forward to cut off the Union infantry!

The Confederate cavalry wade into the Union infantry and eliminate them!

The score is tied again at 4 to 4.

Prices brigade attacks the Union cavalry...

...and when the smoke clears, only Union ghosts remain.

The tide of battle has turned and the Confederates are winning for the first time in the game with a score of 5 to 4.

General Curtis orders a skirmish in the center.

An artillery duel begins...

Turn Eleven
The challenge is accepted and General Van Dorn orders his artillery forward.

Union General Curtis doesn't flinch.

He orders General Carr's cavalry regiment to charge the guns! He catches the Confederates re-loading and is among them before they can react. Union cavalry sabers do their work as they cut down the Confederate artillerymen in a flash.

At the end of turn eleven, the score is tied at 5 to 5. What an exciting game!!!

Turn Twelve
Confederate General Van Dorn orders yet another probe on his right flank.

Price's brigade and the Confederate cavalry advance yet again in an devastating combined arms assault on the Union infantry. The cavalry lead the attack and cut down half the Union infantry.

Price's infantry brigade close assault, finishing off the last of the Union infantry and winning the game!!!

Final Score: Confederates Win 6 to 5

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Love thy fate.
Wow! Thanks for the play-by-play. Looks like you guys had an awesome time.
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Matthew M
United States
New Haven
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513ers Assemble!
Moved to Sessions

Awesome report!
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