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Subject: Race For The Track! a.k.a. Be Single-DADDY Variant rss

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Ahmad Lokman Ishak
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To play this, we need a set of train color to represent a business mogul named DD (Dirty Dan).

On a player's turn, he may use the usual moves (put train, OR pick card(s), OR pick tickets) OR


This player must complete the track, if not, each of the train in an incomplete track will be counted as minus five (-5) marks at the end of the game. To complete the track, he may do so by putting another single train in any of his turn by paying the matching train card to the track's color. He may completely disregard the train and take other action if he wanted to.

Once such action is taken, all players need to draw a card from the draw pile before the start of their turns. This is called as 'draw for DD yeah! (D4DDY or DADDY)'. If the card matches the colour of track which the player put the single train, DD's train will be put next to that player's train, even when it is not a double track.

If it is not matching the track, the card will be added to the face up train cards. There should only be 10 face up cards at a time. On the occasion a player DADDY the eleventh card, all the 10 face up cards will be taken by that player, OR put to the discard pile, OR divided among players who has played any incomplete track (decide which option you are going to use before starting the game).

If any of the other players draw a locomotive card for DD,or DD completed the track before the player who he races to complete the track with, DD has win the track and his trains will be put to fill the track, whereas for the player who lost the track to DD, he must
a) remove trains from any one of his longest completed track, OR
b) the player who drew the winning card for DD removes any of that player's completed tracks, OR
c) give all his train cards to the player who drew the winning card for DD, OR
d) discard all his train cards in hand
(decide which option(s) you are going to use throughout the game)

Other players may not put a single train on a track where another player has started a single train, BUT they may complete the track before the player who put the single train or DD by playing enough cards that matching the track's color. On such occasion, that player must leave the losing player's incomplete trains next to his completed trains (so that losing player will receive minus points at the end of the game), take DD's trains and use it to buy back his trains from any incomplete track. If there's none, DD's trains will be discarded.

If the player who plays single train completed the track after playing single train at a time, he will take DD's trains from that track, and each train will be counted as plus five (+5) at the end of the game.

( * means you may choose one or several of the options given. Decide this before starting the game)

A player's turn
(number 1 is a must if there's at least one Be Single. For number 2, pick only one action):

1) must DADDY (draw a train card from the draw pile) if there is any incomplete track (Be Single) on the map
- matching card to the incomplete track = put a DD's train
- if not matching = put card at the face up cards' row
- draw eleventh unmatching card =
*take all ten face up cards before putting the eleventh card face up/
give all ten face up cards equally among players with incomplete track/
discard all the ten face up cards to the discard pile

i - pick two cards or a single locomotive, OR
ii - pick 4 tickets and must keep at least one, OR
iii - Remove other player's Be Single (incomplete track)

A player may remove an incomplete Be Single of another player by discarding locomotive cards double the amount of trains put by him (if he puts three trains on a five train track, you need to discard SIX locomotive cards to remove all his trains). If there's any DD's trains on that track, the player who you have stopped his Be Single attempt will receive them all. A complete track cannot be removed.


a) put trains by paying trains cards and complete a track, OR
b) 'Be Single' - pay one train card that matching a track and put a single train on it. Must be on a colored track with no player Be Single on it.

--> Upon completing a Be Single of yours
- take DD's trains on that track. +5 for each of DD's trains.

--> Upon losing a Be Single track to DD
- leave your train there. -5 for each of them at the end of the game
- *remove a completed track of yours (the longest)/
the player who drew the winning card for DD removes one of your completed track
- give all your train cards to the player who drew DD's winning card
- discard all your train cards

--> Upon completing an incomplete track of another player's Be Single (by playing needed amount of train cards by that track)
- leave that player's incomplete trains. That player -5 for each of his trains
- take DD's trains. Use it to take back your trains from any incomplete track (one of DD's for one of your train). If there's none or there's still any remaining DD's trains with you, discard them to train discard pile and never to be used again.

Variant for marks/penalties of unfinished Be Single:

(Here, I used the same marks given upon completing a track as printed on the board)
At the end of the game, unfinished Be Single trains will be given
1 train = -1
2 trains = -2
3 trains = -4
4 trains = -7
5 trains = -10
6 trains = -15
(if there's any left, repeat from -1. to make it easy put them in groups of 6. Another variant is that you deduct the marks by referring to the incomplete track. For example: John has an incomplete Be Single on a six train track where he only managed to put four of his trains on it before losing to DD. then the minus at the end of the game is -15, because it is a six train track).

For player who completed their Be Single(s), take the DD's trains on that track. Count the DD's trains at the end of the game.
1 train = +1
2 trains = +2
3 trains = +4
4 trains = +7
5 trains = +10
6 trains = +15
(if there's any left, repeat from +1. to make it easy put them in groups of 6. The marks for completing a track is also rewarded to him).

I welcome any suggestion to improve this variant.

Have fun Be Single and DADDYing!
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