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Subject: A four-player game with the Sacred Pool rss

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Merric Blackman
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Happily playing games for many, many years.
Rich, Josh, Jackson and I played through a game of Talisman (4th revised) plus the Sacred Pool expansion on the weekend. I'd intended to use the Dragon expansion as well, but I'd left the Dragon tokens in the box I use to store the expansions.

We played using the Judgement Day alternative ending, which allowed us to vote when someone reached the Crown of Command and thus possibly have them as sole winner, a shared win between characters of the same alignment, or their instant death... depending on the interaction between the votes and the die roll.

Players and characters:
Merric - Assassin
Jackson - Dwarf
Rich - Minstrel
Josh - Troll

Both Jackson and I became toads during the course of the game, with Rich avoiding such through the use of Fate. Josh did pretty well throughout the game, as did I, but Jackson - after a promising start - got beat down through a number of events and eventually died with Rich's Minstrel making his way through the Inner Region. We opted for Jackson not to restart, and thus just went through the endgame, which saw Rich reach the Crown, and Rich and me voting for him and Josh voting against. I was hoping for a roll that allowed Rich and my now-good Assassin to win together, but (alas) Rich rolled high enough to be the sole winner of the game.

A few anecdotes from the game:
* I was teleported (from the Magic Portal) to the Warlock's Cave in possession of the Poltergeist, and made my way through the Desert to the Temple, where I was able to gain Strength and Craft... before a spirit turned me into a Toad.

* All of us made a lot of use of the Warlock's Cave with the new Quest Rewards in the Sacred Pool expansion. These added a lot to the game (I just wish I had the alternative quests in this game as well). I chortled with glee when I had to kill a character and landed on Jackson's Dwarf. Jackson didn't appreciate this so much.

* Rich gained the Wand fairly early in the game, but this was the turn after my Assassin had gained the Acquisition spell. I took the Wand and enjoyed it greatly... until I was turned into the aforementioned Toad and Rich was able to get the Wand back.

* Josh spent a lot of time hating Rich (summoning him for one-on-one combat) but his troll never ended up fighting a Demon. He did encounter some spirit that kept fighting him *every round* until he defeated it. Alas, he defeated it on the second try. Weird.

* The Pool of Life appeared and helped me get up to 7 Life. Which I then lost in the Desert. When I was given the chance to take any card from the purchase deck, I took the Water Bottle.

* Rich found a Livery Stable where he gained a Horse very early on. And then rolled 10 three times in a row, allowing him to visit... another Livery Stable. He went the other way.

* The only animal in the game that was drawn was a Strength 5 Firemane. Rich was unable to charm it; alas. Rich avoided a Dragon, which I later assassinated.

The game went just a bit longer than I was comfortable with (though, at two hours, wasn't that bad), and Rich won it with only ONE LIFE left...
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