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Subject: A Game Built for Two: Wallamoppi rss

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Kristen McCarty
United States
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Tonight I will review a great game built for two: Wallamoppi. Wallamoppi is a stacking dexterity game. It reminds me a lot of Jenga, but this are a few twists that set it above that well known game.


I love when games use the box as part of the game. It rarely happens and it doesn't always guarantee a good game, but it does make it interesting. Wallamoppi comes in a wooden box that is also the timer for the game. The second part of the timer is a black marble. Luckily it includes a replacement marble in case you lose the first one.

The next components are the 36 wooden kiwi disks. They come and light and darks shades; one color per player. You also receive a disk bag that can be used for storing the disks and to set up the game.

Game Play

There are two steps of Wallamoppi: building the wall and building the tower. You are not timed as you build the wall. As you build the tower you can lose if you don't place your disk in time or if you knock the tower over.

Step 1: Building the Wall

To start the game players set up the wall. The kiwi disks are put in the bag. Each player receives one disk of their chosen color. The person playing the dark color draws a disk from the bag nd lays it on the table. The other player than draw a disk and places it next to the first. This continues until all discs are placed.

The first row should have 8 discs, the second 7, thrid 6, and so fourth until the top has one. Placed discs need to be next to already placed discs or centered on top of two discs.

After the last disk is placed the player using the dark color places the discs set aside at the beginning of the game on top of the tower and then the second player does the same.

Step Two: Building the Tower

Now start building the Tower. This is the dexterity part of the game. Like Jenga you need to remove pieces and place them on top to form a tower. Unlike Jenga you have the added pressure of being timed!

The person playing the light color will be first timer. They start the timer by dropping the marble in the box. The player playing the dark color removes one disk, with one hand, of their color and stack it on top of the tower.

They then need to catch the marble before it drops to the hole at the end of the chute. If they are successful the light player takes his turn.

Play continues until one player either knocks the tower over (even if just one disk from the tower falls) or they don't catch the marble. The winner is the person who last placed a disc, in time, without knocking over the tower.

My Thoughts

One must have a steady hand and a quick mind to master the game of Wallamoppi. Not my best skills, but I like the challenge presented by this game. You must be quick, you can't second guess, and you can't forget to catch that marble. Which I have done, more than once! But that makes this a fun, fast-paced dexterity game that I rate highly.

Another plus for this game are the components themselves. Each and every components is high quality. The disks have a great feel to them and I love the Kiwi that is on each disk. The marble chute is awesome! I love how the marble rolls down the chute. It's not much fun when you racing the marble. When I'm the timer I love watching the marble take its journey. One component that I don't like is the bag but that is a minor quibble.

I also like the fact that you can teach, set up and play this game in less then 10 minutes. I don't think Jenga is even that short! Making Wallamoppi another easy to learn, but hard to master game.

Since this is only a two player game it definitely works well with two players, which is a must for games I play.

Quick Stats:

Designers: Garrett J. Donner, Michael S. Steer
Artists: John Kovalic, Cathleen Quinn-Kinney
Publisher: Out of the Box Publishing
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