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I'm looking for someone - or multiple someones - to double check the stats of the armor units in Operation Dauntless. If you enjoy doing this sort of thing, please contact me.

Of particular interest are the relative AT Range, AT penetration, and Armor stats of the units. I can provide you with the simple formulae I'm using to generate the stats. For example, the Armor rating (top right) is derived from the armor thickness (in millimeters) of the turret and hull armor, but with more weight given to the turret than hull, and from the thickness of the front and side armor, but with more weight given to the front than side. These thicknesses, in turn, are derived from true thickness and slope. So, for example, 85 mm of front turret armor at a 55 degrees is roughly equal to 140 mm at 0 degress. This would correspond to an Armor rating of 14 in the game. But of course this value would get averaged in with the front hull, side hull, and side turret front (but the front turret receives the greatest weight) and we end up with a vehicle with an Armor rating of maybe 9 or 10.

If you already know which tank we're talking about from the stats in the above example, then you're clearly the right man for this job.

Above: Homemade playtest counters - NOT final art!

The ranges and penetration ratings of the guns could also use a double check. If you own an armor encyclopedia or something similar this would clearly help. Otherwise, I'm sure all the data is widely available online. And I have most of this data in books that I'm happy to share with you.

It's worth noting that some of the stats are also adjusted for the number of vehicles in a unit. For example, a unit's Combat Strength (anti-personnel capability at a range of 425 yards - 1 hex - or less) varies depending on whether the counter represents 2, 4, or 5 tanks. But other stats like Armor, Range, and Movement Allowance obviously aren't affected by the number of vehicles in the unit.

Most of the unit stats should already be pretty close, but I figure it's much better to get the "experts" involved now, before anything gets too close to the printing stage.

If this sounds like your cup o' tea, please get in touch! The game would really benefit from another set of eyes. If fact finding isn't your thing but you'd like to lend a hand with proofing, development, or playtesting, I'd still love to hear from you.

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