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Hi fellow gamers,

I've been stalking around the forums of BGG for quite sometime, but never really found a reason to an account. Recently I'm stuck in having too many "want" games and too few $,so I was thinking why not this chance to create an account and ask the friendly gamers from around the world for opinion and start participating in the BGG community

To make things a lil' easier I grouped out some of them and I hope you guys can help me choose 1 out of each group.

side note :
I usually play with 2~3 players and rarely more, which certain games might shine better than others in that player count.

-Pergamon vs Fresco
I grouped these together because they both have a similar "better turn order, worse payout/cost " mechanic, and can be considered (IMO) as gateway games with medium-light strategies. Thoughts?

-Manila vs Thebes
I consider both of this as a certain "risk taking/ management" style games, although manila seems to have more luck/risk taking involve, whereas thebes is more luck mitigation-like.

-Deadwood vs Evo (second edition)
While these 2 aren't exactly anything alike, I consider these 2 as games that can't be played 2 players and (in my case) only 3 players. As such for these I'm kinda asking for opinions on their 3-player-version and which one stands out better in that player count.

-Hawaii vs The Manhattan Project
I listed these 2 as medium weight WP with unique systems, but I'm not exactly sure of their real weight. I'm asking this because my group usually prefers medium weight, yet not too complex games. For example, we consider Troyes,Ninjato,Last Will and Alien Frontiers fun, but were intimidated by games like Dungeon Petz

Conquest of Planet Earth: The Space Alien Game vs Wiz-War (eighth edition)
For my last choice I wanted something a lil' more ameritrash and themey.I heard great things about wiz-war, but aren't really certain would it stand up to its 2 player count (as compared to CoPE).

Thanks for reading through my loooooong post, and all comments are welcome. May the dice/ meeples be with you~!
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Damien Seb. ●leoskyangel●
Bangsar & PJ
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I play games not to win, it's the gathering that's important - Thanks for the tip Cate108!
My thoughts and opinions:

- Pergamon VS Fresco

I own and have played both (love both too). They obviously shine with more number of players. For 2 player, both games introduce an A.I/dummy player, and only takes seconds to control. I mentioned this because some people aren't fond of dummies. Both have great replayabilities but I somehow see that Fresco has more out of the box due to the 3 mini expansions included. Don't get me wrong, I love Pergamon and it's my current go-to-game (as well as Santiago de Cuba). I think you should alternate playing it with 2 and with more players to keep it interesting. Since that you can only choose one, maybe replayability can the decider?

- CoPE VS Wiz War

I've played the original wiz-war and it was a 2 player game. Our game often turned to combat-to-the-death instead of stealing opponent's treasure (obviously that's not a negative thing). It's far more interesting with more players as I see it.
For CoPE, I like that it offers both co-op and competitive mode. The co-op is certainly tough to beat. I like it even with 2-player. Just like any other ameritrash game, the book keeping in this game is extensive. So just take your time, and have fun with it (if you decided to go with this one). I somehow prefer the artwork in CoPE than the new edition of Wiz-War.

Let us know what you're getting yeah. We'd love to know
- Damien
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rawr dinosaur
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Thanks for the reply Damien!

As of right now I'm leaning towards getting Pergamon, because it's turn order mechanic seems more interesting (risk and reward, or go 1st for a good excavation? ) . Personally I don't think Fresco's mini-expansion would mean much since I'm most likely gonna throw in all of them. However Fresco does have its merits (I personally like the bishop and paintings mechanic to score),so this might still change

As for Wiz War and CoTE, 1 of my gaming partners ain't good in English, so these 2 will serve primarily as 2 player games. However, my gaming partner has voiced that he doesn't like the idea of CoTE, while 2 player WW might make some of the treasure involving cards useless so that might be a dud too. But hey maybe I can use this to get both Fresco AND Pergamon
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